Thursday, May 16, 2013

Work, Work, Work!

Work, work, work... Well, my first day at work, as Bree, was truly something. It wore me out, fo rizzle.

I was so glad to get home and just literally let my hair down! That ponytail gave me a mild headache all day. Work today was nothing really out of the ordinary per se, but just a little harder "keeping up with appearances" I guess. Just stares and such from both guys and girls... I'm not used to that yet. One good thing about work is where my office is. It's around a corner and up two flights of stairs. I'm the only person upstairs for most of the day. So... I have time to do, really, for the most part, what I want to without being seen - if you catch my drift. There were parts of the day when I just couldn't keep my hands off myself. I'll have to remember to bring extra panties with me on a daily basis, at least for the near future. During lunch, I went to a drugstore and bought some make-up essentials - lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and powder. I bought some different eye make-up as well, but didn't apply any yet. I have some of the new make-up on in the above pic. Not much, because I didn't want to overdo it cause I don't really know what I'm doing in that area of womanhood as of yet. Lipstick in the pic seems to be all but gone now that I'm home... I guess i need to buy some that stays on longer. Really, I love my "clean" look. Might just go with it the rest of the week. I also think that I could look really hot with make-up done right, like in my license pic. We'll see I guess!

Back to work... Here's the crazy part about work. I mean, there are some guys at work that I used to hang out with... I could tell when our paths crossed today that they were somewhat confused. I mean, do they now have memories of us hanging out with me as a girl? I really have no idea how to interact with them. It's just a little awkward. Not to be bragging on my looks, especially today, but I wonder if they're thinking, "I've known her since I've worked her and when did she get so attractive" or "Wow, Bree looks really good... who knew?" I tryed to just act like I always do with people for the most part. I usually joke around and stuff so I did some of that, but I could tell things were different. I hope it gets back to a more normal feeling around the firm.

And the girls, the women... Just looking me up and down. Like saying, "Girl, who do you think you are coming around here looking like that." I'll have to admit, and not trying to brag, but I look better with crazy hair and no make-up on than most of them do fully made up! Kinda funny that they think I'm now on their turf in the dating field. I wonder when they'll realize they can have all the guys for themselves!!! Now, there are a few nice girls at work. Tiffany is cool. We have the same tastes in music and she's been to some of my bands shows. And Laura, she was nice today. We did a little chit-chat after lunch. She's pretty hot too!

Anyway, gonna wind down a bit and watch some TV... I might try to practice on my make-up a bit so you might see a pic or two of that up before I head off to bed. Laters!


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