Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When I Woke Up This Morning, Something Was Different... Well, Actually, Everything Was Different!!!

I didn't feel like I slept that much when I finally opened my eyes. My sheet and blanket were a tangled mess all around me. I felt small or short or something. My head was on my pillow but my feet were too far up the bed. Also, it felt like my boxers were super tight and riding up my butt crack. Damn I was disoriented too! Kinda dizzy... My chest felt the strangest. It felt like I was laying on a roll of bunched up sheet/blanket or a piece of laundry I missed when putting it away, but it was softer - maybe like laying on two water balloons right about where a woman's breasts would be... strange sensation. I lifted my head and black hair swished into my eyes. I lifted up on my arms, i was on my stomach, and brushed it back out of my face only to feel something on my my chest move slightly along with my arm and upper body. It felt like I had two weights on my chest, and they both had super-sensitive parts that reacted very strangely from the cool air from my room hitting them now that they weren't planted deeply in the warm sheets of my bed. It was the strangest sensation feeling my now, apparently, much larger nipples getting hard coupled together with these two new masses of sensitive flesh hanging down from my chest, still slightly swaying every-time I took a breath - breaths that were by this point coming at a much more rapid pace. I looked at smaller my arms, wondering how much longer they could hold me up as they started to shake and give way, not only from my the strain of holding me up these past few minutes, but also from what's starting to register in my brain as to what's happened to me - as I slowly wake up from last nights slumber. As I continue to gain awareness, I come to the conclusion that, overnight, I've grown long, black hair, my arms are much smaller and it seems that I have breasts attached to my chest. As the sun shows it's arrival by slowly filling my bedroom with light, I even notice that my eyes see differently. Things are "bluer" than before. The "morning" taste in my mouth is even different, more pungent - I guess I'm not used to the taste. I'm not sure that I even brushed my teeth last night. I decided to trace my new shape to be sure what I thought was happening was indeed happening. I also needed to see if something else is still there... My heart is racing as I ground my crotch into the mattress  Usually my morning wood is at full attention by this point. But pressing down, I didn't feel what I usually feet, only a different sensation showed up, maybe a better sensation. I could tell that there was a void there between my legs - an alarming emptiness that my brain hadn't fully figured out how to react to. I kept grinding and grinding... God, this felt good. I was about to reach down and really confirm what I thought had formed there overnight, but as my hand felt this foreign slit through my "panties," the alarm went off and scared my to death. "Shit," I said aloud, hearing my voice for the first time. I covered my mouth and smiled. It had happened. It had to have. I mean... that star.. last night. "Oh My God... I'm a girl. Is it true? Mirror!!!" I jumped off the bed almost falling because of my shortened stature and different center of gravity. Boobs were jiggling up-down-left-right. I grabbed them and held them in place against my chest - feeling my sensitive nipples rubbing against my dainty girly hands causing me to get even more horny. My hair was everywhere. I felt my butt jiggle. The whole time, I'm looking myself over - frontside then backside. "Wow, my ass looks huge," I said as I reached the bathroom mirror and slowly opened my eyes to see myself for the first time.

It was like time stood still. My eyes seemed to open in 1/4 time. "Oh My God," I said. "This is me...?!?!"

I ran back through my room (in only panties), into my office and grabbed my little point and shoot, ran back to my bedroom and sat back on the bed and took this first pic. As I took it, I wispered, "Oh my God, I'm taking a pic of a naked chick, this is crazy. What the hell..." So, my expression was kinda bad... I laid down on the bed, relaxed a bit and took the one below... 

Much better, wouldn't you say! 
(little bit of nip showing... hehe... you're welcome)

I rolled around on the bed just feeling quite giddy and took some more shots... (ask nicely and I may show them on here later... They're pretty hot!) It was amazing how smooth my skin was to the touch, especially my legs. I rolled around on my belly and felt my boobs brushing up against the covers as they shot foreign sensations down to my new girl parts. I reached over and grabbed one and played with it. I could feel myself getting wet. It felt so good, absolutely amazing. I just lay there, pondering what was to become of me and this new life. I mean, was I still me to everyone else? Just maybe the girl me? That's it! I think I wished for that. What was my name now? How old am I? I sure looked younger than I was as a guy. Then I thought about my drivers license... That would tell everything I needed to know. I hopped up and damn, I was wet. I guess all that booby manipulation caused more girl juices to flow than I had though. All cool with me!!! Even that bodily function was turning me on in my mind, a lot... As I walked to get my wallet, my hand found it's way to my vagina for really the first time. I walked/hopped and felt myself up and my mind was going crazy-wild. These sensations were incredible, almost too much to handle... I was trembling as I found my wallet which was now in a little clutch/purse thingy. I opened my wallet... and with a slightly damp right hand flipped it to my license and was shocked and amazed. 

I nearly fell over... I was Bree. Bree is me... God, I looked so good in that pic. I just couldn't believe it. I looked completely made-up in that pic. Wow! I was shaking from seeing that pic and reading the info... (Wait... the girl me rides motorcycles as well?) I checked my bag for my work badge. There it was with a pic of the girl me and Bree McAdams written right under it. OMG!!! I was Bree to everyone!!! I started to cry but composed myself long enough to call work and tell them I was sick and that the few things I had to do today I could do from home (maybe). Helen from HR said "Ok, Miss McAdams, I'll let Josh and Davey know. Hope you feel better." I hung up and was physically and mentally exausted. My body didn't want to move from the shock of all of this but I somehow made my way back to my bed and crashed. I just lay there, on my back staring at the ceiling for a while. I then started to run my hands along every inch of my body, just feeling my soft, smooth skin. I don't know how long I was at this. I lost track of time. The texture of my skin was like lightly dragging a finger over a pool of silently, still water. At this point I was so turned on that I knew what was next. I went for it... full force. My self-foreplay had done it's job well. It didn't take long. (Sorry for lack of details... Not comfortable sharing that now for some reason... Maybe later... ;)) I came three times before Noon. I'll leave it at that for now. (Contact me  for more info, I guess... lol!) Then I fell asleep and woke up around 7:15pm... I woke up with quite a bodily unclean feeling, I was hungry and I really need to pee. My bladder won first place so I put the lid down (new for peeing) an sat down and let it  flow. It was similar to peeing as a guy but was more of a spray and I didn't have much control. I wiped, another thing guys don't have to do. I threw my panties into the corner and got the water running and while it heated up, I looked at myself in the mirror again and started to cry. Tears of joy, but I wept no less. I hopped into the shower, sobbing, and washed myself slowly and carefully. I spent a good while in the shower... I'll just leave it at that. Hunger drove me out so I rinsed off, grabbed my towel and dried off and hopped out wrapping the towel around my small female body. I was so hungry!!! I went and got a t-shirt that I still hoped fit the new, girl me. It did! Woo hoo! I wasn't sure about underwear so I opened the drawer and mixed in the drawer were a few pairs of panties, maybe two thin cotton bras along with some briefs and boxers that I never wore that much as a guy... I've always thought girls in actual boy briefs were sexy so I grabbed a pair and put them on. It's so amazing not having that damn thing between my legs anymore. The feeling of material fitting snug up against my vagina felt amazing! I grabbed a newly transformed grey tank-top out of the drawer to complete my bedtime ensemble and headed to the kitchen.

So here I am now. Eating a Red Barron Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza and drinking some Dr. Pepper while finishing up this last blog on my first day as Bree. I can't wait for the rest of my life! So different from how I felt as I was getting ready to go to sleep yesterday. I guess I have to go to work tomorrow!?!?!? That should be interesting... Well, still, I can't wait for tomorrow and what all will happen. And, I can't wait to tell all of you about it! Sweet dreams!



  1. I have always had the same wish like you had.

    Unfortunately untill this moment I never had the chance to become a woman.

    You're very beautiful. It must be wonderful to be someone like you.

  2. Thanks! It's been quite an adventure so far! I hope your wish gets answered soon! And thank you for the complement on my looks! You're very kind!!!