Sunday, June 16, 2013

Car Found and I Finally Made it to the Gym! (nude selfies alert!!!)

So, found my car. Not sure if it was even in a parking place. I do remember the restaurant being really packed. So glad to find my baby. Here's where it was parked. Kinda behind/off to the side of the restaurant... Scary!!!

Dropped Olivia off at the mall. There were a few things she didn't buy yesterday that she wants to g back and get. I headed to the gym!!!

There was something, like I said yesterday, that I needed to try out... A former love that I hope I still could "do."

Went in and saw Jamie at the front desk and we spoke a little and he, out of habit, handed me a basketball and said, "The courts are all yours. No one in there. Wanna play some 1 on 1 in a bit?"

"Sure," I said. "But if you're gonna wanna play with a guys ball, switch this one out so I won't be used to a girls ball."

"You think of everything, don't ya."

"Well, sometimes I do I guess!"

I grabbed my bag and headed to the "girls" locker room for the first time. My heart was kinda racing. What if someone was in there changing? I entered and saw no one. I got my athletic clothes on and headed out to the far right court. I've never felt so short in my life. And, my hands are so small now. This should be interesting...

First shot was on air-ball. Dammit! Backed up to the 3-point line. AIR-BALL!!! Shit! Everything felt different - not to mention my boobs moving all over the place - and my huge ass jiggling when I ran and jumped. After about 30 minutes, I kinda figured my shot out. I have to really shoot it about 1/3 harder than when I was a guy. I worked from the goal out to about the foul line and finally started making some shots. Jamie came out and I guess working on threes, which were my "bread-and-butter shot" will have to wait. Maybe there'll be some muscle memory that will happen when the game starts. I let him shoot for first and he missed so I got the ball. At least I'm closer to the ground now so stealing the ball from me will be harder.

I drove in, faked a shot, he fell for it, then I banked it and made it! Felt good, too! Make-it-Take-it so I drove a bit and pulled up quick and shot, he got a finger on it and it went out of bounds - so his ball. He made a few and so did I and the score was 9-6 and we were playing to 15 by 1s and 2s. He made a quick 3... 11-6. He made another shot... 12-6. I had to get the ball back. I actually did and stole it on his next drive, took it back and then shot a 3... it rattled around on the rim for a bit then dropped home - 12-8. I missed my next one and he got the rebound. He made a 3 - 14-8. Damn! He checked it in and drove by me and made it... game over... 15-8. Dammit!!! I hate to lose!!! Gonna have to work hard! That's cool with me!!! I love being me even if I'm not as good at sports and stuff now!!!

I was exhausted and super sweaty. I didn't know girls could get this sweaty... We chatted a bit and then he asked about the band. I told him we're playing next weekend somewhere in Ft. Lauderdale and mostly we are writing some new stuff. We said our goodbyes and then I decided to go even further and run maybe 2 miles around the track. After about the first mile, I was totally spent and headed for the locker room.

I got my stuff and realized that if I didn't leave then, I'd be really late picking up O... O got my towel and dryed off a bit and then put my clothes back on and headed out. She was sitting outside one of the mall entrances reading a magazine she bought so I pulled and shouted out the window, "Excuse me, umm... sexy girl on the bench, you need a ride?" She looked up and smiled and said, "Sure do babe!"

She got in and told me I smelled like a middle-school hallway after recess. We headed back, went in, and as I got ready to take a bath, she showed me some of the stuff she bought... and she bought something special for me! It just may appear in a little photo gallery on here soon!!!

Anyway, decided to do a few "bathtime" pics of me! Enjoy! Look at my face in the third pic!!! I was so exhausted and tired!!!

After I took the pics, I bathed and then ran some really hot water and fell asleep for who knows how long. All I know is the water was freezing and my skin was super wrinkly!!! My nips were so hard!!!

Watching a little Letterman right now as I blog this. About to go cuddle up with O on the couch. Right after I get some Oreos and milk! She's so cute laying there in her PJs!!! Love her! Mean it!

Nighty Night!!!

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