Tuesday, May 21, 2013

7th Morning as Bree! 7 is My Favorite Number!!!

Has it really been a week! This is just a quick post on me being Bree for a week this morning. Slept so well last night! Woke up with sleep lines all over my front side and left side of my face! Well, got up and showered and did make up and hair. I still can't believe what a difference doing make-up and hair can make. I'm getting so used to seeing myself all made-up now. I just love doing it. So much fun. I'm getting quite good and proficient at it as well! Of course I took pics! Do you really need to wonder?

Pic 1. Just woke up. Pic 2. Make-up and wet hair. Pic 3. Completed look!
Also did a quick photoshopping of the pic... Added an overlay layer... Hope you like it!
Off to work now! Hoping for a drama free day! As if!!! Laters!


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