Friday, May 31, 2013


If you're following me here, then I apologize for my lack of updates. This has been a very tough week for me, with lots going on and my emotions have been going haywire and I've really felt kinda depressed... Lot's of good stuff has happened as well and I'm thankful, but the week, in general has been tough. I've tried to put on a happy, "everything's ok with Bree face," but, it's kinda caught up with me. Olivia is staying with me again and I'm extremely happy about that!!! She came over Thursday evening after I got off. We had a heart-to-heart girl talk and ended up crying and in each others arms after we shared some very personal stuff with each other about the past week. We both did things - well, I don't want to talk about that now... I really do love her and I'm glad she's here and I hope we're never apart again!

I got off work early to get ready for the show tonight and I hope that getting on stage and playing with the guys will lift my spirits. If you're in Miami, I hope to see you at the show, it's gonna be amazing... Well, I'm out... Took a hot bath and now I'm just chilling while I get ready for tonight... pic. enjoy.

I need to get to the beach soon... I need to breathe that salty air and feel the water on my feet!



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  2. Hey Bree. I'm heading to the beach sometime this weekend and was wondering if you and Olivia wanted to come with me. We can talk more about it tonight after your concert. I Can't wait to see you perform tonight you are going to rock it on that stage.

    1. Also sorry if I was part of the problem.

    2. I'm definitely interested in talking with you...