Friday, June 7, 2013


I mean, really, who doesn't like Fridays!!! The last day of the workweek and the beginning of the weekend... What's a better day? I can't think of one... Well, Saturday is good as well, I guess!!!

Anyway, work is almost over and I'm so glad to just just about be off!!! I just wanna go lay in the bed and take a little nap! I also really want to see the pics from the shoot with Tonya!!! I hope she's ok... The way she left still bothers me. I mean, I... well, not gonna harp on it now...

Guess I'll head home and see if O is there and what she's up to and then get ready for band practice. After that, who knows. Might go out or might stay in... The night's completely open for anything!!! Feeling a little better today except for maybe a slight headache all day!!! I just wonder I have a mild case of the flu or something...

Hopefully will have time to write a little tonight if things don't get too crazy! ;)

Bye bye for now!!!

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