Sunday, June 2, 2013

WOW! I'm all Made Up and a Swimsuit Model!!!

Brought my laptop with me so I could do a post if I needed to! Glad I did! This is so amazing! Wow! I look really hot... Just found out there is a possibility some of these shots might be topless if I'm comfortable... We'll see I guess! Tonya looks so hot!!! Here's a few pre-shoot pics of me...

And yes, I know... the top on this first suit pictured seems pretty much see through... I really didn't want to wear this one at first but Tonya, wow... she has some power over me and convinced me to... Also, we had to let that dad and little boy know, as well as others, that there might be some topless shots. He decided to leave.

Well, we're about to start shooting! I'm both eager and anxious!!! Happy and kinda scared...

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