Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Little Hike with Olivia!

Me and O drove to a little trailhead and parked and decided to hike through a few fields and woods to a wild flower field that my family used to visit and take picnics to when I was younger. I was hoping it was still there and it was - it was like nothing had changed over all these years. I had my guitar and we just sat around singing and "frolicking" through the flowers like little kids. O bought her a nice camera and lens, a 6D with a 16mm-35mm f/2.8 L lens, and I had my camera as well, so we also took some photos and I showed her some cool tips and stuff. She got this really awesome one of me! Check it out!!!

See Carolyn! Once again, I look all girly!!!
It was really fun but I was getting tired so we came back and just chilled on the couch watching TV. It was a really fun, relaxing day! A girl needs those every once in a while!

I Feel Better!

I'm feeling even better now! Gonna play some guitar and maybe record some demos to the songs I've been working on to show to Josh. My appetite's not quite back yet but I feel my stomach growling a little...

I hope to find a way to put one of my songs on here soon! I really want whoever is reading this to hear them. I really like them a lot. Melodies and lyrics have been coming to me much faster then they ever did for me as Brendan. I'm not sure if it's the new emotions or just the inner workings of this female brain, but the stuff just flows now! On to the demos!!! Well, actually, Molly is on the keyboard right now. Sometimes she hopes up there and stops recording... Crazy cat! Gotta love her though!

And yes, I still have my PJs on!

"Roomie" Did Some Major Shopping!!!

I'm feeling better now and I really wanna go to the kitchen and see what O did and... OMG!!! Olivia did something incredible!!! She bought all new GE Profile applicanes!!! They look amazing!!!

This must have cost like $10, 000!!! Wow! Gonna ask her to move in in just a little bit. I went into her room to change the smoke-detector and saw all this stuff in her room! It's like her whole apartment is in her room. I can't wait for her to get back from wherever she went to ask her or to just tell her she's moving in!!! Roomies for real!!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I threw up for the first time since becoming Bree earlier today... I still don't like throwing up. I mean, who does? Much more worse and violent now. My whole body is involved... Hopefully this is just one of those 24 hour things... Not sure but I feel horrible. O has been an awesome "nurse." She keeps the Lysol spray in hand when near me, but she has kept me hydrated and checks on me all the time! She said that she has a surprise for me in the kitchen that she can't wait for me to see. She said it's something I've been wanting for a while. I did hear a lot of movement in there earlier... wonder what it could be...

Time for another sip of Gatorade... Haven't thrown up in a few hours! Progress!!!

Just a little Something on this Saturday!!!

Here's a few things I saw today while surfing the net today...

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.  
Life is beauty, admire it. 
Life is a dream, realize it. 
Life is a challenge, meet it. 
Life is a duty, complete it. 
Life is a game, play it. 
Life is a promise, fulfill it. 
Life is sorrow, overcome it. 
Life is a song, sing it. 
Life is a struggle, accept it. 
Life is a tragedy, confront it. 
Life is an adventure, dare it. 
Life is luck, make it. 
Life is too precious, do not destroy it. 
Life is life, fight for it.”

And also this... This is for all my changeling girls!!!

That's all for now. I'm not feeling all that good. Just gonna go watch some TV...

Friday, June 28, 2013

The End to a Cool Friday!

My proposal went over very well at work today! I just basically have to be there for a total of what would add up to two work days per week during times when I'm not doing a location shoot somewhere else. I'm taking a pay-cut but I'm fairly sure the modeling thing will supersede what I was already making by a long-shot! Pretty cool how everyhting's working out! Everyone I told thought that it was really cool and were really supportive. Tiffany thought it was really cool! She said she's always wanted to be a model. I told her I could introduce her to Carolyn and maybe it could happen. She's really quite a good looking girl! TIFFANY!

I also told the guys in the band after practice. John kinda looked a little too happy about it. I just really have a hard time liking that guy. If he wasn't suck a rock solid drummer, he'd be out... Me and Josh talked a little more. We both agreed that this could be some huge publicity for the band. We're getting together, just the two of us, to work on some more material for out first LP. So far we have about 8 songs that are about 85% finished. We want maybe like 11 or so. I told him that I have a couple that I wanna let him hear and that maybe I could do lead vox on one or two... He seemed cool with the idea! Woo hoo!

Anyway, it's time for me and Olivia to return to something that we haven't been doing in a while... Getting Naked on the Couch and Watching Letterman! That always leads to some fun times!!!

Here's me in muh birthday suit!!!

On the couch waiting for Tonya!!!
Here she comes! It's 11:29!

See ya!

Hello Friday!

Got in to work early today. I can't believe I'm about to give them my two weeks notice. Surely I can stay on part  time... I can work from home and on the road, right? This job has been so awesome! What if the modeling thing falls through? I have nothing. Well, the band, sure. But it's never really put me in a position monetarily wise that would allow me to even pay the bills. I think I'm gonna just ask to go part time. I really love design and would hate to just give it up cold turkey. I don't think they'll have a problem with this. Of the three designers here, I'm their best designer... not to brag. Customers always ask for me first! If I went freelance, I could have some immediate business, but, it's much easier this way. So... I'm gonna ask to go part time! Yep, gonna go do it now!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

At the Pier with Carolyn

I met Carolyn on the pier around 8:02... Checked my face in the mirror before I got out of my car... Looked good to me. I had some ideas I wanted to try out tonight with Miss Carolyn. She was there waiting for me. She, as usual, was Dressed to the Nines! Before I could even get to her, a young couple who had seen my band play wanted to meet me and tell me how much they liked our music. That was pretty cool! This is happening more and more recently. I chatted with them for just a little while then walked over to Carolyn.

"Hey! You look nice today, Miss Banks. Very nice outfit! Dressed to the Nines as always!"

"I would not dress any other way. How is band life? I see that someone is getting famous."

"Ehh, ya know... For a local band, we're finally getting noticed, a little. I think we're about to do a mini-tour up the East Coast again. Maybe in early October. We're still working out the details."

"Oh that sounds like fun. I hope it does not take you too much away from your work." She said with a smile as she continued to look over the ocean, not looking back to Bree just yet. It was so peaceful on the ocean that night, it almost made her want to swim out there.

"The previous one lasted around a month. About 20 shows..."

"Hmm.. You will need to give HR your schedule sooner rather than later. So tell me what are your thoughts on Tonya."

"Umm, well... Good girl. Super hot. She really seems to like me in a sexual way and I can't seem to say no to her..."

"She loves you... She is not just in lust with you."

I was shocked. I'm sure she could see this on my face. "She know's I'm with Olivia. I haven't withheld this from her. I tell her this. Really, I don't know what to do about her. I'm for some reason really attracted to her. I mean her looks alone are enough to attract me to her, but it seems like more. I can't figure it out. I can't control myself around her. I don't think it's love. I know I love Olivia. I don't know... It seems really complicated and I guess it is... She said she's 'In Love' with me? And another thing. I'm not used to being able to attract people with looks of her caliber." 

"She has told me that she is dealing with it and will move onto be with Dani. I planned on her being with Dani. It is something I could manage for her, to protect her." Carolyn wasn't smiling anymore, her face was more serious and reserved as this seemed important to her.

"What happened or happens or will happen between us is not all my fault. I very often try to resist. She is fairly relentless in her pursuit. I've told her many times we could be good friends but I'm in love with Olivia. I wanna be her friend and I don't want to hurt her but she needs to hold back as well."

"Olivia has given you two permission to be together sexually I am guessing." Carolyn said this rather questioningly. I know she knew somehow. Tonya must have told her.

"Yes. And I planned to use that permission 'sparingly.' Actually, the last two times we've been together, I've not 'orgasmed' per my decision."

"Good girl." Carolyn put her hand on my shoulder. "I am glad to hear that. It makes me happy to know that you are controlling yourself. I would hate to have to put you in a chastity belt." She laughed a little and then took her hand off of me.

Her touch sent a little tingle through me. All this talk about control... Yikes! "Thanks. And no, the chastity belt is not necessary... I don't think anyway. So, what brings you to Miami?"

"I had to come back to convince the crew that they may need to relocate in the future to be more involved in the modeling side of things. The pay is amazing as are the hours and such." Carolyn smiled as she looked at me.

I looked at her and then at the crashing waves. This beach has been my play-place my whole life. Now so many different circumstances are pulling at me. Can I just uproot myself and do this. What about the band. We're finally making more headway than ever before. "I just don't know. I don't know if I can... move. I love Miami."

"You do not need to make the decision right this second, but realize if you want to become a full fledged model, you will have to. Sending crews down here costs money dear. You will have a couple months to decide." She smiled and then handed me a card that had her name and number on it. "Now let me get you a drink to relax after a hard day."

"That's not necessary. I'm trying to not... Actually, sure! That sounds great!"

"Good." A bar was there on the pier, Carolyn had already rented a booth to sit at. She walked in and then the hostess guided us over to it where Carolyn sat down gracefully on the right side of it. "I will have lemonade, she will likely want a beer or something stronger."

"Just make it a semi-hard lemonade..."

"You can go for stronger stuff dear, I have to drive back so I have to be sober. You do not."

"I don't want to get drunk... been doing that too much lately."

"Oh really?" Carolyn was actually a little surprised by that. "When? I have not seen you report it on your blog."

"Oh yeah... It's on there... I even lost my car and me and Olivia had to go find it the next day. Kind of a wake up call. I had a little bit of a drinking problem for a little while as Brendan..."

"Well that would be best not to pick back up then. She will have 9 part lemonade one part alcohol then." And the waitress was off. Carolyn looked over to me. "I just keep learning things about you."

"Apparently, for you, I'm an open book. Have you spoken to Tonya about any of this?"

"No, I have not. I am not sure she exactly needs to know just yet but I will tell her at some point."

"So... the photo-shoot we did. How did the pics turn out? Were they well received by your company?"

"They were, they are already being processed. You should have been paid for them today."

"Cool! I really wanna see them. Do you have a way to view them?" Carolyn pulled out her phone and then passed it over to me to look through all of the pictures that were taken at the shoot and such.

"Wow! These look amazing! What all are they gonna be used for?"

"Various things, the non-sexy ones are going to be used for a travel agency and the more explicit ones are going in the photographic art book we are making."

"Aww... you think some are 'non-sexy...'"

"Well I meant that the ones that were not as sexual as say you being topless is what I meant. You look delectable in all of the pictures, just that there are ones that show off more skin than others." She said as she was watching me with the device that contained the digital versions of all of the pictures that had been taken.

I really liked them. I still can't believe that the pics were of me. I mean, these are the types of pics that as a guy, would really have turned me on. "Yeah. I knew what you mean. It was just kinda funny how you said it. And wow! There are so many. You guys and 'girls' sure have a lot to choose from, don't ya?"

"Yes we do, and we believe in quality as well as quantity as you can see. So the question soon becomes, which shall be your main profession dear? Do you want to continue to work behind the camera or things like this where you are placed before it?" Se smiled somewhat suggestively before looking to the window. I just know that gears were spinning away in that pretty brunette head of hers.

"It's not so much my job, the graphic design one job that is. It's my band. Things are really starting to take off. We may be doing an short East Coast tour and that usually means people are starting to take notice. So, that's the hard part. Oh, and the fact that I've lived here my whole life and I love this beach! I thought Tonya said you were going to be setting up an office here..."

"I never said you had to give up the band. Not for a while at least. As a model, your hub could be here in Miami but we could fly you off to all sorts of place. Paris, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, all sorts of place where you would show yourself off for the benefit of the company and get paid for it as well."

"Well, when you put it that way, that sounds perfect! And, that contract that you gave Tonya to give to me, I kinda lost it... or it's buried in my car under stuff..."

"We can no longer have that go on Bree. I have a second one, luckily since I considered that the first would have been lost by now." She pulled it out of her handbag and laid it flat on the table. "You have got to be more responsible because remember, when you sign this contract you are literally a walk representation of Skyline."

"I can't help it. It's me. I've been this way my whole life. Looks like that aspect of me got transfered to this me as well. I do try, really! I swear, I will not loose this one!"

"No, you sign it right here. I will have a copy sent to you after it is processed." Carollyn pulls out a pen and offered it over to me so that I could sign the contract.

"I think I need to read over this for a while unless you wanna walk through the whole thing with me right now. I need to be sure exactly what a 'Walking representation of Skyline' consists of!"

"Keeping yourself in shape and as you are currently, not causing any major media controversies, not doing anything illegal but other than that we are fairly open about things. I am not the devil after all. It is not my goal to trap you like a caged bird."

"I guess I better start to exercise a little. I might be putting on a little weight. Too many burgers. I really still seem to like food. I have been trying to eat better and exercise... so don't worry, I'm not gonna get fat, I hope not anyway." I looked at her and she seemed to be trying to see if she ccould tell a difference in my body. "Well then, show me some stuff on here." I got up and came over to her. I put the document down in front of her and slid in the booth right next to her. I put my right hand gently on her left knee and lean over a bit so I can see the paper better and waited for her to tell me and show me some details. "Ok. Me and Skyline. Go! - 
By the way, your hair smells really good and always looks amazing! Well... actually... the rest of you does too... Ok... Sorry! Back to Skyline!" I was just realizing that I was sitting next to such a beautiful woman...

"I have been watching your posts and already have a personal trainer lined up here in Miami that is going to make sure you get down to your optimal weight and stay there." Her eyes glanced you over seeing that there were a few weight changes that had occurred but they were not huge. She also seemed a little unsteady when I leaned on her. Carolyn shrugged and then looked down at the paper. She pointed to the first section. 

"Personal Trainer huh?"

"This is all about maintaining your appearance and not doing things to put it and you in jeopardy. This includes smoking, drug use, extreme sports, fighting, and excessive drinking. The next sections says that you understand that we can have you travel to all sorts of places foreign and domestic by giving you at least a two day notice." 

"Two day notice!?!? Damn! That's not much time..." I was just looking at her talk... "I don't think I do any of that stuff..." 

"Bree, focus. I know your little struggle but remember you are going to be surrounded by other models when at events or photoshoots and you are going to need to control yourself."

"I'm trying to focus. Carolyn, just lighten up a bit. Just try. I really think you need to have sex. There! I said it. Note, I didn't say with me, but, I think you really are wigging yourself out here. And by the way, I am getting much better with my control!"

"At least, it means that we have to give you more notice than that. And this is about business not my sex life."

"I've read your posts... Believe me. I know that!"

"I am doing quite well without all this sexual activity that you and the rest of the girls are having. It is a slippery slope and the moment it would seem I am the King or Queen rather of the Hill. 

 "Queen of the Hill, huh? Yeah right! Carolyn Banks... All business!!!"

"Teasing is but a game where I gain an advantage over my competitors and other people. It can be a business move as I can manipulate people just the way that I want them. And since I do not partake in the final act then I can continue to remain on top."

I smiled. "Yeah! Being on top is fun!!! Hee  hee!!!" She didn't seem to think that little sexual joke was funny... Boo hoo!

"Now this section says that we pay you in various ways, one is that we will buy all of your clothes. And that you are to only wear what we buy for you in public. Go ahead and wear whatever you want at home but if you are in range of a camera we want you in clothes we bought."


"Carrying on, the clothes are trendy and fashionable, you will like them. Now we also will pay for travel, hotel rooms, food and all that when you are on the road. But of course you will be making monetary compensation from the work as well, at least double to triple your current salary depending on the amount of events you attend and so forth."

"I just don't know about the clothes thing... Kinda sending off alarms in my head. Just being honest here. I know that wearing clothes for shoots that are picked for me is a must. I really like that aspect of it. But, in my everyday life, I... I just don't know. I really like my clothes I guess. I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl for the most part. I do like wearing more feminine stuff from time to time, but I like my style just the way it is. I mean look at what I'm wearing right now. Does this look tomboyish? I think not!"

"Bree, you are a model. We will give you stuff that makes you look approachable but still we want you to always look ready to have a picture taken of you. And this is just training if you get sponsored. If a clothing company sponsors you then you have to wear their stuff exclusively."

"Err.. umm... I know what you mean... but..."

"But?" Carolyn turns to look at Bree, not sure if she really enjoys all of this hesitation if it was for something that Bree was going to enjoy anyway. "Bree, it will not be so bad."

"I have like two closets full of clothes that I really enjoy wearing! And all my Converse! I just don't know. I love my clothes!!! Damn! I really sound like a girl here! I mean I am one, but.. you know..."

"Converse are not girly...and from what I have seen of your closet some of it seems a little tomboyish. But I am not saying that you have to throw it all out, just that you will have an additional amount of clothing that you need to wear when outside."

"I don't want to be girly. I'm not girly. So, what do you mean by additional amount to wear outside? If maybe I could merge the old and the new... that would be acceptable."

"That is more what I meant, we will give you new clothes but that does not mean that you will need to get rid of your old."

"That's not what you said though... I just can't go from what I have now to some new stuff. I would feel like I was selling out. I'm not gonna sell out. The people I hang with in the band scene, selling out is bad, and I agree with them. I would be a target of ridicule if I did that. That ain't gonna happen. I know I'm probably making more out of this than I should, but that's just where I stand."

"Ok, we will make it so that you can wear some of your old stuff when at home here in Miami when you are not with your band. That is of course until you get an endorsement or sponsor that will want you to wear their clothing."

"Now we're talking!" I looked at her and gave her a big smile. "So, what's left on here..."

"Act in a manner that is not going to get you or others unwanted media attention. Publicity is one thing but acting trashy in public is quite another." She pointed out on the contract where these things were. 

"I'm not trashy. How dare you... Not gonna be a problem!"

"Good girl, then that should be everything."

"Cool! When will all this start? I'm gonna need to take care of some things first... like work... and stuff."

"It can take place in a week or two but no longer than that as we need to start geting you established and such."

"Let's do two. I wanna give work a two week notice and I have a few projects to finish."

"Good girl. Now sign and then you are officially a model of Skyline." She said this with some excitement in her voice as she held out the pen for me.

"First of all, I want some kind of notation made that says I can still wear my old stuff as well as the new! Email me that if you would... before I sign..." I looked at her and smiled a crazy little smile with one eyebrow raised.

"I can do that." Carolyn crossed the lines out of that provision and then wrote the new provisions into the contract where she then initaled the change that she had made to it. "Yes, what is it?"

"Email me this..."
Bree can wear her seemingly 'unstylish and tomboyish' clothes...while in public while a model with Skyline...she has agreed to sometimes pair new Skyline provided clothes with her old clothes to make some fantastic wardrobe ensembles...Bree has agreed to always look her best in public...
"Ok, I can do that. But remember if you get endorsed that will likely change." She noted as she made sure that all of that was written in an email that she then sent me from her phone. "Are you happy now Bree?" 

My iPhone bleeped and I looked at it and read the message and smiled. "Ok. Where's the dotted line?"

Carolyn fliped through the page and then pointed to the dotted line at the bottom with her well manicured finger nail. "And once that is done we are all good."

"Ok, here goes!" I took a deep breath and signed it. "I wonder what my mom and dad will say when I tell them this. They have told me that they were so proud of me when I got my design job..."

"I think they'll be cool with it..."

"So... is our lilttle business meeting over?"

"I think that your parents will be very proud to learn that their daughter is now a model adored by millions of people." She whisked the contract away into her bag to keep it safe so that she could turn it in. "Yes it would seem that our meeting is concluded." She stood up making sure that she had everything that she needed.

"Well, cool! Thanks for obliging my one little request. Ever so reasonable of ya." I leaned over and gave her a little side-hug and a peck on the cheek.... "I'm guessing you're off now to conduct more business somewhere..."

"Well you likely have somewhere to be as well. I am just going to the UPS Store to copy and fax this." She stayed relatively still through all of the touching. These displays of affection seemed to be a little foreign to her in her current state. She probably just thought it was a reflection of my "shaky control."

"I don't, I just figured you did. You seem to always be on the move. We can sit and talk if you want. I'll go back to me side of the booth so I won't be... all up on ya!" I chuckle a little... "Sorry. My family was very touchy and affectionate. My dad is a big softy!"

"It helps to keep busy. Idle hands are the devl's plaything and I think you understand that better than the rest of us." She looked at her watch, and then over to the menu of this little place and then shrugged. "So what about your contract did you have questions about? Or are you worried about the Foundation?"

"Ah... Well. My hands a rarely idle..." I chuckled! "And... The foundation! Now there's a good topic to discuss. Tell me what you've found out!" 

"Not a whole lot, just found a few more of us scattered across the globe. I am setting up a network of support as I planned. And for the moment it is about 55% to 45% in favor of their femininity. Others are people who were changed by others and sort of cling to their old lives. No one is sure what the mechanism that is only causing gender change related wishes to come true but others not so much. And having someone wish you be normal does not work"

"Hmm... Wow!"

"I kind of expected those results to be honest. It would be too easy of a solution." She shrugged before pulling out her phone. "Anything else you would like to know?"

"Whatcha looking at there?"

"Text messages from work and stuff, I need to tell my boss that I got you to sign the contract." She said as she I guess typed out a message to I guess, like she said, her boss.

"Were you thinking I'd sign for sure? Just wondering?"

"I figured I would convince you."

"Yeah. You did. You sure did..."

"Well I had to rework one thing but it worked regardless. So now you are a model and a designer. Though I would say I prefer the former to the latter as no one gets to appreciate the beauty that is Bree."

"Well thank you! And you know what, you could model as well... I mean, these wishes sure did a job on us, didn't they?"

"I have no desire to model. Carolyn used that to get into Skyline and then maneuvered her way into management. So I am not going to take a step back when I already have so much."

"Well, there's a new Carolyn fun fact I didn't know! So, in the Skyline chain of command, where do you stand?"

"I am three steps from the top."

"Veo! So, you looking to take those steps to the top?"

"I am thinking that I will one day but at the moment I am fine where I am."

"Yeah right! You are planning your takeover right now I bet now that I brought it up... lol!"

I then got a text from O asking if everything was ok and that she'd just gotten back with a movie, The Lake House, and a box of ice-cream sandwiches. "Well Carolyn, it's been super nice talking with you. That was Olivia, by the way. We are watching a movie tonight and she just got home. I'll talk to my work tomorrow about this and give them the notice. I'll also be eager to hear from you again." I walked over to her and gave her another hug.

"Goodbye Bree. I will be in touch! Be a good girl... for both of our sakes!"

"Hey! It's me!"

"That's what I'm afraid of."

"You have nothing to worry about."

She waved without turning around and I walked out to me car to back here.

As I was heading out, the couple that talked to me when I first got there was coming off the pier to go to the bar and I asked them if one of them would take a pic of me wearing this dress. The girl, Sandy, said she would...
Told ya! No bra. I actually did try one soft cotton one, but it hurt too bad!
It was nice to be free for one evening! See, I can be girly if I want to!!!

That was a crazy meeting. Good but crazy! Anywhoo... 

The movie was really good. Lots of twists in it! O really picked a good one this time. Now it's bedtime! I really enjoy bedtime! I really enjoy before bedtime, bedtime. Lol!

See ya!!!

Easy, Breezy, Thursday... And a Call from Carolyn...

Straight chilled out today after I woke up! I really didn't do anything! Perfect day outside so I went for a little 2 mile run around 3. Should have put sunscreen on... Then laid out a bit after that. Kinda got sunburned on my back and shoulders. Fell asleep laying on my belly and that combined with the jog earlier equalled disaster... I just knew it was gonna be bad. Could already feel the pain starting. That ended around 4:30. Besides that, this pale-skinned girl is getting a tan if is kills her!!!

Got a call from Carolyn. She wanted to meet up with me on the pier to talk about some stuff. Sounded good to me. I haven't talked to her in a long time. I might try something on this visit...
I really wish I wouldn't have lost that contract that Tonya gave me from her. I really should have looked over it by now. Damn! I'm sure she'll ask about it.

Oh well. Scatterbrained Bree strikes again. Gotta take a shower and get to the pier. Supposed to be there around 8pm. Shower killer me! 

Ouch! Pic after my shower... Can I just go topless to the pier!?!?!?
I'm not wearing a bra that's for damn sure!
Wish me luck on my talk!

I'm out!

Luke's Visit...

He came. He saw. He believed!

Luke's visit went very well. He was shocked beyond belief at first, but he eventually believed me. I mean the proof of the magic still in the metal box is/was undeniable.

He came in and we greeted each other with a hug at the door and he said hello to Olivia and then went over to her and gave her a hug too! He does have a crush on her! I can tell! We then sat down and watched a little TV for a bit. Olivia went into her room to, I was guessing to get ready to go out shopping and we talked a little bit about stuff. He said he saw Lebron yesterday and actually got to shake his hand, had a bout a two-three sentence conversation with him and got his shirt autographed.

I got down to business after that. Here's the rundown.

"Luke, I really don't have anything to move. I... umm... just need to tell you something. I feel like we've  always been close, so, naturally it's you who I feel like I can share this with."

"Ok sis... What's going on. Sure, you can tell me anything..."

"Well, it's kinda difficult to just come out and say. It's not something that happens to someone everyday. I'm not even sure that anything like this has ever happened like what's happened to me and those now around me..."

"Just tell me! What's going on..."

"I'm different Luke. I've changed... I... I... This is crazy... You're gonna think I'm crazy..." I start to tear up... I can't believe I'm this emotional just telling him. "These damn hormones cause my emotions to resemble riding on a roller coaster."

He comes over and puts his arm around me and squeezes me a little. "Sis, I think you're the woman strongest I know... well, next to mom. You are amazing. You have accomplished so much in such a short time. Your job.. Your band... Sports in High School and College... You are absolutely gorgeous... You have this nice house... You live with - Olivia! You are amazing and you know I believe that! I've seen you rise above everything that has ever come your way! Just tell me what you're going through. We can work through it together!"

"Who you see right here in front of you is not who I used to be... I'm different Luke. I used to be..." I just couldn't say it. Surely he'll think I've gone crazy!

"Sis, just tell me already... You're killing me here!"

"Ok... I used to be a... dammit, I used to be a... there was this wish and... I wished to be... OK... I used to be a guy. I used to be your brother. I was your brother Brendan until like 2 months ago... There, I said it. Now you think I'm crazy... But, I have proof."

"Well... the proof you say you have will definitely help me believe you, that's for sure! Where/what is it."

"Ok. It's in my room. Just... Just come on. I'll show you..." We got up and he followed me into my room. I so wished I'd cleaned up a little. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't clean either. When I opened the door, it was cleaned up completely! Olivia had cleaned my room! OMG! I will really have to thank her for this! And there were these new pillows on my made-up bed that matched the comforter really well! Amazing girl! I really love her!

"You said you wished to be... a girl? I don't understand. You were a guy and you wished to be a girl..."

"Yeah. I did..." I look down and can't face him.

"Why did you do that? What was your reasoning?"

"I hated my life as a guy, every aspect of it almost. I mean, while I was a guy, I hid it and tried to live like that guy that I was, the guy that you all knew. I tried to make the most of my life, but I was really depressed and kept all the feelings of self hate and worthlessness inside. It was terrible and harder to do the older I got. I couldn't tell anyone though. I was really miserable but I think I hid it well."

"So you mean to tell me that like 2 months ago, you wished to become a girl because you hated your life as a guy, which is information you withheld from everyone you knew... and magically your wish came true and now you are who you are and everyone believes you have always been this 'girl' you with you being the only one knowing any different..." He took a deep breath after spouting all that out.

I looked up at him... "More or less, yes. That is what has happened..."

"Bree, I mean... Where is this proof? I really want to see it."

"It's over here, in my closet." I went over to the closet and opened the door and got out the metal lock box and brought it over.

"I know what that is. You'd never let anyone touch that and you hid it somewhere in your room. I'm guessing your... well, I guess your... wait, what's in it?"

I go over and get my diary off the nightstand. "This was in it, but really it wasn't what the 'guy' me put in there years ago."

"I was wanting to say your diary, but yeah, that didn't feel right for some reason. Bree, your hands. You're trembling."

"Yeah. This is a lot for me to tell and show. I'm just hoping that I'm not crazy and what I think is in this box is really in there and that I'm not living in some sort of dream world. I'm kinda having doubts."

"Well, let's find out. You gonna open it already?"

"Yeah... Here goes." I opened it and on top was the pic of the guy me and the guy Olivia at the camp.

"Who's that?"

"Let's talk about that pic later. There's another one I really want to show you." I was so happy that I wasn't crazy and the pics were in there just like I thought they were. I moved a few things around and found what I was looking for. It was a pic of the guy me, Luke and our brother Thomas after we had won a 3 on 3 tournament. We were holding up our little trophy and were all hugs and smiles.

"Hey, who is that guy with me and Thomas. That's at the 3 on 3 tournament that we won. Weren't you... didn't you... I'm so confused." I left it in the box for him to look at for a minute. I could see the confusion on his face. His brow wrinkled trying to think this all through.

"That pic is of how I remember it. That other guy was me... was Brendan from my other life when I was a guy. Watch this!" I slowly lifted the  pic out of the box and right before our eyes, the guy in the middle, a hot and sweaty yet victorious Brendan McAdams, changed into a hot and sweaty yet victorious Bree McAdams. The pic showed the guys 3 on 3 tournament banner over our heads change to a co-ed tournament banner. Teams had to have at least one girl on the court at all times. We ran the table and didn't loose a game. I could see the shock on his face. He was just staring at the pic then at me going back and forth.

"Oh My Holy GOD!!! You're telling the truth aren't you. What happens when you put the pic back in the box?"

"It changes back. Watch!" I put it back in and it changed back to Luke, Brendan and Thomas as well did the banner change back.

"I.. I... I just can't believe it. How could... how did this happen. You just wished it on day?"

"On a shooting star one night... Here's my wish. I'd done it thousands of times before but this time it worked for some reason - 'I wish to be a beautiful girl. Fun-loving, full of life. A free spirit. Still me in personality, but a girl me. And, I want my clothes to still fit me as a girl, especially my favorite clothes! And, I want my identity to change magically... and... also, I would like to...' I stopped right there. I though it was stupid and of no use. The next morning I woke up looking like this. It had worked!"

"What did you do when you woke up?"

"Well.. umm... found a mirror... kinda checked myself out a little... duh! Checked my ID - wallet and work badge. I didn't go to work that first day."

"Unbelievable! I still can't beileve it. You used to be a guy! I have no memory of it... So weird."

"Well, almost all of my memories are of me as a guy. Only ones from May 15th to now are of the girl me, with a few ones that came along i guess 'magically.' Just try to imagine that..."

"That must be crazy for you. I mean, I know by looking at you that you are a girl. But, like... you're like, all girl, right. I mean, can I be candid here... you now have a umm... vagi... umm... vagina and well, I can see your boobs... I mean, I can see that you have some probably have some under your shirt in your bra... you have a bra on, right... I'm so sorry... You seem to be adjusting well to all the new stuff and whatnot." I could tell he was flustered! It was so funny seeing him struggle to get that girly stuff out!

"I'm doing just fine! Look at me!" I motion to my face and body! I reach around and unhook my bra and show it to him. "Yeah! Well, I had a bra on." I lifted up my shirt and showed him my boobs!!! "I'm sorry... That was inappropriate." He saw my boobs but quickly turned away. 

"Oh my God, Bree. I can't believe you just did that!"

"I just really don't have a problem showing my boobs off. Guess that's still the guy in me. I also did a modeling job for a big-time company in New York on the beach recently... In a bikini and some in lingerie. About half the pics were topless. Don't tell mom and dad, please. I guess they'll find out sooner or later though. I'm not gonna show you my vagi... vagina though! hee hee... But really, I love who I am now! I'm perfect now. It's what I've wanted since I was like 15 or something... I'm finally how I always thought I was. Now granted, this body is amazing. And, I'm like 8 years younger than I was as Brendan. I never thought I would look this good... ever!"

"Wow! Just Wow! You truly are more amazing now that I know all this. It's so much though, isn't it. What about... well... sex and orgasms? I'm guessing you've done that..."

"Yes, you have no idea... It is a lot. Orgasms - All that we as guys heard about a girls orgasms were true! They are unbelievable! And they keep coming and don't loose any of the sexual feelings! I so know how to please a woman now. I had been doing it all wrong..."

"Damn! So bizarre that you've been on both sides now! Not many people, according to you, can say that!!! So... the other pic. Who's that with the guy you? Campers from camp?"

"Yeah... Umm... that kid to my left was Oliver Peterson. You know him now as... umm... Olivia..." I take the pic out of the metal box and it completely changes from Brendan to me as Bree and a few other campers at a totally different camp.

"What did you say? She changed too? She used to be a guy? I like someone who used to be a... umm.. Ok, so I think she's hot. Sue me!!!"

"Well, even if she hadn't changed you couldn't have her!"

"Why not???"

"She's mine!!!"

"So you're a... lesbian I'm guessing?"

"Correct. Still mostly a straight guys brain in here... I still don't want anything to do with "guy parts" if you know what I mean..."

"Yeah. I do! So... Damn! You used to be my brother and now you're my sister! So unfreaking believable. And you're getting it on with Olivia!?!?!?"

"I know, right? We were fairly close as brothers. That's why I chose you to tell. I needed someone outside of other changed girls to tell. It was for my own sanity. I'm glad I told you... Are you glad to know?"

"Yeah! So... you and Olivia, huh?"

"Oh yeah! That girl is... well... hot stuff! She's amazing. See! This is still like old times. Both of us telling each other about girls we're getting with... well, sort of. I mean, I'm a lesbian female now and you're still a straight guy... but, we both still get the girls. Actually, now, I get more looks and well, girls, than I ever did as a guy!!! One more thing... Watch this!" I put the diary back in and it changed to the Playboys.

"Christ! Can I see those. Those are old-school!"

"Sure. Take a look!" He takes them out and them merge and form the diary again.

"Damn! Well, this might be some good 'reading,' too!"

"Give that back, meanie!" I fight him for it and it turns into a wrestling match on my bed. He accidentally elbowed me really had in the boob. It really hurt, bad! I pretend it hurt more than it did and he comes over to see about me. 

"Are you ok? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to elbow you there... in your.. boob..."

"Owww. Damn! Watch it!" I quickly grad the diary out of his hand and stick my tongue out at him and put it my sock drawer!

"I can't believe I fell for that! You got me good!

"Yep! Sure did! My boob does hurt like hell though! You got 'me' good!"

We talked a little more and then decided to go out for a drink. He said he was buying!!! It was like a new life between us. We were really able to talk now. I felt so much freedom. I told him just about everything that had happened that I could think of. About Carolyn and Tonya (I did leave some of that out between me and Tonya) and also Dani, who I hadn't met yet face to face. We talked about hot girls at the bar and had a great time! We even played a game of pool I almost won. He's quite the pool shark. We had one in the game room. He always ran the table. Only dad could beat him sometimes. I did like once.

Here's a pic of us!!!

Redid my hair before we left. Those bangs in my eyes were driving me cray-cray!
That;s Luke's semi-shocked face. He had had a few beers by when this was taken...
So! There is the big reveal post. I feel so much better now! He dropped me off back home around 2:30 and I just crashed after washing my face. I did drink, but not much. I feel ok this morning... Called in to work though. I just need a day off! Back to sleep for me!!! It's still too early!

So, until the next post! See ya!