Thursday, May 23, 2013

Magical Fail! and Vengeance on Me... Little Ole Me?

Oh this wonderful safe of mine. Looks normal, probably is. Waterproof. Fireproof. Magicproof... They sure didn't list that in the specs!!!

I went into the room off the garage and carefully opened it. I really can't remember what all is in here. What I saw blew me away... There on the top were my mortgage papers with the name C. Brendan McAdams on them - and I was freaking out... I just closed the safe door and sat there on the floor in front of it! Wow! So, the magic for some reason doesn't like to go through metal safe/locked boxes...
I opened it again. I slowly reached in and grabbed the packet and pulled it out. As soon as it was out, the name changed to C. Breeland McAdams and the house started to I guess shake. I threw it back in. That gave me a really weird feeling. Super creepy. What kind of forces am i really dealing with here... Had the little fine hairs on the back of my neck standing up...

Here was proof for Olivia. "Hey Olivia! If you're reading this, what's up girl!!!" Proof positive that I was magically changed. First the lockbox in my old room then this safe. Wow!!! I'm not gonna open it again until tomorrow. Maybe she can come over, and we can open it together. Well see after the meeting tomorrow!!!

I'm so freaked out right now. I sometimes visit these sites, more in the past than I do now as of this week, where they had captioned pics and stories depicting guys being turned into girls, for whatever reason. One of my favorite is Ecirava. I've even posted like 30 or so caps there myself!!! I remember reading a few of them on some sites where maybe a guy was to be granted a wish and he wanted to be a girl and have his identity match the girl and everyone remember him as the girl. In like most of these stories, if I remember correctly, the "magician" refused to do it because it would get messy. I knew this going in. I didn't care. It's getting messy. I can either look at this and be afraid or I can think of it as an adventure like no other... I mean who else has had this happen to them that I know about except like 2 other people... Me, Olivia and... Carolyn... She has read my blog and was transformed at the time she was reading it. She blames me and hates her new body and life. She says she's coming for me...

Just got back from getting ready to head out for a while and, here are the caps and comments on Ecirava... I had to get down and dirty with this bitch!!! She better be ready if she comes for me!!!

I believe it'd be best to enlarge them to view... So, yeah. Got this to deal with too!!!

Enought dwelling on this. Going to a club to see hear some music! Heading to Tobacco Road, a place where my band's played a good bit. We have a pretty good following there. Hopefully somebody good will be playing tonight. I need some good music. One good thing about music, when it hits you fell no pain! So hit me with music!!! - Bob M.

And Carolyn!!!

Until tomorrow!!! (So happy. Olivia!!!)



  1. Dear Bree,
    You see the girl pictured in those captions by Mysterious on ecirava are not me. No, that was a deception. I wanted you to believe that I looked one way so that I could get to Miami and find you.

    I did not lie when I said that I had your driver's license so I have seen your house and your car. In fact, we ran right into each other yesterday when you got off early. I was inches from you and you did not even notice. But what I have noticed as I have observed you is that, you are in fact as "normal" as you say you are.

    I am not as sure as I was on previous nights of your effect that caused me to become the new me. So I apologize for my rather unruly and quite frankly bitchy behavior. This has been quite a shock, because unlike you, I did not and still do not want this. However Bree, I do think that you may have had something to do with this so I think we need to talk

    Carolyn Banks

  2. How can I believe you... I mean, you were pretty harsh, and made me get that way. i really hate confrontation. we'd have to meet in a very public place. if at all. just not sure how to take you...

  3. You can believe what you want Bree, I have no issue meeting at a public place. What about when your band performs? That would be filled with tons of people. And not to mention if your band is playing you would have home field advantage. Would that suit you?

  4. I hope that you can see where i am coming from... if you have figured some things out, and "changed" your intentions toward me, then that's great. i'm willing to talk. our next show is at a music club/bar called Stokies on the 31st. are you gonna be here for that long. we can find another place if not...

  5. I can be here that long, my job is more internet based from yours. Do not worry about it? I shall be there. In the meantime, I will be sharing over on my blog as well. But if you want to send me email or something like that, that is cool too.