Thursday, May 16, 2013

Second Morning as Bree and I Still Hate Mornings...

arrrggg... I still hate mornigs. i'm kinda glad that i still hate mornings. it means that i'm still in here! lol! here's a pic i just took right after i wok e up... well, i did a "quick" and "thorough" bodily self examination and then took the pic actually... ;)

cute, ain't i... actually, i look rough... lol but, i still love how i look.

Gotta get ready for work now. what in the world am i gona wear. darn fingers aren't working. still half asleep like the rest of me. i guess jeans and a t-shirt... looks like no make-up and a ponytail for me. crap! people are gonna think somethings wrong. i must have some make-up around here somewhere. i had some on in my license pic and my work badge... oh well... now to find some sort of ponytail holder thingy...

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