Sunday, May 26, 2013

"WOOOO! Finally able to post!"

So, I finally managed to get away from Olivia to post! Boy, oh boy! Things are pretty interesting here! This weekend was waaaaay exciting! Oh my god, the things that girl can do! Whoo! I never thought such pleasure would be so... mmmm.... fulfilling! It's such a good thing she's decided to stay this weekend, wow, this is so much fun! 


Bree's napping! I think I tuckered her out! Oh my gosh, I love her milky, smooth skin! She's so much fun to play with! <3 Hehehe... Yeah, it's me Olivia! I'm so bad... Bree's gonna kill me for doing this!

You like my shirt? Nah, it's actually one of Bree's. I kind of forgot to bring my own clothes, so I've been wearing hers. I kinda think she likes me a bit! Oh, wow, Bree is a kitten at naptime, MEEEEOW! Don't tell her, but I think I might just wake her up with a little lick or something! <3 Oh ahem... Bree, if you're reading this? I'm right under you. You were warned.


  1. Oh, and as I was just reading this "hacked" post for like the 20th time, it's my favorite post on here, I would like to let everyone know that she was crouched down under the desk and as I was mouthing something about her doing this, she scared the freakin' shit out of me!!! good one, girl. but, just telling you, the scare war is on!!!

    1. Did you take that shirt with you.. i can't find it anywhere... ya know what, you can have it. you make it work!!!