Friday, May 31, 2013


If you're following me here, then I apologize for my lack of updates. This has been a very tough week for me, with lots going on and my emotions have been going haywire and I've really felt kinda depressed... Lot's of good stuff has happened as well and I'm thankful, but the week, in general has been tough. I've tried to put on a happy, "everything's ok with Bree face," but, it's kinda caught up with me. Olivia is staying with me again and I'm extremely happy about that!!! She came over Thursday evening after I got off. We had a heart-to-heart girl talk and ended up crying and in each others arms after we shared some very personal stuff with each other about the past week. We both did things - well, I don't want to talk about that now... I really do love her and I'm glad she's here and I hope we're never apart again!

I got off work early to get ready for the show tonight and I hope that getting on stage and playing with the guys will lift my spirits. If you're in Miami, I hope to see you at the show, it's gonna be amazing... Well, I'm out... Took a hot bath and now I'm just chilling while I get ready for tonight... pic. enjoy.

I need to get to the beach soon... I need to breathe that salty air and feel the water on my feet!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sometimes Here Lately I just Have to Wonder What was I Thinking...

Just a normal Wednesday morning... well, not really. I was for some reason fed up with all the people following me around and spying on me... This girl, Tonya, and I don't know why, really set me off and I contacted her and wanted to meet with her to see what she wanted...

We met at Cafe Bastille and I found her to be a fairly legit "transformee" and the convo settled down after a while. Now, this girl is absolutely gorgeous... Like a blonde bombshell!!! I really couldn't believe I was sitting across from someone like her to be honest, and kinda outta the blue. We seemed to be hitting it off almost,like old friends. I even agreed to skip work completely and hang with her. We decided to go shopping at Dolphin Mall and get a new swim suit and then go to the beach. We went to this store called Garage and picked out a suit, mix and matched top and bottom actually and then decided to go into the same dressing room... This is where it got, well, to much to handle. I mean, I now know that my looks can attract "attractive" looking people, obviously guys and girls. This situation was just too much to handle. The sexual tension was so thick it could have been cut with a knife. We both acted on it... It didn't get far, but we still acted on it. And I have to say it was nice... But, I was almost the whole time thinking about Olivia... And I knew that my actions here could potentially hurt her so I was glad it got halted... I called the day with Tonya quits soon after, well, really we both did, and I went into work and now that I'm home, I've cried for almost the whole night. I've also eaten lots of ice-cream. I really need to watch out. I might be getting fat!!! Oh these hormones and desires... they really put me through the ringer sometimes, but I gotta love them though!!! There what makes me, me! A girl!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm Really Tired... for a Tuesday...

So, this morning, I had the meeting with Carolyn. I'll admit, it was really getting to me last night. I kept on thinking about it until I finally fell asleep around 4:05 or so last night, I think, only to have to get back up for work at 6:30. I wanted to be completely ready or as ready as I could be. She seemed, on her blog, to be in complete control of everything except her changed gender. I figured she'd be quite a force to deal with. I was right! I'm kinda all over the place and forgetful and unorganized... I can hold my own, usually, but sometimes I'm like, "How the hell did I get myself into this..." I had a feeling this would be one of those times...

I waited in my office until about 5 minute till I was supposed to meet her and then went down and I saw her in the meeting area of the lobby. Her hair is in the usual layered manner with all of her makeup perfect though her lips are a particularly dark red which is in contract to the very monochrome outfit that she was wearing. The outfit consisted of a black blouse with a pencil skirt that makes it to just above her knees. Her legs are sheathed in white stockings that lead to her black, stylish pumps. Damn! Pretty hot woman!!!

Guess what I'm wearing... I'm sure you can - Heather grey v-neck T, dark blue skinny jeans and light grey all stars. I'm made-up well and my hair is strait with my bangs slightly in my eyes... My Look We greet each other with normal pleasantries. 

"Hi. I'm guessing you're Carolyn. I see you found the place."

You know when someone answers back with, "Yes, I did Cindy Breeland McAdams," that this meeting isn't going to go the way you thought it would. She had a folder with her, containing some copies of my personal documents - a copy of my birth certificate and several important documents such as my high school diploma  driver's license and some police reports on me. Yikes! I knew at this point that I'd brought a knife to a gun fight...

She had hired a private investigator to follow me and dig up stuff on me. She said she has a folder just like this on herself, as well. I told her that I didn't know anything about her other than what I'd read online that she herself had posted. 

She also slid over to me an envelop containing about 100 pics of me from here in Miami that she had taken... Talk about freaking someone out!!! 

She blamed me for not trying to turn back to a guy. I told her that if I turned back right now, I would probably just die. I'm sure my heart would just stop... I told her that I'd gained what I always wanted and she said that she'd lost a lot, mostly her power... "The one thing that I hate most about this new existence is I have lost something, I have lost my power. I once had the strength to protect others and now I am nothing but a damsel."

She said that she's no longer really angry and that she wants to help others like us. I agreed to help her out too! I mean, I was already doing that... It just comes natural to me. I just like to help people, I always have.

From reading her blog, I found out that for the most part she's attracted to guys but she said that for some reason she's attracted to me as well... And I will have to say, she's not bad in the looks department... I just hope that all this niceness isn't some sort of an angle or a way to get to me... 

She asks me if there are any things about my life that I may want to know. She says she has lots of information on the girl me from my past that I probably don't know about. I ask her a few questions and am really put off by some of them... Here's one... uugggg... 

"wow... cool! amazing. thanks! i almost hate to ask this... but... "past love interests?"

"There are a few one or two, guys and girls alike seemed ot catch your interest. You were really not afraid to tell someone you were interested and you were a loyal girlfriend to whoever you were with. Also avoid that co-worker Steve, things were a little sexually awkward a bit back after a drunken chirstmas party but I am not sure you slept with him, just you two had been seen making out and some light petting"

"Dammit! Steve! Really!!!... And see, that's why I dont't drink much, right there... Excuse me, I just threw up a little in my mouth." I faked throwing up and gagged a bit. "You don't happen to have another water do you. I hate coffee!"

The rest of the meeting was mostly light-hearted and almost fun. I did, in a playful way kinda hit on her... In the end, she wound up offering me a modeling job if I wanted it with her company in New York... I just might do it. Actually, I really want to! Me, a model? Oh yeah!

Here's how it ended... Mostly just my thoughts and some dialog, as far as I can remember...

I saw her smile. She saw me smile. I still feel the kiss tingling on my cheek! Me, a model. I mean, do I even really look good enough, sure, maybe. But, me... Wow! I couldn't wait to tell Olivia! "I'll be in touch for sure" I yelled that across the lobby, causing Hannah, the front desk receptionist to look my way. Damn, it's lunchtime and  I'm too excited to eat though...

This was the abbreviated version. If you want to know more, just ask!!!

Morning, Work... Pre-Carolyn Meeting...

Got about 5 minutes until I have the, what I'm sure will be, infamous meeting with Carolyn. Like I said yesterday, I'm a little anxious but ready to do it. I'm gonna be waiting down there so I can see her when she comes in, if she isn't here already. Anyway, it was weird not having Olivia there this morning. I'd grown quite used to it over the past few days. Gonna miss her. I'm sure we'll have more "sleep-overs" in the future! Anyway, gonna head downstairs. Already told Hannah downstairs at the reception desk that I was meeting someone and Olivia said she'd drop by, maybe if she could, around 11... So, wish me luck. Oh, and I decided to do a little something different with my make-up this morning. Took a little longer getting the eyeliner right but I really like it. Went with a very light colored, semi-glass lipstick as well. I really like the look! Also did my hair a little different as well... Straitened it a little and dried with a big round brush so it would have a little more body. Let me know how you like the look! Comments are always welcome! Here's the pic from a few minutes ago...

Kinda nervious...

Memorial Day Night...

Olivia just left... it's like 3:30 in the morning. I'm so tired. This has been a really long weekend... We had an amazing time at my parents! They all really liked my "friend" from the office. We played horse-shoes, swam and I even get her to play a little two-hand tag football with my siblings and my dad. My dad also cooked some amazing food, some of the best steaks he's ever grilled!!! But, the kicker was this... I told everyone I wanted to give Olivia a tour of the house and I did just that. We got to my room and I told her that it, when I actually lived there, looked quite different. I took her over to the closet and opened the door and pulled the light cord and she crawled to the back corner of the closet behind me.

"This is the other box that the magic wasn't able to touch..."

"Ok... I don't see a box."

"Oh yeah, it's under the carpet then under some floorboards. Hang on a sec..." I lifted up the carpet and then removed the two boards and there was the box. I took it out of the floor and placed it between us on the ground.

"What's in it?"

"Just wait and see!" I slowly opened the top and there, on the top, were the Playboys. "Umm, yeah, I had a small collection of these."

"Hey, I did too!"

I grabbed one and put it on the floor. "Don't touch it, please." Then another, then another until all of them were in a stack on the floor. As soon as the last one hit the others, they magically transformed into my/Bree's old diary.

"Oh My God, did that just happen?"

"Yes it did! It's now my old diary. I've yet to have a chance to read any... Kinda scared to, actually."

"I'll do it then. Can I read some to you?"

"Umm, sure!"

"On October 18, 2000, it would seem you got your first guitar, for your birthday! A black Fender Strat and a little Peavey amp. Seems like you were really excited!!!"

"Oh yeah! Wait, I actually think I remember that. Wait... I do remember that... Oh My God!?!?!? Read something else..."

"Ok... November 12, 2003, OMG Bree... Umm..."

We were in the treehouse and kissed again tonight. As our tongues touched for the first time ever, I felt his hand go under my shirt after about the first minute. I was scared and shaking, but kind of... wanted him to do this. I reached back and unhooked my bra...

"Should I go on?"

"Yes..., I guess so."

I reached back and unhooked my bra and I felt his hand go up to my tiny booby and squeeze it in his whole hand, not hard though. I so wish they were bigger. They are so little though. He then got to my nipple and held it with his thumb and index finger and rolled it around and played with it. I lost my breath and pulled away from the kiss. I felt a wetness in my panties for I think the first time... He asked me if I was ok and if I wanted to keep going and I said... yes. We started back kissing and I felt his hand go down to my pants and start to unbutton my jeans. I squirmed a bit and tried to move back but he kept going. While still kissing, I mouthed, "David, what are you doing..." "Let me feel you, don't you want me to. Isn't this turning you on?" "Yes, but I want to stop, please." He stopped and looked at me. I scooted away and buttoned my jeans back up and hooked my bra back. "I... I just can't do this." "Bree, why not. We both want it, right?" "I thought I did. Maybe I'm just not ready... yet." "Ok, I'm heading home then. Goodbye." "Don't be mad David, please..." He climbed down and when I knew he was out of sight, I cried for 1 whole hour...

I was just sitting there with tears in my eyes... listening "Let's not read any more right now... That's enough, ok?"

"Yeah, sure... OMG, you're crying. Come here Breely!"

"I can remember it all. I was so scared. I didn't think he was gonna stop..."

Right about that time, my mom called up, "Hey you two, the homemade ice cream is ready, come and get it!!!"

"We'll be right down Mrs. McAdams, Bree's in the bathroom!"

"Thanks Olivia. Tell her we're out on the back pourch!"



"No problem."

I put the diary back in the box, and  after a little longer then last time, it changed back to the Playboys.

"I'm gonna run this to my car. You go on down, ok?"

"I'll just go with ya."


So, we took the box to the car then the rest of the night, Me, Olivia, my sister Liz, my two brothers Luke and Robbie and my parents hung out on the back porch until like midnight and had an amazing time eating ice cream and enjoying a few beers. We drove back and to my place and Olivia said she was planning to head back to her place for a few nights and check up on things. We opened the box up one more time and I dug around and saw a pic of something that blew our minds... It was a pic of me as Brendan from my last year as a camp counselor posing with two other campers. And one of them was none other than Ollie Peterson!!! I took it out to look at it closer and it immediatly turned to a pic of a young Bree with another girl and a woman counselor at a different camp, one that I must have gone to as the girl me. I quickly put it back in the box and there we were again, me and Ollie at the boys camp... Olivia was tearing up. She had no memory of that pic or of me. We hugged for about 15 minutes strait. It was a really good hug. A nice, long goodbye hug that turned into one last little "playtime" on the couch before she got the few things she had and left. I hated seeing her go. But that's life. I know I can't control it anymore...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Heading to My Parents House (Olivia better behave herself...)

SO much has happened since Friday.. OMG!!! I can't wait to find time to write about it on here. Anyway, we're about to head over to me parents house. It's like 4:35pm right now and we were supposed to be there at 4pm. Gonna be so late!!! Olivia says she has to look perfect and everything... She's freaking!!! lol! I keep telling her it's no big deal... And, Olivia, you better behave yourself!!! And, she drank all my Dr Pepper so I had to drink a Coke!!!

Should be a good time. My whole family is supposed to be there - both brothers and my sister... Gonna say that Olivia is a friend from work and had nothing to do today, which is Memorial day. Anyway, things are going great between us. We're having... umm, lots of fun and getting to know each other quite well... You won't believe what my safe did to things in both of our lives... Flipping amazing things... I can't even believe it, really. At some point today, I hope we have time to go and see about my diary... That should be an interesting look into Bree's/my life!!! Anyway, gott run!!! See ya. Oh, here's a pic! Got a swim suit under the shirt and shorts that I have on. Can't wait to swim... and show off Olivia to the fam!!!

Just one thing has been on my mind this whole weekend... not much, but always there, hanging out in the back... my meeting with Carolyn tomorrow... I'm ready to do it though but kinda anxious about it...


Memorial Day Morning

Honestly, when Olivia's here, I never see much of the morning!!! I got up around 11am and decided, while she still was snoozing to go to the grocery store and get a few things to take to my parents house later today. I got to the store and was shopping, finishing up actually, and coming down the isle was the blonde girl from McDonald's. I did a double take... She was really gorgeous! She said her name was Tonya and we talked a bit and then she said she was coming to my show Friday and I told her that was cool and then she left... and I watched her walk away until she was completely out of site. I guess when I was Brendan, I got the attention of maybe a few girls because I was in a band, but being Bree has really turned up the heat! When I was Brendan, it was usually Josh and Tommy that got all the girls. Now, I could probably take my pick of either girls or guys!?!?!? Anywhoo... I got a MilkyWay and DP and headed home.

I got back home and guess who was still asleep!!! Yep, that girl Olivia!!! So, I did a crazy flying monkey onto the bed and landed on her and wrapped her up in a cover cocoon and tickled her like crazy. I finally "let" her break free and we somehow got into a huge pillow fight that lasted until my pillow slipped out of my hand and knocked the lamp off my dresser off and it fell to the ground and broke and made this big, huge spark! That spark initiated a different kind of spark, so... 

I just took a shower and am getting my stuff together now, swim suit and a change of clothes... we're supposed to be there around 4-ish... So, hopefully all goes well! Bye Bye!


The Rest of Friday - and Saturday and Sunday of the Memorial Day Weekend!

Friday, May 24th, Afternoon and Evening...


The workday just wouldn't end fast enough... I was going bonkers! More so than when I was about to meet her!!! 

My Bonkers Face!
Now, she's at my house waiting for me?!?!?!?  I got everything finished around 4:57 I think and headed out the door. I couldn't wait to get home... to Olivia!


I went in the garage entrance and walked into my bedroom and she was sleep on my bed. I decided to pack my stuff up before I woke her up. I got all my gear packed up and took it out to my car. I then quietly climbed on the bed and and just looked at her laying there. She was so beautiful and was in my bed... I found it kinda surreal that a girl that looked like her was asleep in my bed!!! I gently lay down beside her and started to stroke her hair. My hands went South and I started to feel up and down her legs sometimes staying around her butt. I slipped my hand between her legs and slightly fingered her clit and she started to stir. I could tell she was slightly startled and said to her, "Hey there, it's me. I'm home!" She didn't say a word but rolled over and pulled me over to herself and we locked lips... We, well, I guess you know what happened. It was amazing!!! So much better than doing that by myself!!! Anywhoo...

Band Practice

Needless to say, I was late, or we were late. I introduced her to everyone and then she sat down on a couch and we got started. I could tell she was excited! She played on her phone some and would look up and smile at me when she heard me do a cool guitar part. She looked kinda proud, in a way that she was "with" me and I was rocking out like I was.

After Practice

Practice went well! After goodbyes, we were hungry. We stopped by a drive thru, Chick-fil-A, and the whole time I was ordering, she was feeling me up. I'm sure the girl taking our oreder thought I was crazy or had Tourettes or something. We got our food and I drove to a nearby pier and we ate under the moonlight with the waves crashing under us... Quite romantic, actually! I've always wanted to bring a girl here!!!

Back to My Place

So, we got back and more of the, umm, yeah... sex! We eventually fell asleep some time late that night after going at it for quite some time!

Saturday, May 25th


We woke up around 11:30am... and we were both a mess. We decided to take a shower... together. It was... fun! I really wanted to go see about the safe with Olivia here... We just threw on some panties, shorts and a t-shirt and headed out to the little room off the carport. I told her to be prepared because this might blow her mind!!! I opened the safe and showed her the mortgage documents with C. Brendan McAdams on them. I reached in and grabbed them and pulled them out slowly. Right before our eyes, the name on all the documents changed to C. Breeland McAdams! There was that feeling again. I felt the tiny hairs on my neck start to stand straight up! The house kinda shook a little. I started noticing changes to the the little room. Some clothes I had in boxes that didn't change had now changed to female clothes. "Oh my god, it's changing everything," I said out loud!!! We ran in the house and certain things had changed, mostly in my bathroom. My shampoo was different. My girl deodorant had changed to a different girl deodorant. I looked in the medicine cabinet and lots had changed. There were quite a few different feminine products in there that weren't there before! We were running around like crazy! I had a few dresses now and some very interesting lingerie that... wow... Bree before me had, apparently! Sexy! My birth certificate was also in there and I pulled it out and the name changed as well! Nothing visible happened but I guess I'm truly Cindy Breeland McAdams to everyone in the world now! Wow!!! Amazing! 

"Hey, Olivia, I wonder if it will change your stuff to say your name..."

"It's worth a try, I guess..."

She got the packet and we put in her birth certificate and nothing happened. Then we put in her drivers license and nothing happened... 

"Damn! I was hoping that would work!"

"Me too, Bree... Me too..."

We just left them there in the safe and headed back in the house to get some food around 1pm. We made some sandwiches and sat on the couch to watch some TV. We got cozy on the couch, all intertwined and fell asleep. We woke up around 6pm and just giggled and laughed for a while, it was so great having her here with me!!! We ended up having a "tickle fight." It was the most girly thing I've ever done in my life... Such the proverbial girl thing to do... We didn't mind though! It was so much fun. This new body is so much more sensitive and ticklish! Olivia won! She had me squirming all over the floor. The backs of my legs are just so damn ticklish!!! I just gave in and had to grab her new girl pleasure mound and went to town on it to get her to stop tickling me! So, umm, yeah... a little more sex!  After that, I forgot that I didn't close the safe. I went back out and looked in and her license and birth certificate had both changed to say... Oliva Peterson. OMG!!! I somehow worked! I put my mortgage papers back in and nothing happened. I guess the magic left or finished what it had to do when I left the safe open for so long. I ran in the house holding her license and birth certificate and yelling!!! She was so happy, and so was I!!!

We decided to go out after that! She put her little black dress back on and I put a sexy black dress with white polka dots. I will have to say, we look hot together... 

We went to a little cafe and then saw this kinda cool art show exhibit and went in there for a bit. Olivia was feeling kinda frisky and wanted me to take some pics of her in the art building... so I did! We're so freakin' bad!!! Kinda funny we were "drawn" to this drawing of a  girl in lingerie, or something like that. Olivia really did some sexy poses!!! Damn she's so hot!!!

After that, we went out to some clubs. I didn't drink much. I'm still scared to. I used to drink too much as a guy and over did it quite a bit too often. Olivia had a few though. She was to say the least a little "buzzed!" By the end of the night, she was just crazy talking and stuff. I practically had to carry her back to my car!!! We got back to my house around 3:45am and crashed in the bed, just as we were. 

Sunday, May 26th


Well, Olivia was out. For the count. Out cold. She wasn't waking up. It was 11:30am and I just couldn't lay in the bed any longer... I made a sandwich and also ate 5 oreos. I then thought of something I had to do that I hadn't done since becoming Bree - cut the grass!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I headed out to the utility room off the carport and pulled out my mower. Thank god it is a self propelled mower! I'm so getting a riding one soon! I finished that up. Didn't take long. Got about half an acre, maybe a little less. I pulled out the weed-eater and started to do that but stopped... I needed pants on so I went in and put on some old jeans and got back on it. Got it done, kinda... and headed back in to shower off. Olivia was up and seemed to be doing better... She was drinking some orange juice and was just standing in the kitchen in just her panties! Hot Damn!!! She said, "Don't touch me! I feel like shit!"  "Ok then..." I went to the cabinet and got out a glass and got some water from the fridge and before I knew it, she was behind me feeling my boobs! "Haha! Gotcha! I was kidding!" "You sure did! I need a shower... Care to join me?" "Last one in has to suck the other's pussy!!!" So I tripped her as she took off and won! It was a great shower!!! She's so good at that! We got out and I just put on some panties and hopped in the bed. I was really feeling exhausted. Olivia said she was hungry... It was like 1:30 in the afternoon... She said she's was going out to get some take-out and I said I'd see her in a bit and if she'd bring me a vanilla shake from somewhere. She said she would! Cool! I saw her leave wearing my newly changed red top thing/shirt. I fell out as she closed the front door.

I got up around 2:45 and didn't see her. I went to check some email and saw that she had posted a crazy post on my blog. She's so crazy! Then she scared the shit out of my. She was hiding under the desk and started tickling my legs again. I accidentally kicked her when I jerked back but she was ok. 

We decided to go casual and go rent some scooters and just ride around Miami for the rest of the night. We'd name a place and then race there, going which ever way we thought was the fastest. Amazingly, we usually picked the same route. We stopped by Pizza Hutt and got a pizza and bread sticks and "Cherry Pepsi!" We got back from our ride around 1:25am and played some "Strip-Poker" until we fell sleep around 4am.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

"WOOOO! Finally able to post!"

So, I finally managed to get away from Olivia to post! Boy, oh boy! Things are pretty interesting here! This weekend was waaaaay exciting! Oh my god, the things that girl can do! Whoo! I never thought such pleasure would be so... mmmm.... fulfilling! It's such a good thing she's decided to stay this weekend, wow, this is so much fun! 


Bree's napping! I think I tuckered her out! Oh my gosh, I love her milky, smooth skin! She's so much fun to play with! <3 Hehehe... Yeah, it's me Olivia! I'm so bad... Bree's gonna kill me for doing this!

You like my shirt? Nah, it's actually one of Bree's. I kind of forgot to bring my own clothes, so I've been wearing hers. I kinda think she likes me a bit! Oh, wow, Bree is a kitten at naptime, MEEEEOW! Don't tell her, but I think I might just wake her up with a little lick or something! <3 Oh ahem... Bree, if you're reading this? I'm right under you. You were warned.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

That Olivia is One crazy Girl! (In a good way!)

Sorry for no updates recently... been a little busy... Had the meeting with Olivia. Actually, right now, still having the meeting... heehee. ;) Just woke up and realized I didn't have any panties on so took these pics of my butt with my webcam. I really love looking back and seeing that wonderful thing rising off the bed like that...

Decided to do a post while she slept but i believbe she just woke u p and is tickling myr legds now... My upper thighs are soo ticklelismsh....

So much to tellls. so many revelationss. if she would stiop ticlkilng me this would be so mucg easiert... i really don't.mind thoughf. Oh wow! she's nott ticlking my legs anymoure... gottsa go!!!


Friday, May 24, 2013

The Friday of Memorial Day Weekend Meeting at McDonald's with Olivia... (literally and figuratively the stuff dreams are made of!)

I don't know where to start. I guess I should start at the meeting with Olivia at Mcdonald's. Wow! And what a meeting it was! I actually recorded the conversation with my phone. I wanted to have it in case she was crazy! I've listened to it like 25 times! She's not though. I really like that girl!!! We're besties!!! I wrote it out the best I could. It's really long, I know, but this is what happened!

Friday, May 24th
McDonald's Meeting with Olivia

She was already there when I got there... sitting in a booth by herself. My heart was racing as I walked up to her...

"Hey there! You look really nice..." My heart was beating super fast "Are you gonna order any food?"

She kinda bit her lip at the comment "Mm.. yeah. I mean yeah!" She did a nervous giggle "I was thinking of getting a plain grilled chicken wrap and a water. I sort of lost my appetite for things I used to love here." She shrugged. "I can always get that later, though."

I waited for her to stand and just sat down beside her and gave her a little side hug, awkwardly... I walked off with her behind me and before I get to the counter to get in line, I turned and looked over my shoulder back at her and smiled... Pretty sure she saw the smile because she turned to look down at her lap.

She is so beautiful. Could she really have been a man. I got in line and I no longer want any food... I just order a cheeseburger kids meal and when the girl asked me girl toy or boy toy, for the first time in my life, I said girl!!! And wow, the girl taking my order was super fine. I was really caught off guard by it. I think I was dazed for a minute. She was like, "Miss, here's your change..." Wow. What a super, hot blonde... I also ordered Olivia a water... While I waited in line, I kept peaking back at her... I got my food from the counter and head over to the drinks to get my drink... Coke w/no ice... I put it on my tray and made my way back to Olivia. I sat back down and looked up... "I got you a water, just in case you're thirsty. It's kinda hot today..." I then realized I forgot ketchup. "I'm gonna go get some ketchup, you need anything?"

"You - I mean... no, no thank you." She nervously unwrapped the straw and slipped it in the water cup, gently drinking and looking very nervous.

Did she say/mean she needs me? I walk with more "bum sway" than usual over and get some ketchup, hoping she'll noticed it more... I got it and sat back down. "You look really great!" Did I already say that.. dammit. "How do you like wearing a dress? I haven't worn one yet?"

She smiled at the question and pulled the stray away from her lips, leaving lipstick on the straw.
"It's kind of different. I feel lighter and my legs feel less constricted. A, um, former friend helped me out after the change..." She smiled softly and changed the subject off of her friend. "You know, you're a really attractive woman. Like.... um.... REALLY hot."

I blushed and looked down. "Thank you... I'm a little embarrassed... I'm just not used to hearing compliments like this, especially coming from a girl like... you..."

She smirked coyly. "I'm no normal girl, Breely!" She placed her hand over my mouth. "Is it okay if I call you that?"

"Sure! It's kinda cute, just like you..." I couldn't believe I said that. I mean, I did mean it. I ate a few fries and realize my appetite is completely gone. "You want some fries or a couple apple slices?"

She smiled and shook her head at my offer while looking down at the table and then back up at me. "Bree, we need to kiss."

"Well, I , ummm... ok... well..."

"It'll be alright, I hope. We're very tense." She got up just stood there. "Don't worry about it!"

My semi-shocked face got really confused when she stood up. "Are you leaving... already?"

She kinda pouted and sat next to me, kissing me on the cheek. "There, now our bubbles are broken. We shouldn't be nervous anymore." She smiled as she turned her head to look at me, waiting for me to react to the stolen kiss.

I look down at my arm and notice chill bumps covering every inch of them. I lift my arm up and showed her... I also noticed that a couple guys a few booths over noticed our kiss and have started watching us... I lean over to whispered in her ear. "See those two guys over there? That kiss got their attention... and well, it get my attention, too." As I finished putting my breathy, soft words in her ear, I brushed her cheek with my lips all the way down to her lips and gave her a kiss back on her cheek, right near her lips. My heart was exploding at what we were doing... My body was on fire with desire!

She smiled and sneaked a quick rub of herself through the dress. "Well! Mind telling me what's been going on lately? I heard someone was threatening you?"

Sorry about this if you're reading it Carolyn...
"Yeah, this crazy girl named Carolyn, well guy named Carl, was reading my blog and was pissing off his girlfriend with something he was saying. The girlfriend made a wish, in jest really, and the next morning, he, carl, woke up as Carolyn and blamed me for spreading magical gender changing "magic" all over the internet with my blog. She was coming to find me and do who knows what to get me to change her back. But now, she has written on my blog that she's had a change of heart and wants to talk... I just don't know what to think. We had a major word battle on the site. We both got pretty heated with each other. Not on my blog, but another site actually It was kinda unnerving... I've never, as far as I know, had anyone threatening me like that before."

She looked at me and nodded, trying to understand. "Well, I think it was my ex-girlfriend that wished to change me. I never saw your blog until after I changed, so I have no clue what's going on really with the magic and the wishes..." She reached in her purse and pulled out a folded piece of paper, handing it to me. "This is my birth certificate, my real name is Oliver." She held out the paper out for me. "If you want, I can hire a private detective to hunt this person down. I've got a pretty good fund I can break into when necessary."

"She's in miami right now. Said she's already been to my house and actually physically bumped into me on, I think, the sidewalk outside my job yesterday."

"Oh wow, that's scary."

"I know, right? I do remember accidentally running into a girl when I was leaving work... I was in a hurry getting to my parents house because I got off early and was heading to the beach. I needed a swimsuit and hoped to find one of my old ones that maybe I had and had transformed with me there."

"You know, I will admit that I was kind of following you. But not for the reasons the other woman was. I wasn't sure about you really being like me. Do you know any self defense techniques?"

"Well, as kids and teenagers, we all took karate. I made it up to a 1st Kyu Brown Belt with 2 black tips. Did you follow me to Mcdonald's that day we we first met?"

She shook her head. "Not that day. That was pure coincidence."

"Seriously...?" I was getting a little freaked out.

She nodded "I swear. I was hungry after trying to figure you out and all, and I stopped to eat. Bumping into you was almost heart attack material for me." She reaches into her purse and pulled out more Oliver information, placing it on the table. "Here, you take these for me. I think if you look into my situation you'll find that I am who I say I am."

I took the documents and looked over them. "All of these are great but they don't actually tell me that you were Oliver. For all I know you stole these." I got to a camp one. "Oliver peterson... Camp Oakwood? Wait... I went there..." Wait again... I'm a girl, brendan went there... Not me. Holy shit! "You're Ollie Peterson? That's impossible.. It can't be... When I was a guy, Brendan, I went there and was a counselor there for like 5 years... You were in my cabin for like 3 of those years! I was your counselor in my guy life... Do you remember any of that?"

"I don't understand. If you knew me, why don't I remember you?"

"I'm not a guy anymore and I'm 8 years younger than I was now that I'm a girl... My wish must have changed virtually everything about my past and no one even remembers a Brendan McAdams. I remember this Oliver though. He was like my favorite camper of all times. Jesus christ, if what you're telling me is true, then I just kissed Ollie P! Damn... I feel like Luke kissing Leia... Sorta..."

"We knew each other like that?" She sighed, maybe disappointed "I wish we could've been close... later. I am so sorry for hurting you..." Tears started welling up in her eyes. "Damn these emotions!" She covered her face with her hands.

"Well, I don't see ollie here now. I see a beautiful girl. I'm not hurt and cry if you need to. I know I have recently. I'm really glad that you are a link to my past. How old are you know, maybe like 20 or so..." I put my arm around her and gave her a light squeeze.

She sniffled a bit and looked over at me, slightly pouty. "Are you sure you know me? I really don't remember a Brendan." She blinked a couple of times as if trying to recall. "Wait, I sense something familiar about you... I thought this was because I saw you performing a couple times before, but... this feels like long term... I don't understand..."

"Listen, you fell out of the big oak tree near the owners cabin. Thought you broke your arm. I took you to the nurse and you had dislocated your shoulder. Me and the nurse put it back in place and you went though the rest of camp in pain. You were quite a trooper. A really brave kid!!! I guess someone other than me was you counselor, but I swear in my different life, it was me!"

She raised her eyebrow at the mentioned event. "I remember all of that happening... but it was the nurse by herself. She struggled really hard to relocate my shoulder and caused irreparable damage... But now that I'm me now, the damage is gone... but.... you must be telling the truth. Wow... this might be really awkward if you were a camp counselor..."

"Tell me a little more about that day, like what you were doing before that..."

"I remember being alienated by the counselor I had, I was the outcast I guess. That was the day of the boxcar race, and I had fallen out of the tree before I had a chance to enter. It was actually really depressing."

"Oh my god. It is you... I can't believe it... What color was your boxcar?"

"It was my favorite color, green."

"In my remembering, we got back just in time for the race. You were in so much pain and we got your car, 'The Mean, Green Machine' up to the top and let it go and you had the fastest time. I made all my campers name their cars. My campers had 1st place and 3rd place my last year there... I'm so sorry about how you remember camp..." I really hugged her then and and felt like I was about to tear up.

She shrugged and sighed. "It's fine. You couldn't help it Bree. You weren't there."

"But I was... or... I should have been... or something... Had I not made my wish, you'd have had a wonderful time at camp. This is all a lot to take in, ya know. And I'm about to have to go back to work. I really don't want to leave you though. I think I... I... I really feel a connection now. We still have so much to talk about, still..."

She looked over at me and smiled. "I think we'd make good friends."

"I think so too! So, what are we gonna do. I get off at 5, and have to run home and grab a bite to eat, change clothes pack up my guitar and effects pedal board and head to practice at 7 till about 10pm... I really have something to show you, like as soon as I can. It's amazing and I'm not going to touch it again unless someone is with me... I got kinda freaked out last time..."

She placed her hand on her chin. "Take my documents with you, please. I want you to hold onto them."

"I just want to hold you, Olivia... I want you to come over tonight or even come to rehearsal with me and them come over..."

She nodded! "I can do that.... Hey... do you think I should keep a blog or journal of my experiences?"

"Yes! Fo shizzle, girl! If I hadn't been writing all this stuff down, it'd all be gone frm my brain by now... Well, my guy brain anyway... Brendan couldn't remember anything... And, if you want, you could just stay at my place tonight. I don't know how far you live from me, but, there's a spare room or a couch if you want it... or... um... so, yeah, stay if you'd like to..." I blushed at the thought of almost saying you could just stay in my room with me...

"I don't mind. I've actually wanted to come into your bedr- house for awhile now." She twirled her finger around her hair.

"So, I'm guessing you might already know where I live..." She nodded... "I wonder how many other people do?"

"I'm so sorry about that again..." *she thinks for a moment* "After this meeting, I can go to your house if you want and wait for you. I could use a rest on that bed of yours."

I thought for a few seconds. "Umm... well... sure! There's a spare key on the top of the little door frame going into the little room off the garage..." Looks over and sees that the two guys are getting up and walking over toward us... I feel like I owed this to her for me somewhat stripping her camp experience.

"What do you think they want?"

"Looks like we're gonna find out..." Taller guy: "Hey girls! That was a pretty sexy thing you two had going on over here." They both sit down in the booth, both right in front of us. Other guy: "Yeah, we'd really like to see more of that, you up for that, maybe tonight at our place? Whatcha say? Come on. It'll be fun... We don't bite, hard..." They laughed...

"Ya know what... You two seem like some really nice gentlemen. But I think me and my friend here will have to pass on this wonderful, sweet invite, unfortunately... Now, please go away before something bad happens!"

Olivia looked over at me and laughed "Wow, I knew you said you thought they had tiny dicks, but now that they're up close. WOW!" She cracked up laughing.

Taller guy, sitting in front of me: "Hey bitch, apparently you need to shut the hell up before I knock those smart remarks outta you."

"Now, now fellas, get out of our booth, the adults were talking and having a great time..."

Taller guy, to me: "You too, bitch! Shut the hell up!"

"Do it. You'll have this entire restaurant come down on you. I imagine that you're probably such a little girl that you WOULD hit us, huh?" My foot finds it's way to his crotch area very quickly and hard. I grab both of his hands at their pressure points, squeezing them as hard as I can and pull them and him into the booth at his chest and completely straighten out my leg fully with my foot still in his crotch. He's in a lot of pain. "Awww, Bree. I wanted him to try me. He would've learned that I know some mixed martial arts..."

"Please have your friend get up and go out the door! Now! Or i'll make this feel worse!" I have/had/maybe a brown belt with two black tips. I never went for 1st degree black though I should have. I started playing in bands. That took up the time I was putting into karate. "Really olivia... cool! Well, damn, it would have been so cool to kick these guys asses in front of the whole resturant!!!" His friend get's up and leaves... Olivia kinda fake lunged at him and he started to run... She got up and stood by the other side of the booth... "Ok big boy, I'm gonna let you go and I expect you to slide out on your ass and leave as quickly as you came in... and if I ever see you again, I'll break your wrists... and cut your balls off!" He left!!!

"I think lunch is just about over huh missy?" She grinned.

"Well, I damn well hope so, babe. Wow. Sorry I just kinda did that... Had I known you knew some MMA, I'd have let you in on the fun!"

She smiled and shook my head at me. "It was less messy your way"

"Lol.. not for that guy. I might have crushed a ball or two. I kicked him pretty hard. I'm sure he's in his car crying right now and checking himself out!!! I need to use the 'ladies room.' what about you?"

"It's always weird saying that. Yeah. I need to go too." She smiled and cupped her hands out in front of her.

"You're so kind, helping up an 'older' woman like myself..."

"You're not that old y'know. We're going to have so much fun after you get off work!"

"Well, maybe we can squeeze a little 'fun' in before practice..." She followed me into the bathroom... giggling! I stuck my head in to quickly check to see if anyone is in. We rushed to the handicapped stall, shut the door and dove into a, sensual, deep kiss. Our hands are fondling parts of each other that had not yet been touched by another person... It was intoxicating! We were trying to be quiet but moans were escaping our mouths at an alarming rate... Olivia seemed to melt into the passion, feeling the soft of our skin together. We both have never felt the touch of another since we became who we are and we really wanted to further things, badly! The restroom door opens... "Mommy, what's going in that stall? what are they doing?" "Oh honey, let's just leave. You'll have to hold it till we get home. Oh my goodness..." Mood broken...

I guess she felt me slowing down and she pulled away to pout. "We should hold off til after work... Orrrr you could tell them you have an emergency to tend to... I might even want to stay the weekend if you'd let me"

"God I want to keep going but I have a huge deadline by... today. I was gonna work late but now i'm gonna really have to work fast to get it done by 5PM.... Damn! Damn! Damn!" I squeezed her boob again between thoughts.. "Yes, by all mean, you can stay the weekend... Do you have family? I'm going to my parents for Memorial Day... You could, come if you want?" I was panting geting the words out.. Totally out of breath... Panties were soaked to the core... Girl parts were throbbing, wanting, needing...

She shook her head. "My parents don't know I'm me yet. Of course I'll come with you." She was tring and hide her wet panties since she was wearing a short dress. "I'll be by your side wherever you want me. I think I'll need to play with myself a bit when I get to your house...."

"Feel free... ok... I'm sure I look like a mess, now... Let me fix your hair a bit and you can do mine..."
She nodded. "My parents are the coolest! My dad will probably grill out. We usually play corn-hole and horseshoes and swim some, maybe..." We stepped out of the stall and went to the mirror. I get some lipstick out of my little bag and reapply. "So, I'll get work done asap and get home and then we can get back to what we were doing a minute ago... Oh, and leave some for me as well!!!"

"Oh, I've got some ideas planned, Bree"

"Oh girl! Good! Me too!!!"

We headed out and made our way to our cars. We are parked near each other and hug and say goodbyes. I smile big and waved at her as she drive off, feeling more for anyone than I ever have... We both felt that this weekend might be the most exciting in our lives... and it hasn't started yet!


One Hour 'Till Lunchtime!!!

T minus 1 hour!!! Totally stoked!!!


I so didn't want to wake up today -  then I remembered it was Friday and was meeting up with Olivia! (Hey girl!) So I got up and took a shower and decided to really go all out today with my looks, for her! Not much time this morning to write. Spent lots of time getting my face to look like this...

Pretty hot huh? Those earrings were randomly in my sock drawer this morning.
I hope they don't pull my ears off!!! I swear to god I hadn't seen them before today. Weird...
Off to work!!! So excited!