Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yesterday was Chill... Today Started Out SUPER Crazy!!!

Made it through the rest of the workday yesterday. Oh yeah, I just ate a pack of crackers and drank a DP for lunch... I was hungry later on, but didn't really want anything much right then... Guess I'm still getting my appetite back.

Got home and O was out shopping and I got my stuff together for practice. Headed out the door on my way to Josh's house. Got there a few minutes early and set up and just talked to Robbie and Aaron a bit about a new song/riff/melody I had been working on. They really liked it and we, as a band, worked on it for the first 30 minutes of practice. Later, we ordered PIZZA!!!

Pizza Hut is the best in the world!!!

We jammed a bit more and then I packed up and headed home. 

O was back when I got home and was watching a movie and she had just started it and said that she'd start it over if I wanted her to. I said yes and we watched The Time Traveler's Wife and actually fell asleep before it was over... I woke up, had to pee, and then woke her up to see if she wanted to go hop in the bed. She did some crazy talking and weird hand motions so I just left her there on the couch and went to bed. 

I guess she woke up sometime before sunrise and surprised me in a way I've never before been surprised or woken up by ever before. I was sleeping in just panties and a tank top and I must have really been asleep. You are not gonna believe what she did. She got her vibrator and lubed it up. She said she moved me to my back and slid my panties over a bit after carefully spreading my legs as wide as she could. Now, I'm able to tell this because she told me just a little while ago what she did and how she did it, in great detail!!! Anyhoo, she said this took forever because I kept on stirring and moving... I was like,"Well, yeah, you were messing with my coochie while I was asleep!!!" She then said she carefully put the vibrator in about 3/4 of the way and I closed my legs and almost woke up, she said... She also said I started reaching around down there but didn't knock it out or pull it out and started back sleeping. She had to wait for a a bit and then opened my legs again and pushed it in a little further and turned it on and then got off the bed quickly and quietly. She got on the floor by the bed to see what was going to happen. I must have been dreaming a really good dream with all of this happening. I remember a guy, heaven forbid, and he was having sex with me. Actually, it was David from down the street at my parents house. It turned into the time when we were really young in the treehouse kissing but this time, it took a twist and we were going all the way!!! It was so real. I guess the vibrator stimulating me was really doing the trick. I also guess that the memory of David as the only sexual experience with a guy I've had that I could remember was making me think this. I think I said this out loud, cause, well, O told me I did. "Oh David, your thing feels so big inside me... GOD!!! It feels like it's vibrating. How are you doing....." Then I woke up. I was in total shock! Olivia said I was kicking and screaming and cussing like a sailor! I think I had a small orgasm, not sure, I mean, maybe, but after I realized something was in me down there, I pulled it out and threw it across the room. I then fell off the bed and actually landed on O's legs... She wasn't hurt and was like, "Bree! Bree! It's me! I was just playing a little trick on you... Stop freaking out!!!" I couldn't believe it! She then pinned me down and started kissing me and feeling me up all over right there on the floor and we made out for like an hour which turned into some amazing sex!!! I think I had like 3 orgasms!!! Luckily, the vibrator wasn't broken... hee hee... ;) Wow! What a crazy experience. I told her she could do that to me anytime she wanted... Maybe next time though I wouldn't be dreaming about David before hand... Yikes!!! Does that mean anything?!?!?!?!?

We went back to sleep and I woke up like 30 minutes ago and I had to get over here and blog this before I forgot too much! 

So, here's a sleepy Bree pic!

Well, bye for now! Love you guys and gals!!!

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