Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Night...

Olivia just left... it's like 3:30 in the morning. I'm so tired. This has been a really long weekend... We had an amazing time at my parents! They all really liked my "friend" from the office. We played horse-shoes, swam and I even get her to play a little two-hand tag football with my siblings and my dad. My dad also cooked some amazing food, some of the best steaks he's ever grilled!!! But, the kicker was this... I told everyone I wanted to give Olivia a tour of the house and I did just that. We got to my room and I told her that it, when I actually lived there, looked quite different. I took her over to the closet and opened the door and pulled the light cord and she crawled to the back corner of the closet behind me.

"This is the other box that the magic wasn't able to touch..."

"Ok... I don't see a box."

"Oh yeah, it's under the carpet then under some floorboards. Hang on a sec..." I lifted up the carpet and then removed the two boards and there was the box. I took it out of the floor and placed it between us on the ground.

"What's in it?"

"Just wait and see!" I slowly opened the top and there, on the top, were the Playboys. "Umm, yeah, I had a small collection of these."

"Hey, I did too!"

I grabbed one and put it on the floor. "Don't touch it, please." Then another, then another until all of them were in a stack on the floor. As soon as the last one hit the others, they magically transformed into my/Bree's old diary.

"Oh My God, did that just happen?"

"Yes it did! It's now my old diary. I've yet to have a chance to read any... Kinda scared to, actually."

"I'll do it then. Can I read some to you?"

"Umm, sure!"

"On October 18, 2000, it would seem you got your first guitar, for your birthday! A black Fender Strat and a little Peavey amp. Seems like you were really excited!!!"

"Oh yeah! Wait, I actually think I remember that. Wait... I do remember that... Oh My God!?!?!? Read something else..."

"Ok... November 12, 2003, OMG Bree... Umm..."

We were in the treehouse and kissed again tonight. As our tongues touched for the first time ever, I felt his hand go under my shirt after about the first minute. I was scared and shaking, but kind of... wanted him to do this. I reached back and unhooked my bra...

"Should I go on?"

"Yes..., I guess so."

I reached back and unhooked my bra and I felt his hand go up to my tiny booby and squeeze it in his whole hand, not hard though. I so wish they were bigger. They are so little though. He then got to my nipple and held it with his thumb and index finger and rolled it around and played with it. I lost my breath and pulled away from the kiss. I felt a wetness in my panties for I think the first time... He asked me if I was ok and if I wanted to keep going and I said... yes. We started back kissing and I felt his hand go down to my pants and start to unbutton my jeans. I squirmed a bit and tried to move back but he kept going. While still kissing, I mouthed, "David, what are you doing..." "Let me feel you, don't you want me to. Isn't this turning you on?" "Yes, but I want to stop, please." He stopped and looked at me. I scooted away and buttoned my jeans back up and hooked my bra back. "I... I just can't do this." "Bree, why not. We both want it, right?" "I thought I did. Maybe I'm just not ready... yet." "Ok, I'm heading home then. Goodbye." "Don't be mad David, please..." He climbed down and when I knew he was out of sight, I cried for 1 whole hour...

I was just sitting there with tears in my eyes... listening "Let's not read any more right now... That's enough, ok?"

"Yeah, sure... OMG, you're crying. Come here Breely!"

"I can remember it all. I was so scared. I didn't think he was gonna stop..."

Right about that time, my mom called up, "Hey you two, the homemade ice cream is ready, come and get it!!!"

"We'll be right down Mrs. McAdams, Bree's in the bathroom!"

"Thanks Olivia. Tell her we're out on the back pourch!"



"No problem."

I put the diary back in the box, and  after a little longer then last time, it changed back to the Playboys.

"I'm gonna run this to my car. You go on down, ok?"

"I'll just go with ya."


So, we took the box to the car then the rest of the night, Me, Olivia, my sister Liz, my two brothers Luke and Robbie and my parents hung out on the back porch until like midnight and had an amazing time eating ice cream and enjoying a few beers. We drove back and to my place and Olivia said she was planning to head back to her place for a few nights and check up on things. We opened the box up one more time and I dug around and saw a pic of something that blew our minds... It was a pic of me as Brendan from my last year as a camp counselor posing with two other campers. And one of them was none other than Ollie Peterson!!! I took it out to look at it closer and it immediatly turned to a pic of a young Bree with another girl and a woman counselor at a different camp, one that I must have gone to as the girl me. I quickly put it back in the box and there we were again, me and Ollie at the boys camp... Olivia was tearing up. She had no memory of that pic or of me. We hugged for about 15 minutes strait. It was a really good hug. A nice, long goodbye hug that turned into one last little "playtime" on the couch before she got the few things she had and left. I hated seeing her go. But that's life. I know I can't control it anymore...

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