Thursday, May 23, 2013

Can't wait to get off... Sea Shore, Here Comes Bree!

Usual morning. No shower though. Washed face, brushed teeth and did minimal make-up. Hair in ponytail. Jeans and t-shirt, yet again. Hey, it's me... It's what I wore as Brendan and it's damn well what I'm gonna wear as Bree!!! World, I wear jeans and t-shirts!!! And, I look good doing it!!! Settled! Shoes, Converse Star Players EVO. I just love them. So much more comfortable than All Stars... Although I do have a lot of All Stars!

Hadn't worn these high tops yet I guess. Good time to break them in!
I'm about to go to lunch. Might email Olivia and set up a meeting. There's something else brewing - a possible storm approaching. It's really crazy how you can get something you've waited half your life for and them the shit hits the fan in all areas of your "new" life. Well, nothing I can do about it but take it as it comes. So, life, bring it!

Also, wow, I've gotten a good many Formspring questions and have answered a few and will post on here soon. thanks for the questions everyone.

Bree out!


  1. Are you alright Bree? What sort of storm is brewing?? We really need to meet up... email me when, I'd prefer tomorrow at your usual lunch place.