Saturday, June 1, 2013

Last Night was Really Absolutely the Craziest Performance/Experiance of My Life!

OMG!!! So, last night... Wow! Me and O got to Stokies kinda early. We went back stage and then I got all my stuff, with O's help, to start to set up. We did a little sound check and I could tell O was really surprised how good we sounded! I'm guessing we sounded better than we did or do in Josh's basement! This was about 7pm and we weren't supposed to go on until 9pm, so we headed out to grab a bite to eat from the bar. I got chicken fingers and a DP... and one beer... nerves... at about 8:15, people started filing in. Some regulars and people that really like us. I just hung out and introduced O to some of them. She kinda felt like a semi-celeb... She was like, "Wow Bree, you guys sure have a lot of fans..." I was like, "Yeah, we have a few, I guess," and smiled back at her! We snuck in a little kiss, ahem, and then I had to get backstage for the bands little pre-show metting time we always do!

It was time. The lights were dim. Smoke, from cigarettes... lol, filled the air. I opened the set with a cool  little riff intro and then we were off, rocking our first song!!! So great being on stage again! Everything was going smoothly. O was rocking in the crowd! She looked so hot out there I had to really focus on my playing or my attention would be centered only on her... She had my 60D, I gave her a crash course before we left, and I saw her taking pics. I hope some turn out! We had 11 songs on the set and the ninth one was just about to end when I saw interesting things start happening. I see Olivia and Tonya both talking and it looks heated... Then, and OMG, I see two big guys approaching. T seems wigged out. The guys stop approaching, for some reason, and leave. Now remember, I'm on stage playing and seeing all of this and am still trying to remember guitar parts and a few harmony parts and stuff to songs. Then I see Tonya fall over to the floor... O tries to lift her but can't. The guys come back and one picks T up and carries her off to I guess the backstage area. OMG!!! See, I told ya it was ridiculous!!!! We finished the last song but I couldn't go right back there. I had to get some of my stuff off the stage and then I had a few people at the front of the stage that wanted to talk to me...

I finally got back and just listened to them talk for a bit... T is wet, so I guess she got water poured on her or something to wake her up... T and O actually and unbelievably work everything out. I got a text from O... I backed out of the room and while she talked to T, she was texting me... She said that, well... umm... it's kinda private but it did deal with what was going on and she was very accepting to something that I didn't think she would be... I'll just leave it at that!

I guess T left and me and O went back out and watched the two last acts, an acoustic act, called Montana Sky, and then Moving Mountains!!! They rocked our faces off!!!

Me and O got back here to my house and, well, you know!!! She brought some... toys... OMG!!!

So, it Saturday around 1:45pm, not sure what we're gonna do today, but, as long as I'm with O, I don't care!!!

Oh yeah!?!?!? Check out this sweet pic O got. Not sure if she meant to or really knew what she was doing, but it's awesome! I did do a little adjustments in photoshop, but for the most part, it's amazing!!!

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