Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Morning, Work... Pre-Carolyn Meeting...

Got about 5 minutes until I have the, what I'm sure will be, infamous meeting with Carolyn. Like I said yesterday, I'm a little anxious but ready to do it. I'm gonna be waiting down there so I can see her when she comes in, if she isn't here already. Anyway, it was weird not having Olivia there this morning. I'd grown quite used to it over the past few days. Gonna miss her. I'm sure we'll have more "sleep-overs" in the future! Anyway, gonna head downstairs. Already told Hannah downstairs at the reception desk that I was meeting someone and Olivia said she'd drop by, maybe if she could, around 11... So, wish me luck. Oh, and I decided to do a little something different with my make-up this morning. Took a little longer getting the eyeliner right but I really like it. Went with a very light colored, semi-glass lipstick as well. I really like the look! Also did my hair a little different as well... Straitened it a little and dried with a big round brush so it would have a little more body. Let me know how you like the look! Comments are always welcome! Here's the pic from a few minutes ago...

Kinda nervious...


  1. Hey there, joker! thanks for that. it took a while to get that look down, but i really like it and next time i want to go for this look, it'll will be easier, for sure. oh and by the way, thanks for following me!!!


  2. Damn! I'm in love, and swore it would never happen again

  3. Love is a crazy thing, isn't it? You can't make deals with love. It does what it wants...

  4. Oh my! I hope your meeting goes well Miss Bree! Tell me all about it! :-) Missed you today!