Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Look!

Here's the look!

This was before we went into the club! Make-up still looking pretty good
I got a lot of 'looks' tonight from a lot of guys, especially at the club! I guess I do look really sexy and hot! Ya know what, I know that guys are attracted to me. I get that. And, I'm even becoming more and more comfortable with that, kinda. Our waiter was really overwhelmed by the four of us hot girls at the table at the restaurant. He was stammering and could barely get words out when he was at our table. I have to admit, I flirted with him a lot! It was fun. Tonya thought it was rude. Jess and Heather thought it was funny.

At the movies, well, we all sat near the back... umm... barely watched the movie. We basically paid to make-out in a dark theatre! Fun though!!!

At the club... Well... What a night... Go there around midnight and I'll have to admit, Heather was a bit awkward at first. She was stiff and it was quite funny. Me and Tonya just got right down to dancing. they were paying some awesome dub-step stuff and with the strobes, it was so freaking cool! We danced for a little while and then went to the bar and got a few drinks. Jess and Heather went off somewhere by themselves and me and Tonya sat at the bar talking for a while until two guys offered to buy us drinks. We took them up on their offer and they came over and we talked. I straight off the bat told them we were lesbians and that we were together and they seemed bummed but stayed to talk. After a while, me and Tonya decided to dance again and they asked if they could dance with us. They said, "Just as friends..." So, we danced with two guys. And ya know what, it was ok. A little awkward but we gave those guys a good time, I mean nothing sexual... but, they got to be seen dancing with two hot girls! After about an hour, we sat back down and Jeffery sat close to me and Austin got up and moved around us to do something. Jeffery called my name and I turned around and he gave me a little peck of a kiss on my lips and Austin stepped up and took a pic of it. Had I not been a little wasted, I really might have gotten mad, but I kinda laughed and Tonya laughed and then we all laughed!!! Now that I'm sitting here with a slight hangover, I want to kill him! All good though. I guess I got him to send me the pic because here it is...

Kinda blurry and damn, it's looks like I liked it but I do remember pushing him back right after the flash went off!!!

And after hours of dancing, my make-up looked like shit at the end of the night and I was like super sweaty... We got back at 4AM so I feel so gross right now... UUhhhgggg. I so need a shower!!! And I slept in my make-up and clothes so I look really bad right now and smell pretty rank... Check it...

A masterpiece of beauty... lol!!!
About to head to the shower. Maybe a bath. Tonya has a huge soaker tub! Maybe she'll join me!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Studio, Studio, Studio...

I may as well just move into the studio... Got there around 11am-ish Wednesday morning, left around 3am and went to my place. Didn't go to work yesterday and went back there around Noon. Left there last night around 3:40am and came back to Tonya's. I did bring my laptop yesterday with me and tried to get a few design projects done while I wasn't tracking... Kinda hard on a laptop though.

We're up to 7 songs now with the basic layout complete. Making some headway.

Heather and Jess got back yesterday. They seem to have had a great time. They brought me back a really cool figure set from Star Tours and a neat Darth Vader mug! The 4 of us are going out tonight. Gonna get all dressed up and go to a nice restaurant and then probably to a late movie!!! Should be a fun night. Then probably clubbing! Woo Hoo!!! I think I'm going to go all out with some super, smokie eye make-up I saw a tutorial for a couple days ago on youtube. I'll post the pics in the next blog. For now, in honor of these wonderful gifts Heather and Jess got me, I will leave you with some tasty, visual, Star Wars treats!!!

And how about one of little ole me!!!

This is what I think about doing design work with no mouse!
And, they have it so damn cold in the studio!!! Had to dig out a "sweater..."

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two full days of stuff going on!!!

I'm exhausted... From yesterday and today, I need a break, a vacation... something! Alcohol!!! More alcohol!!!

I just got in from recording and I'll try to recap...

The rest of Monday...
I went over to Tonya's and we ran a little (and walked a lot!). She ran as much as she could and then we would walk! And thank god for that, it's not like I'm in the greatest shape either. I was huffing and puffing enough to blow down a little pig's house myself!!! I got her to take a few shots of me running so I could post them on here so Carolyn could see them and see me exercising... We ran at a park near Tonya's condo complex... A lot of people run there...

I thought this girl was stalking me. She was running really close to me the whole time. Actually freaked Tonya out too!
Turns out she recognized me and wanted to meet me. Her name is Janice and she just started playing guitar and had seen one of my bands shows. She was pretty soon but a little creepy at first.
As much as I hate running, I had a pretty good time  running with Tonya. It's always better running with someone else.

After that, Tonya was really too tired to go over  to Mom and Dad's. She just wanted  to rest so I promised her I'd bring her some casserole back with me. I headed over to my parents house and jumped in the pool first thing before I even said hey to them. I really love swimming. Being alone in the pool around evening time is so relaxing. Luke got there for dinner and we ate and then watched some TV and then I headed back to Tonya's... And we had some fun!!! Long awaited fun!!! I guess she got rested up enough while I was gone! We had the place all to ourselves and we, well, tried out every room!!! Hee hee!

Nice coming home to this!
Snapped this pic in the living room as she was pulling the curtains shut!!! Hot Mama!!!
So today, I got up, uuuggggg, and went to work. I worked straight until 3pm-ish and then had to be at the studio for tracking and "vocals" around 3:30. Hit Mcdonald's drive-thru and got a mean and ate in the car on the way to the studio. John finally had the drums down for the first three somgs and was tracking the 4th one and was actually doing quite better when I got there. Having to stay on beat was keeping him more in the pocket, which is a good thing for him! I played on three more songs and then went into the vocal booth to track my first ever vocals with the band on a recording! Exciting! Never got to do this when I was Brendan, but, we had just really started out when we put that EP out so...

Had a little meeting with Josh about how we thought things were going and then headed back to Tonya's place. Super long day. Gonna watch some ESPN U and see what, if anything, they're saying about the 'Canes. Could be another long year... We have Florida in week 2. The 'big, bad SEC..."

Well, about to hit the shower and then try to convince Tonya to switch channels from the History channel to ESPN.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Old Folks Home and a Quick Run to the Store...

Got a call from mom this morning, at like 8:15 am... She's cooking some Hamburger Casserole for dinner, one of my favorite things in the world to eat! I can't wait. It's so good!!! I might bring Tonya, I'm sure Luke would love to see her! I guess we'll head over there around 5pm-ish...

But first, I got in touch with Carolyn today and she said that the pics I took while staying with her are being very well received by the company and everyone she's shown them to have loved them. She's going to be sending me a couple out-takes to post on here maybe today. She said that the president of the company is a big fan and she said he "loves my look" and to "keep snapping pics of that Miss McAdams!" Pretty cool!!! Here's the post showing some of the selfie pics I took from that last shoot...

I might go for a run today. Carolyn actually told me to be sure to exercise and then did a little cough... Mmm Hmm... Meanie!!! When she switched bodies, she gained a little weight herself! Not that I'm complaining, she's still smoking hot! Her boobs look to be much bigger now and her ass, DAMN!!! So, I might run at some point today. Maybe... And, only if Tonya goes with me.

Gonna run to the grocery store. Fridge and cupboard are bare. I really don't want to put on make-up right now... Sunglasses and ponytail... maybe lipstick. Yeah! That's the ticket!

I think I'm gonna go just like this! I got no one to impress at the grocery store, right?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Poolside Relaxation!

I took some time off from recording today to hang out with Tonya. We decided to go down to the pool at her apartment and relax a bit. Heather and Jess went out of town, I think they went to some skate shop in Orlando or somewhere like that. Then they were maybe going to Disney World to celebrate Heather's big win! Fun, fun, fun!!! (Borrowing money from Tonya!!!)

So... the deal about today! And what a doozy!

Tonya hasn't been going out much lately, last time was the competition, and she wanted to go down to the complex pool and swim and hang out. I thought that was a great idea so we got our bikinis on and, well, first Ozzy stole my top and ran around the place with it before Tonya got it back, and then we headed down to the pool. I swear that dog likes to see my tits!!! I mean, I guess they are kinda nice!!!

I took this pic for reference, to back up what I just wrote! Hee hee!
As soon as we got there, Ozzy jumped in the water and man, he can really swim! It was great to see Tonya just relax and float around the pool! She's getting better by the day! Woo hoo! Can't wait to have some other types of fun with her soon!!! Anyway, then we hear it... clicking sounds from the bushes. I know those sounds quite well. Someone's taking pics of us. Now, while it's quite flattering to have paparazzi following us around, I still don't want my pic taken while swimming around in this private pool.

I still wasn't in the pool yet, sitting on the edge, so I dried off my feet and put my All Stars back on and walked rather quickly over to the bushes and I saw some movement. A guy popped up and looked really guilty.

"What in the hell!!!" I jump over the fence and he has to reach down and get his other camera and I kick the camera that he's holding out of his hand.

Tonya got out of the pool. "I might look like shit but we'll kick your ass for doing this. This is a private pool!"

"You bitch!!! That's $8000 you kicked to the ground!!!"

"I know." *I then spun around and windmill kicked him in the face and he stumbled over and fell into the building, crashing the camera he just picked up into the wall.* "Tonya, please stay back!!! I got this!"

"I should get a couple hits if he is going to publish pictures of us but ok."

I picked up one of the cameras and got the memory cards out and slipped them into my bikini bottom. I walked up to him and held my hand out* "Give me the damn camera!"

"Hell no, crazy woman! Get away from me!"

*He tries to get up but I grabbed his hair and jerked him back down and kicked him in the kidney. I wrestle with him trying to get the camera and he hit me in the face with the camera. Luckily, I still had the sunglasses on so it wasn't bad but that pissed me off really badly. I punched him in the face twice and the third time he actually dodged it and I fell forward because of my momentum and tripped over him and landed on the ground next to him. I tried to quickly get up but he got on top of my and I'm was then fighting him while he's punching at my face and neck and chest... He raises up to punch my in the face and when he does, I'm able to lift my knee up and rammed it into his balls really hard. His punch does connect, hitting me really good in the left cheek but he's in more pain than me. I rolled him off me, grab the other camera, take the card out and slip it into my bottom. I then throw the camera at his face and he turns his head just in time and it hits his ear and the back of his head.* "Asshole!!! God damned asshole!!! You're gonna wish you never came here!!!" 

"Who are you and why are you here?"

"He's just probably a free lance paparazzi hired to take pics of maybe you because of what happened at your fight... He's probably been steaked out here for a few days..."

'Is this true?"

He rolls around a bit more then grunts out. "The other bitch was right! I was hired to take pics of you after you got your ass kicked. People wanna see pics of hot girls and models who got the shit beat out of them. It sells magazines!!! And you a model and boxer, double the money for me!!!"

"Be grateful she is not letting me kick your ass. I might be in pain but I know I can still do it."

"Give him a little kick..." Tonya went over and kicked him the stomach. "Fell better, Tonya?"

"Yes but if I ever seem him again I will shove his camera up his ass."

"Ouch! But it's all good, I have the cards in my bikini bottom here. Those pics won't be published anywhere."

With that, he got up and limped to the gate and left the complex... We swam for a little bit more and then went inside... Crazy, crazy, crazy!!!

We just got our dinner and sat down to watch Jeopardy!!! I always beat her at Jeopardy. She get's lucky sometimes though... Maybe she'll also get 'lucky' tonight!!! hee hee!

*I pick up one of the cameras and get the memory cards out and slip them into my bikini bottom. I walk up to him and hold my hand out* "Give me the damn camera!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Heather Wins BIGtime and a Recording Update...

So, Heather and Jess will be staying here in Miami! She totally killed it Saturday!!! That girl can really skate.

And guess what!?!?!?!? She is a changeling, too!!! Yep! She was changed by a wish either by her or by her "girlfriend" Jess. Yep, they're an item now... So much happening. She got 3rd in street, took rookie of the year, best trick, and got 1st in vert. She pulled off a kick-flip mctwist 900 in vert that basically sealed the win!!! She actually has a blog that you can check out... Heather's Blog!!! 

Recording update... Well... Drummer issues are currently the problem. Two days in and John can't stay on beat with the loop on either of the 3 songs we're working on right now... That's causing all kinds of issues and really putting us behind schedule. He did ok on the EP we put out, but who knows what his deal is now... He better get it together soon!

The studio is cool! It has a nice feel to it and that's crucial when it comes to making a good sounding record. Here are a few pics...

Bree's gonna steal that Tele!!!

Bree's gonna steal that Martin!

Well, I'm out for now! Gonna go grab some lunch with the guys and then get back to tracking, hopefully! God, I just want to fire John!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big Day Today for Heather!

It looks like all the weather has cleared (finally!) and the forecast is clear today for the skateboard competition! It actually feels really good outside today! High maybe like 83 or something...

Heather is really nervous and has been really anxious and has been running around here like a chicken with her head cut off!!! I hope she does well. If she does, she'll get to join a team here and stay, which is what I think her and Jess really want to do. Would be cool to have them around. They're fun to hang with! ;)

Yesterday, the band took all of our stuff to the studio we'll be recording in. We start laying down some tracks Monday. I can't wait. Me as Bree has never properly recorded anything so it should be both fun and interesting... I have so much new gear!!! I'm kinda giddy!

Well, off to the competition! Trying to decide if this tank will be ok... I don't want to get my shoulders burned... I absolutely hate that!!!

Smokey eyes!!! You peeps like the smokey eyes???

Friday, August 16, 2013

I Said I'd Post These and Here They are!

Haven't done this in a while and since other people are seeing me topless now with the modeling pics, here are some for you peeps that follow the blog here... All taken by yours truly! Do you guys like the new look. Hair curly and red lipstick with less eye make-up??? Let me know!!! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


It came!!! I've never been so glad to be bleeding from down there in my short life as a girl!!! I even did a little happy dance and Jess came in and looked at me strange.

 I kinda filled her in on what had happened but she already knew anyway so I just answered some more "detailed" questions she had for me. 

Earlier in the day, as I was playing guitar and going over some parts, she came in and we had a good little talk. She got kicked off her roller derby team when her captain found out she was a lesbian. She's bummed out because she really loves to skate in derbys. I have the band, Tonya has "boxing," Heather has skateboarding... She just feels like she doesn't have anything... I told her I thought that derby girls were a little more accepting to that but she that "Most of my team was but we got a new captain who didn't want a lesbian watching her back because i would just want to fuck it. and she bullied the other girls about it" She said that it also didn't help her chances that one day when the team was skating, she gave her captain a body check at full speed... So yeah, she's looking for a new team I think...

Also, she told me that Tonya told her about us, about us changing... I was shocked that she knew... She said that Heather didn't know about us yet...

She said that if Heather wins this skateboarding competition she's in that's been postponed for a while due to so many storms here lately, then they will get to stay here in Miami... She said they really like it here and like being with Tonya and me and they'll miss us if they have to leave...

So yeah... I'm gonna go watch some Letterman and then go curl up with Tonya in her bed with her and try to get some sleep... hee hee...

And by the way, Jess is really pretty as well. Lots of tattoos as well...

Nighty Night!!!