Monday, May 27, 2013

The Rest of Friday - and Saturday and Sunday of the Memorial Day Weekend!

Friday, May 24th, Afternoon and Evening...


The workday just wouldn't end fast enough... I was going bonkers! More so than when I was about to meet her!!! 

My Bonkers Face!
Now, she's at my house waiting for me?!?!?!?  I got everything finished around 4:57 I think and headed out the door. I couldn't wait to get home... to Olivia!


I went in the garage entrance and walked into my bedroom and she was sleep on my bed. I decided to pack my stuff up before I woke her up. I got all my gear packed up and took it out to my car. I then quietly climbed on the bed and and just looked at her laying there. She was so beautiful and was in my bed... I found it kinda surreal that a girl that looked like her was asleep in my bed!!! I gently lay down beside her and started to stroke her hair. My hands went South and I started to feel up and down her legs sometimes staying around her butt. I slipped my hand between her legs and slightly fingered her clit and she started to stir. I could tell she was slightly startled and said to her, "Hey there, it's me. I'm home!" She didn't say a word but rolled over and pulled me over to herself and we locked lips... We, well, I guess you know what happened. It was amazing!!! So much better than doing that by myself!!! Anywhoo...

Band Practice

Needless to say, I was late, or we were late. I introduced her to everyone and then she sat down on a couch and we got started. I could tell she was excited! She played on her phone some and would look up and smile at me when she heard me do a cool guitar part. She looked kinda proud, in a way that she was "with" me and I was rocking out like I was.

After Practice

Practice went well! After goodbyes, we were hungry. We stopped by a drive thru, Chick-fil-A, and the whole time I was ordering, she was feeling me up. I'm sure the girl taking our oreder thought I was crazy or had Tourettes or something. We got our food and I drove to a nearby pier and we ate under the moonlight with the waves crashing under us... Quite romantic, actually! I've always wanted to bring a girl here!!!

Back to My Place

So, we got back and more of the, umm, yeah... sex! We eventually fell asleep some time late that night after going at it for quite some time!

Saturday, May 25th


We woke up around 11:30am... and we were both a mess. We decided to take a shower... together. It was... fun! I really wanted to go see about the safe with Olivia here... We just threw on some panties, shorts and a t-shirt and headed out to the little room off the carport. I told her to be prepared because this might blow her mind!!! I opened the safe and showed her the mortgage documents with C. Brendan McAdams on them. I reached in and grabbed them and pulled them out slowly. Right before our eyes, the name on all the documents changed to C. Breeland McAdams! There was that feeling again. I felt the tiny hairs on my neck start to stand straight up! The house kinda shook a little. I started noticing changes to the the little room. Some clothes I had in boxes that didn't change had now changed to female clothes. "Oh my god, it's changing everything," I said out loud!!! We ran in the house and certain things had changed, mostly in my bathroom. My shampoo was different. My girl deodorant had changed to a different girl deodorant. I looked in the medicine cabinet and lots had changed. There were quite a few different feminine products in there that weren't there before! We were running around like crazy! I had a few dresses now and some very interesting lingerie that... wow... Bree before me had, apparently! Sexy! My birth certificate was also in there and I pulled it out and the name changed as well! Nothing visible happened but I guess I'm truly Cindy Breeland McAdams to everyone in the world now! Wow!!! Amazing! 

"Hey, Olivia, I wonder if it will change your stuff to say your name..."

"It's worth a try, I guess..."

She got the packet and we put in her birth certificate and nothing happened. Then we put in her drivers license and nothing happened... 

"Damn! I was hoping that would work!"

"Me too, Bree... Me too..."

We just left them there in the safe and headed back in the house to get some food around 1pm. We made some sandwiches and sat on the couch to watch some TV. We got cozy on the couch, all intertwined and fell asleep. We woke up around 6pm and just giggled and laughed for a while, it was so great having her here with me!!! We ended up having a "tickle fight." It was the most girly thing I've ever done in my life... Such the proverbial girl thing to do... We didn't mind though! It was so much fun. This new body is so much more sensitive and ticklish! Olivia won! She had me squirming all over the floor. The backs of my legs are just so damn ticklish!!! I just gave in and had to grab her new girl pleasure mound and went to town on it to get her to stop tickling me! So, umm, yeah... a little more sex!  After that, I forgot that I didn't close the safe. I went back out and looked in and her license and birth certificate had both changed to say... Oliva Peterson. OMG!!! I somehow worked! I put my mortgage papers back in and nothing happened. I guess the magic left or finished what it had to do when I left the safe open for so long. I ran in the house holding her license and birth certificate and yelling!!! She was so happy, and so was I!!!

We decided to go out after that! She put her little black dress back on and I put a sexy black dress with white polka dots. I will have to say, we look hot together... 

We went to a little cafe and then saw this kinda cool art show exhibit and went in there for a bit. Olivia was feeling kinda frisky and wanted me to take some pics of her in the art building... so I did! We're so freakin' bad!!! Kinda funny we were "drawn" to this drawing of a  girl in lingerie, or something like that. Olivia really did some sexy poses!!! Damn she's so hot!!!

After that, we went out to some clubs. I didn't drink much. I'm still scared to. I used to drink too much as a guy and over did it quite a bit too often. Olivia had a few though. She was to say the least a little "buzzed!" By the end of the night, she was just crazy talking and stuff. I practically had to carry her back to my car!!! We got back to my house around 3:45am and crashed in the bed, just as we were. 

Sunday, May 26th


Well, Olivia was out. For the count. Out cold. She wasn't waking up. It was 11:30am and I just couldn't lay in the bed any longer... I made a sandwich and also ate 5 oreos. I then thought of something I had to do that I hadn't done since becoming Bree - cut the grass!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I headed out to the utility room off the carport and pulled out my mower. Thank god it is a self propelled mower! I'm so getting a riding one soon! I finished that up. Didn't take long. Got about half an acre, maybe a little less. I pulled out the weed-eater and started to do that but stopped... I needed pants on so I went in and put on some old jeans and got back on it. Got it done, kinda... and headed back in to shower off. Olivia was up and seemed to be doing better... She was drinking some orange juice and was just standing in the kitchen in just her panties! Hot Damn!!! She said, "Don't touch me! I feel like shit!"  "Ok then..." I went to the cabinet and got out a glass and got some water from the fridge and before I knew it, she was behind me feeling my boobs! "Haha! Gotcha! I was kidding!" "You sure did! I need a shower... Care to join me?" "Last one in has to suck the other's pussy!!!" So I tripped her as she took off and won! It was a great shower!!! She's so good at that! We got out and I just put on some panties and hopped in the bed. I was really feeling exhausted. Olivia said she was hungry... It was like 1:30 in the afternoon... She said she's was going out to get some take-out and I said I'd see her in a bit and if she'd bring me a vanilla shake from somewhere. She said she would! Cool! I saw her leave wearing my newly changed red top thing/shirt. I fell out as she closed the front door.

I got up around 2:45 and didn't see her. I went to check some email and saw that she had posted a crazy post on my blog. She's so crazy! Then she scared the shit out of my. She was hiding under the desk and started tickling my legs again. I accidentally kicked her when I jerked back but she was ok. 

We decided to go casual and go rent some scooters and just ride around Miami for the rest of the night. We'd name a place and then race there, going which ever way we thought was the fastest. Amazingly, we usually picked the same route. We stopped by Pizza Hutt and got a pizza and bread sticks and "Cherry Pepsi!" We got back from our ride around 1:25am and played some "Strip-Poker" until we fell sleep around 4am.

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