Friday, June 28, 2013

The End to a Cool Friday!

My proposal went over very well at work today! I just basically have to be there for a total of what would add up to two work days per week during times when I'm not doing a location shoot somewhere else. I'm taking a pay-cut but I'm fairly sure the modeling thing will supersede what I was already making by a long-shot! Pretty cool how everyhting's working out! Everyone I told thought that it was really cool and were really supportive. Tiffany thought it was really cool! She said she's always wanted to be a model. I told her I could introduce her to Carolyn and maybe it could happen. She's really quite a good looking girl! TIFFANY!

I also told the guys in the band after practice. John kinda looked a little too happy about it. I just really have a hard time liking that guy. If he wasn't suck a rock solid drummer, he'd be out... Me and Josh talked a little more. We both agreed that this could be some huge publicity for the band. We're getting together, just the two of us, to work on some more material for out first LP. So far we have about 8 songs that are about 85% finished. We want maybe like 11 or so. I told him that I have a couple that I wanna let him hear and that maybe I could do lead vox on one or two... He seemed cool with the idea! Woo hoo!

Anyway, it's time for me and Olivia to return to something that we haven't been doing in a while... Getting Naked on the Couch and Watching Letterman! That always leads to some fun times!!!

Here's me in muh birthday suit!!!

On the couch waiting for Tonya!!!
Here she comes! It's 11:29!

See ya!

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