Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Morning

Honestly, when Olivia's here, I never see much of the morning!!! I got up around 11am and decided, while she still was snoozing to go to the grocery store and get a few things to take to my parents house later today. I got to the store and was shopping, finishing up actually, and coming down the isle was the blonde girl from McDonald's. I did a double take... She was really gorgeous! She said her name was Tonya and we talked a bit and then she said she was coming to my show Friday and I told her that was cool and then she left... and I watched her walk away until she was completely out of site. I guess when I was Brendan, I got the attention of maybe a few girls because I was in a band, but being Bree has really turned up the heat! When I was Brendan, it was usually Josh and Tommy that got all the girls. Now, I could probably take my pick of either girls or guys!?!?!? Anywhoo... I got a MilkyWay and DP and headed home.

I got back home and guess who was still asleep!!! Yep, that girl Olivia!!! So, I did a crazy flying monkey onto the bed and landed on her and wrapped her up in a cover cocoon and tickled her like crazy. I finally "let" her break free and we somehow got into a huge pillow fight that lasted until my pillow slipped out of my hand and knocked the lamp off my dresser off and it fell to the ground and broke and made this big, huge spark! That spark initiated a different kind of spark, so... 

I just took a shower and am getting my stuff together now, swim suit and a change of clothes... we're supposed to be there around 4-ish... So, hopefully all goes well! Bye Bye!


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