Friday, May 17, 2013

Long Day.

So glad it's the weekend! Just some good time to relax and reflect on what all's happened this week. I mean, I freaking changed gender for christ's sake. Oh My Flipping Gosh!!!, I'm a girl with all the girl parts that girls have!!! So crazy. I so love mirrors now. I 'm gonna buy two or three for every room. And, is it bad if you turn yourself on? Damn! I mean, maybe the house of mirrors is a bad idea. lol. I might never get anything done!

Well, I did do some shopping today. Got a few things. Went to Kohls and American Eagle. Bought some stuff that wasn't t-shirts and jeans. Also went to the mall to stop by Victoria's Secret. Only bought a few things but they're super sexy. Pictured is the sexy, lace, strapless black bra from there. I did buy a few bras at Kohls as well. I hope they fit. Here's the bra from VS and the sleep-pants in the pic are from Kohls. They're silk and feel so good! Maybe later for the rest of the VS stuff...

Good thing I have a little money in savings becausea lot of the stuff I want to get is expensive. I guess me as a girl has expensive taste. Got some girl products as well at Wal-Mart, razors, deodorant (I don't stink though...) and other stuff.

I can't quit thinking about Tiffany. I just don't really know what these feelings I have for her are right now. I mean, if I'd been with her as a guy today, I'd definitely think there was a spark between us. If I was a guy, I'd surly be wanting to have sex with her. I think deep down, I really want that now as well! She was so amazing and all my free time has been spent thinking about her since we had lunch. My head is still tingling from her styling my hair!!! I have to play this one smart. I hope I can. I mean, how, as a girl, do you find out if a girl is a lesbian... I might google it! Ha!

Well, it's super late and I'm really tired. Just got out of a hot bath and I'm feeling super chill right now. Should be asleep in no time! So it's off to bed for Bree! One last sleepy pic of me curled up on my bed. I'm wearing a new, blue tank top from Kohls. Nothing special but it's so comfy!

Nighty Night everyone!


(This was actually posted at 2:39 am)

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