Sunday, September 29, 2013


They loved me! And the feeling was mutual! Awesome company and some super cool people employed here! I felt an immediate connection! Felt like a job I've always supposed to do. Felt like coming home!

So, needless to say, I love it here. The people... The country... The accent... I've been working on mine a bit... It still needs a lot of work and people laugh when I do it but it's so fun to try. Kinda cool here. Not too bad though. Highs are in the low to mid 60s.

I know this big coat is overkill, but I liked it and wanted to wear it today. Hey, it was like 50-something degrees this morning. I'm a Miami-Girl! That's freezing to me!
Got my first shoot tomorrow modeling some graphic tees! Can't wait. So different from the normal Skyline stuff... This time, I'll be keeping most of my clothes on!''

I'm happy! ;) Stay tuned for more updates from across the pond!

Gotta run!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Got a Call! Leaving in the Morning for England!

So yeah. Got a call just a little while ago from the "clothing company" (sorry for the secrecy, rules, rules, rules...) and they want me there tomorrow and wanted to know if that was possible. I was just a little freaked because we're doing the tweaking of the last two songs tomorrow but I told them that I could make it. I fully believe that Josh and Andy can handle it and they can even send me the songs to check out if needed.

WOO HOO!!! I'm going across the pond tomorrow!!! Can't wait! Bree is Essex bound! They have me a flat reserved for 5 nights so I guess they are really counting on me being who they want and are going to do some shoots soon after the interview and preliminary shoot.

Album is sounding amazing! Sonically so much better than our EP... Everybody really knocked it out of the park on this one! And I will have to say that I love my parts as well and it's cool to hear my singing on a lot of the songs too!

Josh or one of the guys took this outside of the studio one day this week. Cool pic on a cool fall morning! Gonna be a lot cooler in England. Gonna have to dig out some winter weather stuff for my trip! Can't wait!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Clothing Company Model

If it's cool with Skyline, I'll be heading across the pond possibly next weekend to Essex, England for an interview and pre-shoot with a clothing company. I can't say the name of just yet but this is huge! An awesome jump in my modeling career. I can't wait. This company looks really cool and perfect for me!

Time for a crazy/happy face!

One more song to sing on tomorrow then a listening party and then the refinements will be made by the production crew, me included. Record is sounding so good! I can't wait to get it out there for the fans and listeners!

Worked today at the office and mostly just ran around like a crazy person because two of the printers that I print a lot of my finished work to were not working. I spent a lot of time with the IT guy who I believe has had a crush on me for at least as long as I've been Bree so probably the whole time he's worked here in this timeline. He's nice and all but... Just not into him and his gender. lol!

At home chillin' now and about to watch Empire Strikes Back. (Really hoping Tonya calls to hang out...)


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Had Some Pizza Time Today!!!

When it's this time of the month for me, I really need to eat because of my iron deficiency. So, for lunch today at the studio, I went and bought pizza for everyone! Even the bands and musicians who I don't know who were there got to benefit from my generosity today. This is a time of the month that I really love to hate. I'm glad that it's here, it means I'm a girl fir real, but, it does kinda suck dealing with this. SO gross and uncomfortable and just seems to suck the life out of me and this one is seeming to linger on forever. And, I have to buy tampons and stuff and that's a little embarrassing...

Anyway, diets off for now and I sure as hell don't feel like running or going to the gym. So, pig-out time I guess.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Me Recording Vocals

On my phone messing around and I thought I'd do a little post... Josh just sent me this pic. He said I might have to go back and put some high harmony parts on all the songs. Not sure if he was kidding or not but I think my parts sound really great!!!

As much as I love being in the studio, I'm kinda ready for all the recording to be finished. It almost is, but now me and Josh have to go back with the producer and go through all the songs for final listens and make sure everything is good before we send it off for mastering. The producer we brought in is awesome and is amazing to work with! His wife is really cool too and really loves out band. We have hung out some in the studio while the other guys have been recording parts...

Looks like I'll be doing some more shoots soon. And... Carolyn was right. There are a few clothing companies that want me to model for them so I may be heading out of town for some interviews and the likes pretty soon! One company is British! Cool stuff happening! Keep checking for updates.

About to get some pizza... I'm so sucking at my diet...


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pic From My Old Computer...

Just found this pic of me on my old computer from my old room at my parents house. Might have been first or second semester of college... I really don't know.

I kinda laugh when I see pics like this of me when Bree was younger. I really have no memories of looking like that. Only vague ones that sometimes appear when I publish posts on here. It's so weird. Like probably later, I'll suddenly remember that whole day and where I was and who I was with... SO weird.

Just got up and took a shower, got ready (sexy make-up today - smokey eyes!), fed Molly and ate some Apple Jax am heading to the studio to do some... VOCALS!!! Wow! This never woulda happened had I been a guy...


(P.S. - Say hey to Molly!!!)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not Feeling so Good This Morning.

Was at the studio finishing up the last few lead tracks and left there around 9:40pm and headed for Tonya's place. I went on in and no one was there so I called and she said that she was in the hot-tub with Heather and Jess. She sounded a little weird or something... So... I went and got on one of my bikinis from my room there and headed down there. They were drunk. Really drunk. Especially Heather and Jess... But Tonya was too. I slipped off my long t-shirt and got in and grabbed a drink. I was hoping this was a good idea because of my current condition and nothing happened... Tonya is so hot. I just sometimes can't get over it... I'm pretty sure me and Tonya made out like the whole time as well as did Heather and Jess. Hell, we may have all had one big orgy, I don't really remember... I just know that I just woke up just a little bit ago and have a killer headache, I feel really bloated and don't want to go into the office today even though I think I have a ton of stuff to do... I'm going back to bed. No one else is up. Screw work today...

Back to sleep for Breely!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

I was bad today...

Yep! I ate the whole thing for lunch! I'd been doing so well, with Tonya's help that is. When the cat's away, the mice will play! Don't anyone tell Tonya. Hee hee! I was shopping and walked by the KFC and the smell and... I wanted it so bad and I just went in and got it!!! I HAD TOO!!! I also got a box of Oatmeal Cream Pies on the way back home and ate two in the car along with another drink, a  Dr Pepper... Yikes! I'm so bad. I just couldn't take it. I do have a good excuse though... Something started today... Yep. My uterus once again decided to get rid of some stuff. Gee uterus, thanks! Talking about late periods... Damn! Exactly one month a part. That's a long time between cycles, right?

Maybe I'll run a little bit later today... Doubt it! Ha.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pics from my Most Recent Shoot

I'm not usually up this early, but I've been expecting an email with some of the pics from the shoot at Carolyn's and I heard the bing from my phone that I got an email. She said I could post some on here while they get my other site ready!!! I came up with a name for it and I think it's kinda cute. I hope it's not too corny.

Anyways, here are some of the pics! Good lord they are hot. I can't believe how sexy I am in these pics. It's just crazy to think that this is me now. Even after all this time, I see something like this and it blows me away again. Cra-zeh!!!

I'll get the website address on here as soon as I can! Hope you like these! Have fun looking at them! ;)

I can only wonder what attention these pics are gonna bring me... Hopefully this was a good idea. Looking at these pics though, it'd be a shame for them to not be seen!!! Tonya's site should be up soon as well. I can't wait to see hers! Purrrrrrrr..... She's a hot kitty too!!!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Workout time for Bree!

So, it was time to hit the gym. I have a rekindled passion for getting into shape now! I can't wait to work out and get toned and get in shape. I just hope that I can keep it up and the fire and desire to work out won't go away like it usually does.

Tonya brought me to one of the gyms she used to train at when she boxed. It was a hard core place. Lots of woman boxers here. I didn't realize there was such a popularity in the sport of women's boxing. Lots of guys here also, but lots of women too. We went to the weights first and it was quite funny. When I was a guy, I could lift a good bit. But now, I could barely get the bar lifted on the big weights. I don't really know what this contraption pictured was called, but I'm sure I'm gonna be sore! I moved around a bit and did a few machines and then Tonya was gonna go into the ring and hit around with a friend of hers, no head contact she told me...

I was on an elliptical and saw her over there and I was really shocked at how good she moved in the ring and how fast her hands were moving. It was hard to believe she got so beat up in her last fight. Something definitely must have happened to her that night. I got off of the bike and stood by the ring for a bit and when she was finished, I hopped in and took this super sexy pic of her. Mmm... she it so hot!

We then headed for the showers, separate ones... and then went out for dinner at a place she picked and she made me get a salad and water to drink. Worst meal ever. I so wanted Pizza Hutt! Oh well...

We headed back to her place and watched Master and Commander. I stayed over there last night so that meant I was a bit later getting in to work here this morning for various reasons... Gotta get some posters designed for a client today and finish up some other things.

Also, monthly visitor this morning. Yea. :(


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Usually, I Love the Weekends. Today... not the Case.

I just got home from lunch with Tonya. She gave me some bad news... I thought I'd post it before I head to the studio.

Tonya wanted to meet me for lunch. She said she had something to share with me that Carolyn had found when they were on the phone together earlier. We decided to meet at the pier and get some burgers... I was starving and a burger sounded so good!!!

She was already there when I got there and looked so freaking hot siting there in her short-shorts and tank top!!! I told her hey and gave her a big kiss then Ozzy barked so I went over and petted him and then sat down and just looked into Tonya's beautiful face.

First there was the good news. The first pics we modeled for Carolyn, at the beach, well we made the cover of a "Visit Florida" type magazine. She said they just went on sale today. It's one of the ones with coupons and vouchers for free stuff in them. None of the topless pics in this one though. I asked Carolyn about that a while back and she said that those particular pics are gonna be in a "special order" book coming out later. With that I really felt like a model. It had begun. I was a model. We were models and ON the COVER of a MAGAZINE!!! SO COOL!!!

Then the bad news...

She slid over a manilla envelope and said open it. She said that photographer published the photos on some paparazzi website and Carolyn found them sent the link to Tonya so she could print them out and show them to me. I looked at them and almost threw up. I mean, I know my belly's getting  kinda... flabby and I usually suck it in like all the time a little bit. But, when we were out there on the beach and it was just me and Tonya, I wasn't sucking it in and pictures were being taken... My belly is getting out of control. Carolyn's gonna have that trainer put me through the ringer for sure now. I bet I'll be getting a call any time now. 

Here's what Tonya said, "I like a little meat on you. It makes you look natural..." I gave her a dirty look... Right then our food got there and I had for the most part lost my appetite. Tonya said she ordered me DR. Pepper 10 and I told her that I might eat a few bites and now wish I just had a salad. She said I could have some of her turkey burger but I told her I'd rather eat poop than a 'turkey burger.'"

I looked at the pics again and Tonya was looking at them too. She was getting red in the face. I could tell she was pissed at the guy. From the pics, it looks like he was a decoy. These pics are from what seems to be a boat that was out in the water a little ways. They must have been doing the main shooting. We were throwing the frisbee or playing paddle-ball and then a boat stopped and anchored out a ways in front of Tonya's apartment complex. They must have been the real photographers. The other guy must have tipped them off... 

Tonya was pissed and wanted to rip their heads off. She said we were on a private beach and they had no right to take pics of us and especially publish them. I asked her to send me the links and she said she already did. I downloaded the pics... Here they are... Be prepared...

This one had to have been after we swam the first time right after we
caught the big wave and body surfed back up to the shore.

I think Ozzy had just taken my top!!!

Looking over at Ozzy about to go in after Tonya!

The kicker. Wow much do I weigh here??? Like 200 lbs. Uhggggg - disgusting!

So... I'm hitting the gym, big time. With or without Carolyn's trainer she supposedly has for me. Tomorrow, Bree is working out! I'm gonna get in shape. Gonna get toned. Gonna get me some girly muscles. 

But tonight, I'm eating pizza! Like 3 slices. Every Saturday, we get pizza. So, I'm eating pizza and then I'll diet!

Laters everyone!

(Thursday, I worked a lot at the office and then went to Tonya's. Friday, spent the first half with Tonya and went to a carnival then to the studio. She went with me! The guys were all over her. Especially our producer. Literally, all over her. She kept her cool though... Thank god. I might have a talk with him tomorrow...)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another Manic Monday from Hell!!!

Holy freaking shit!!! A hell of a lot of stuff has gone down since the post on Monday... I mean, really, what the hell!

Everything was going fine. I had my bikini on and was pulling up to Tonya's Condo. I went around to the side and saw Tonya there waiting for me! It was kinda funny, I on purpose ignored her and ran right up to Ozzy and picked him up and started to play with him! Tonya complimented me on my suit which was actually one that I guess Bree had before I became her... So weird saying and thinking about that... 

It's a super nice, private beach and I had brought a few things in my bag with me.... a frisbee, paddleball... sunscreen... As soon as Ozzy saw the frisbee, he jumped out of my arms and tried to get it. Tonya got it and threw it up to Ozzy and he actually caught it...I was worried he'd leave teeth marks, but he hadn't. This disc is new. I had just bought them a few days before from It's an Ultra-Star, the disc that USA Ultimate uses in their tournaments!

I joked with Tonya and said, "Go long! You can still catch, right? Now that you're a... girl..." I giggled a bit and threw it to her. She caught it and threw it back.

"Yeah I can still catch." Ozzy was running back and forth chasing after the frisbee as we played. I told her that me and Luke played Ultimate when we were younger and I really love playing and that I don't know how I'd be able to play now in a league now that I'm a girl and slower and not in that great of shape. "You'd probably do great! Hey, do you think you are going to ever introduce him, Luke, to the rest of us or do you think that would be too much to handle."

"He's met Olivia.... I told him about her. I can introduce him to you if you want. He's probably gonna instantly be in love with you. As guys, we always had the same taste in girls.. and that hasn't seemed to changed now that I'm a girl... He actually really likes blondes... so, be ready..." 

"Hey, would not be the first time I have been hit on by a guy and I would love to meet him sometime. It's always nice to meet someone who understands us." She then said, I hope jokingly... "Besides I am the only one of us who's had sex with men. I for sure prefer woman, though." She then gave me a peck on the lips.

"Well then! I'm not sharing you with him. Don't even think about it, Blondie!!!," I said with a chuckle!

"I won't. I only want girls now anyway. Lets go swimming." With that, she takes off into the water! We both body surfed for bout the next 15 or 20 minutes until we both felt completely waterlogged and headed up to play some paddleball.

I saw what looked like a person standing at the gate to her apartment complex. Looked like he or she had a camera. Nice lens. Probably at least a 200mm Canon pro lens. I hope they're not shooting us again. "There's a really nice wave coming in! Let's catch this one and then head up to the beach."

*When we rode the wave in, Tonya looks for Ozzy and sees him standing at the gate barking at a guy who looks like he is watching us. "Ozzy, come here boy." Ozzy looks at her and ran back.

"Yep. Definitely a camera. Be right back..." I went up to him and it was a different guy from last time. I told him that this was a private beach and we really didn't appreciate him taking pictures of us. He says that he'll leave as he brings another camera up and takes a pic of me at close range. Well!!! I didn't like that at all. I reached down and got some sand that was wet from me dripping and threw it at his camera. "Don't worry. It's won't ruin it to much. Those 1D MKIIIs have pretty good weather striping. Now, please leave or we'll call the cops... or let the weiner dog loose on you!!!"

Tonya came up to the gate holding Ozzy who was growling at the man "Look at this mean beast and these teeth!!! You better leave us alone, I've trained him to go for the balls!"

"He's leaving... Let's go play some paddleball. I'll draw the court!" I take a few minutes to draw out the court and then we're ready to play. "Ok. I'm gonna serve first! You ready?"

"Yeah lets get this game going"

"Ok! Game on!" I served and we play a little. "Ya know, most girls you see on the beach are horrible at this. I guess it helps that we were guys and did sports stuff. I know as Brendan, I played this game all the time with my dad and brothers... and sometimes with my mom and sister!" 

"At least your memories have some meaning. Mine are no use since they are all of my life in growing up in LA but in my new reality I never grew up there."

"Hmm.. yeah. I'm sure Bree, before I was her, played this. Seems like a McAdams family sport to play on the beach. We always did when I was Brendan. It's getting really hot out here... Wanna go get a drink and sit under the umbrella?"

Ozzy comes running over to me. "Aww! Looks like Ozzy wants you to carry him."

"Such a cute, sweet little dog." I rubbed noses with him as I bent down to pick him up. "Hey Ozzy you want to play. Go get a toy." Ozzy looked at me and grabs part of my top in his mouth and jumped out of my hands pulling my top with him and ran happily with it to Tonya. She took it in her hands, and waved it at me, mockingly... I covered myself up. 

"Hey look what I got know. If you want it come get it." She ran towards the water.

"Hey! Give that back! Give it back! When I get you, you're gonna be sorry!!!" I ran at her yelling and laughing and chased her in the water!

"Come on if you want it you will have to try harder." She held the top above her head. I finally made my way out to she was and jumped on her and she fall back into the water. We were both underwater and I'm tryed to get the top and when we both come back up, it was no longer in her hand... 

"Hey! Where did my top go? You didn't let it go did you? I never got it." I looked behind me and Ozzy is swimming behind me holding the top in his mouth. "Damn! Ozzy has it! He's so fast for a little dog! Get him! You two are quite the little top stealing tag team, aren't you?"

"Sorry... I forgot to tell you he likes to chew on bras and bikini tops. Ozzy come to mommy." Ozzy looked at Tonya and all of a sudden a big wave hit him. "Ozzy!!!" She yelled with a concern look on her face not seeing him anymore. A few seconds later, his head pops up right next to me.

"Got him! But, no top. He must have dropped it when the wave hit him. Oh well! Ozzy will have to be my top when we get out of the deep water! Ok Tauntaun, we can either go lay out a little more, me topless of course, or we can go up to your room and change. I would suggest just borrowing one of your tops but your tops are, kinda... big... Personally, I've gotten enough sun already!"

"Ok. Lets head back to the apartment." As we get near the gate, we hear some clicking sounds from a camera...

"Good God!!! It's that damn photographer. Good thing I'm still holding Ozzy up over my boobs or he would have some nice shots." He notices that we saw him and ran off to a van parked a few yards from the gate of the private beach. "Can you see his license plate number? Looks like some sort of a news van or a communications company van..."

"No but I can do something better. I don't know how he keeps getting in hear but he won't be getting out." She, I guessed, called the the guard running the entrance the apartment complex. "I love living in gated community. I told the guard running the gate I would give him two hundred dollars if he would not let him out and keep him there till we get to the gate."

"Uh oh! Dude better watch out! The evil Tauntaun is on the loose! Hey wait, I'm still topless... I'm just gonna go over here behind this bush and put on my bra and tanktop. There may be more photographers out here..."

"I can give you a minute to put n your clothing." She called for Ozzy who came and hopped in her arms.

"Ok! All done... woops. Top on backwards. Ok, fixed it. Does this look ok? Bikini bottom with tanktop and bra?"

"Yeah it looks ok." We walked over to the entrance of the apartment complex and saw the man who was taking the pictures arguing with the security guard.

"What are your plans, Tauntaun? I mean, I have my .380 in my bag here. I could.. umm.. shoot him in the kneecaps maybe..." I kinda laughed.

"I like that idea but that might be a little much. I'm not going to hurt him unless he makes me but he owes you an apology for taking pictures of you topless and us an explanation of why he is watching us. We can do a little good cop bad cop."

"I know why he took pics of my topless!!! You took my top and ran off with it!!!" I look mad at you then smile... "But, yeah, I'll be the good cop."

The guy saw us coming and looked a little nervous. He ran towards the fence and started to climb it. I grabbed him and pulled him off before he could get over. "Hello again! I think we have some unfinished business from earlier. First I want you to apologize to my friend here and you better be sincere about it. Then, you are going to tell us why you have been taking pictures of us. If you do everything correctly, you will walk out of hear instead of taking an ambulance."

"Ok. ok. Everyone settle down. I'm sure there's a good explanation for all of this. Let's just let the man talk..."

MAN: (in a broken eastern european accent) "I take pictures for company. Company like pictures of beautiful women. I see you two and take pics. I already emailed pics into company. Will be printed tomorrow..."

"Well I guess that means we are not going to hurt you even though I want to punch you as hard as I can. You are on private property and have taken pictures of us and are going to publish them without our permission. We will just sue you for everything you got and the company you work for. Do you have anything to say about that." It is apparent she's holding herself back from beating this guy up and trying to stay in control.

"She's not one to be messed with, I kid you not. I'll be on the look out for these pics. It might be best to try and convince your publisher to not put them out. Now leave and never come back. Anything else you wanna say Taunta... Tonya?"

"Two things, first I want to know how you got in here and second, if I don't hear an apology from him to you, I am going to break his camera over his head."

"Don't break it. We'll get this douchebag. Let's just do it in a way that can't get us in trouble." He kinda smiled at me a little... I walked up to him and lunged at him and he almost falls back. We heard the gate guard guy kinda laugh...

"I still want answers. How did you get into this place and I want to know what is the name of the company you work for. Once you tell me this, I will let you leave. I don't think you want us to involve the cops."

"Ya know Tonya, if these pics reflect either of us in a negative light, Carolyn will probably have him killed!" I said laughing!

"I get in by saying I work for cable repair company and only wish I got to see more of you two when I took the pictures. Would have made more money if you two both naked." The guys laughed at us. We walked away from him. 

"Let him go we will find out who he works for later. If I look at his smug face any longer, I'll kill him. Are you done with him Bree?"

"Well yes. In my mind I was cutting his balls off, but, yes, I'm finished with him here, in the 'real' world!"

"Ok you can leave but understand this - if I ever see you here again, or following us, or if I ever see you taking a picture of us, I promise you will not like what will happen next." The guy slowly backed away and then got into his van and left.

"I'm going to be so sunburned! Damn that guy. Maybe the sunscreen is still working a little bit that we put on earlier..."

"Lets head to my place. If those pictures make us look bad and Carolyn does make him disappear, I will make sure his death will be by having balls cut off just for you."

"Thanks!!! And then, we can we put them in to a Mason Jar filled with Formaldehyde?"

Then we went back to her place took a shower and chilled out for a while... 

So... that all happened Monday. Tuesday I worked a little over half a day at the office and then spent the rest of the day in the studio. Got back to my place at like 2:45am. I was so tired. Crashed immediatly.

Today, I slept in, took a shower and then went to the studio around Noon. I told the guys that I had to get home at a reasonable hour today and once I laid down a few more lead racks, I left there around 9:15pm. Came here and made a late dinner and then started writing this. Tonya's coming over here tonight!!! So... I better finish up quick. She'll be here any minute! I just changed into something sexy as well. Wanna see???

She's gonna flip when I come to the door like this!

Anyway, that's the last couple days. Hopefully I'll get that "sleep" I mentioned earlier but I highly doubt it!!!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Tonya's All Better!!!

Well, Tonya went to the doctor today and got a clean bill of health!!! So, we're about to go celebrate by going to the beach and lay out and swim. I've been laying out as much as I can because I want to get some semblance of a tan before summer is over. I've even sneaked up to the roof of the studio a few times and laid out when I wasn't recording or helping produce the album. I'm about to head over there now! Can't wait to see her. I haven't been over there in a few days...

Speaking of recording... 8 tracks nearly finished!!! We're got 11 on the docket so we're almost back on schedule. John has been a workhorse. He's even been staying after hours to lay down some tracks. I'll have to admit. I'm pretty proud of him and his effort!!! I've been laying down lead tracks and I'm pretty happy with my parts so far as well. Some are the same as ones from rehearsal and from live shows and some are new parts. About half are new. Things sound a little different and I hear different things when ion the studio environment with headphones on and all. Different nuances and dynamics together can change a lot about what parts I play over certain chords. So, that makes it fun!!! I love coming up with parts. Just got back to Tauntaun's place about 45 minutes ago. Got to the studio around 10am this morning... Did a half day.


It's kinda crazy, and I know I've mentioned this before, but it's so amazing that I get to spend so much time with Tonya! She's so freaking hot and as a guy, I had absolutely no chance in hell with a girl like her!!! No, we live together and stuff!!! ;) Wow! I can't wait to see her in her bikini on the beach! She's the the definition of beach-babe or a bronze goddess!!! So hottttttt!

Anyway, I need to calm down... Getting heated up over here... Down nipples, down!!! Hee hee!

Here's a pic of my tan/bikini lines!!! See, this pale-skinned girl is getting some sun! I love it. I took this after I got out of the shower this morning before I went to the studio...

Check out those lines! Am I gettin' too chubby???

I better get my bikini on... Cute pink one!!!