Monday, May 20, 2013

Morning, Work, McDonald's and Met First Fan As the New Me and then Work Again...

Woke up this morning all perky and ready to go! Thought about just going like last week, but decided to go on ahead and do some make-up and hair. I set my alarm 30 minute earlier in case I made myself get up and do this. So, here are the results... 

Before (duh!)
After (really Bree, are you serious? that's after the makeup? I had no idea... lol!)
On to work...
Got two deadlines this week and my boss just came to check on progress. He's a good friend of mine. We used to hang out a lot. And, now that I'm a girl, I hope it won't get all weird. This conversation was  somewhat normal. That's a good sign! One of the jobs was designing a CD jacket and disc cover for a band. I got that mostly finished before lunch and decided to go out and grab some food. Something cheap today and the closest, cheap place was McDonalds. 

I was about to go through the Drive-Thru but decided to go in for some reason. Better chance of geting my order right if I go in! I ordered my usual, Double Cheeseburger Meal, no onions and extra pickles. Dr. Pepper with no ice!!! I got my food and sat down and it was the best meal I'd ever had. These new taste buds really set stuf off! I was finishing up and I heard someone say hello... It was a very attractive girl, actually really hot!!! She looked familiar but I couldn't tell where I'd seen her before. She said her name was umm... Olive or Olivia.. Yeah, Olivia... I think... I have a terrible memory when it comes to names. Anywhoo, she said she's been to a show or two and saw my band play and she really liked our sound. She said it was awesome how good I could play and that it was unusual to see a girl in a band, and as lead guitarist at that. We chatted a bit more and then she said goodbye and that hopefully she'd see me around sometime at a show. I told her that I thought our next show was at Stokies on the 31st, but I could be wrong. She said she'd check out the Stokies website! Wow! My first fan as Bree. And a really good looking one at that! Back at work. Better stop blogging for now. Workday almost over. I'm so ready to get home and relax. Gonna play some guitar. Got a riff in my head. Just recorded it into my phone, humming it with my mouth. 

I also used to go to the gym and work out sometimes or swim in the pool there or play a pick-up game of basketball.  I guess I can still do that stuff, too. I might try it tonight, at least go to the gym, maybe. Too many cheeseburgers in the last two days. If I keep this up, I'm gonna get super fat!!! Laters!



  1. Hey, girly. It's me again, Olivia. I um... found your blog and I sort of want to discuss something with you. Also, thanks for calling me cute here ;-)

  2. Hey there! Wow! I hadn't really thought that people I might know would see this. Anyway, I hope you don't think I'm crazy.. or something... This is all true. But yeah, Sure.. umm... what's on your mind? You wanna email me... or something?

    1. Yeah... that sounds like a good idea. I'm kind of interested in how this happened... because I remember seeing you before you claim to have changed... I need some clarification. Please email me, I have things we need to discuss.

    2. Sure... no prob. I'll do it right now... I promise this is all real...