Friday, December 27, 2013

So Much for Relaxing...

We just had a show yesterday... It went well, but it was like, totes last minute. We played right before the closing band and did 11 songs. Also... ALSO!!! We have a radio interview on Sunday, a show on Tuesday, New Years Eve, and then another radio interview and a radio performance on Friday!!! WOW! Calendar is filling up. I guess I'm about to start living the "rock star" life really soon!

Here's a few pics from the show yesterday. My dad came to it and brought mom and he snapped a few pics!

What an unflattering face! Thanks DAD!!!

Feeling the music and, ALLEN rocking it out!!!

I think the show on New Years Eve is gonna be big! Now sure of all the details, Marty, our manager, is hopefully taking care of all that. We hired him about the time we started recording our cd and now, he's fully into us and is really helping out. Josh is still really involved in all that stuff, too, but we're letting Marty take over that aspect a good bit now.

I'm going back to bed. Then I might swing over and see Heather and Jess and see what they're doing. Haven't hung out with those cuties in a while.

Here's a pic of my new cat shirt that I got at Goodwill last week. Just found it in a bag yesterday and washed it and wore it to bed. SO SOFT!!!

Only $!! What a steal!!! I look sleepy, don't I?


Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Tonya's going out of town with her family to visit her grandma in Arizona so I'm just gonna maybe spend a few nights at the Old Folks Home.  Everyone will be there tomorrow!!! Gonna be a blast. Luke, Thomas and Jenny and me, all there like old times!!!

Gonna take some time off from blogging, nothing too long, maybe a 4 or 5 days and just relax and enjoy life for a short time before everything gets crazy again!

So, fair-well and Happy New Year if I'm not back on by then!!!

Oh yeah, and enjoy this!!!

Set up muh camera on muh  tripod and photoshopped pic just a wee bit! Hee hee!!! ENJOY!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

What an End to Last Week!!!

I think I'm finally getting caught up on sleep and it's taken me forever!!! so Here's the rundown on the craziness!

Wednesday Night - Long Ass Rehearsal!

Thursday Afternoon - Tripped and fell and 'sprained my right wrist really badly. Thank god it wasn't my left one, then I couldn't play guitar. Well, I would have tried and I probably would have done it, but it would have hurt like hell!

Friday - Slept in till like 1pm and then was lazy until around 4:00pm. Had to be at the venue for the show at 5pm for sound check and I was late... Got there around 5:31 and everyone was waiting on me. Yikes!!! Show went well, really well although my wrist was hurting like hell. Made holding my pick feel really awkward! Anyway, Tonya couldn't go for some reason so no pics really... Just two I downloaded from the venue's website today. If I'm not careful, I'm gonna have to start paying Tonya for being my personal photographer!

Me and Allen rocking out. Hmm, interesting...

In a trance or something it looks like! Oh yeah, wrist probably hurting here...
Should have kept my brace in it during the show.

Well, me and Luke are about to go do some shopping!

Wrist is throbbing so I guess it's time for more tylenol! I might end up getting some x-rays tomorrow, I just don't know yet.

Also, no real cramping this last week and my monthly visitor showed up this morning. Yea!?!?! I was wondering where it was... Like 2 days late and kinda light... Weird...

Almost Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


So, I didn't sleep really at all the last night in England and then there was the flight and then I couldn't sleep last night here so today, I feel like shit!!!

There's band rehearsal tonight and and then Josh just informed me there's a show on Thursday! OMG!!! TOO MUCH TO HANDLE! Nah, not really but damn, so much going on right when I get back and I still have some shopping to do too! Oh well, no rest for the weary!

I'm supposed to get back some of the DROPDEAD pics like tomorrow and I can't wait! And then the SINSTAR ones are also gonna be emailed to me soon as well and as soon as I get them, I'll put them up on here. I really want you guys to see them. Also, Carolyn just sent me more of the ones from her place that I did a while back and I'll put a few of those on here soon, too!


I also have to change the strings on at least one of my guitars and all sorts of other stuff... Ugg again! I better have some Lucky Charms!!!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Heading Back Across the Pond!

My laptop broke, I kinda dropped it and I took it to a shop here and the guy kinda fixed it and I bought an external hard-drive and have been backing everything up the last day. Sucks... So, this will be a short post from Melody's computer with just one little photo. I've gotten used to posting tons from this trip but not this time... Anywhoo, having Tonya here has been a blast! Me and Melody, mostly Melody, gave her a tour of Essex and then we headed to London and toured it and hung out! Kinda cold!!!! Burrrrrr!!! This Miami girl has been freezing!!! Bought some great christmas presents for the fam and sneaked some in for Tonya, too! Me and Tonya have the same flight tomorrow and are sitting next to each other on the flight back home. COULD BE FOR SOME MILE HIGH FUN!!!

This was this morning at Melody's house. I was taking a pic of me and Melody's cute little kitten and Tonya jumped in the shot real quick. I would have retaken it, but my phone died!

Crazy girl and cute kitty!!!

I guess next time I post, I'll be back home!!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

More Pics Then Bedtime for Bree...

Full day of shooting wears a girl out! Finished up our studio shooting and then a lot of us went out on the town!!! Fun and I totally didn't drink too much and I feel so much better about myself right now. Slightly buzzed, but not totally wasted.

Van, David and Me. What a hot, power couple!!!

TONYA flys in tomorrow!!! Can't wait!

Now, for the last pics from Turkey and Greece. God, this trip has been amazing!!!

Last meal in Turkey

Me and my girls!

The crew, minus Vivian behind the camera

Smoking something......

Horseplay in the hotel!

Beach in Greece with my Nessa! So beautiful


Last day in Greece and last time we'll all be together!
 Bye Dropdead group. I'll see ya on the next adventure!

Plane with Duncan and Andrew an the way back to England.

Super tired now. Gotta get some sleep!

Nighty Night!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Back in the Motherland for Some SINSTAR Shoots

Got back to England yesterday and rested a bit and said bye to all the amazing DROPDEAD peeps and headed to the SINSTAR studio to meet up with them. Gonna do a few shoots today for a new line coming out and that's gonna be so cool!

Anyway, here's more shots from the past week in Turkey.


1st Couple Days there...

Cave Tour

Got cold the further down we went!!!

Suckers and seeing the country!

Nessa is really hotttttt!!!

My eyes look really good here!

In love... with our suckers!

Nessa's sad that our suckers are all gone. Vivian glaring in the back...

Free time by the pool!

First time that moon's seen the sun I think!!!

Naughty boy!!! But, can you blame him???

Guys in the foreground chatting and me and Nessa in the background chatting.

First Shooting location. We hiked from here into some woods for the shots...

Topless on the side of the road changing and redoing makeup.

Mid-day snack between shoots.

Location and slight wardrobe change...

Second shooting location. More hiking to some dunes and ruins and a small village.

The girls minus Vivian.

Me and Alexis.

Nessa and me at the ruins on the way to the dunes.

Looking at one where I leapt into the air! So much fun!!!

Pre-Dunes Shot. Me and Nessa did a few shots here for a promo, I think... Look at that sunset!!!

Back from the dunes with Arnie and Nessa

I just got a text form Melody that we need to get ready to go... So, more pics maybe later today!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bree from Turkey

HEY everybody! Bree here from Turkey where we've had an amazing time!!! The best tim yet, by far! I love this place and these people I'm here with! We're heading out tonight from Turkey and are gonna be in Greece for like one day and then go back to London where I'm gonna say goodbye to all these new, amazing friends of mine and go meet up with some more amazing friends at SINSTAR. Then, Tonya's coming and that will be totes amazing!!!

I'm gonna post a few pics that I took of the days here in Turkey and later I'll try to get all the other peeps pics and post them here. We did some really hot and sexy shots yesterday and the day before and I'll try to get those later as well...

Getting ready to go shoot! Most of these shots featured Miss Alexis here, with the long black hair! She gorgeous!

Everyone's a photographer here! So cool.

Alexis posing!

Scouting another spot

Gotta get that hair right! End of shooting on this day.

Down by the water on day 2.

Alexis getting her shots on!

Repositioning gear and models

This was just before we got in just a little while ago! The Turkish nightlife is hopping!

More to come! Stay tuned!!! Maybe I'll have time to post some from GREECE tomorrow!!!