Monday, May 27, 2013

Heading to My Parents House (Olivia better behave herself...)

SO much has happened since Friday.. OMG!!! I can't wait to find time to write about it on here. Anyway, we're about to head over to me parents house. It's like 4:35pm right now and we were supposed to be there at 4pm. Gonna be so late!!! Olivia says she has to look perfect and everything... She's freaking!!! lol! I keep telling her it's no big deal... And, Olivia, you better behave yourself!!! And, she drank all my Dr Pepper so I had to drink a Coke!!!

Should be a good time. My whole family is supposed to be there - both brothers and my sister... Gonna say that Olivia is a friend from work and had nothing to do today, which is Memorial day. Anyway, things are going great between us. We're having... umm, lots of fun and getting to know each other quite well... You won't believe what my safe did to things in both of our lives... Flipping amazing things... I can't even believe it, really. At some point today, I hope we have time to go and see about my diary... That should be an interesting look into Bree's/my life!!! Anyway, gott run!!! See ya. Oh, here's a pic! Got a swim suit under the shirt and shorts that I have on. Can't wait to swim... and show off Olivia to the fam!!!

Just one thing has been on my mind this whole weekend... not much, but always there, hanging out in the back... my meeting with Carolyn tomorrow... I'm ready to do it though but kinda anxious about it...



  1. Heeeeyyy Bree! This was probably the best weekend I have ever had! Thank you so much for letting me stay! :-) We should try this again sometime! Email me! :-)

  2. Yes! We will have to do it again! I'm so glad everything went well and we found some stuff out!!! Life for you hopefully will be a little easier now. Bye Girl! Love ya!!! ;)