Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thank God for Youtube!

Well, Bree here again! Had a chill night of relaxing! Watched some NatGeo Wild and some X Games Barcelona... yep, I still like that stuff, and ate some leftover Hamburger Helper that I made for dinner on Tuesday... It was ok. Threw the rest out! Wow, that was my last meal as a guy on Tuesday night!!! Good riddance Hamburger Helper and good riddance the guy me! Lol!

Well, anyway, I decided to in fact work on make-up and hair. I watched a few youtube tutorials for "bare minimum coverage" and/or "The Clean and Fresh Look" and this is what I came up with...

click here to see the make-up tutorial - Simple and Clean Tutorial
click here to see the hair tutorial - Hair Curling Tutorial

Not bad for a first try I'd say! I bought a curling iron at Wal-Mart and a straightener and got my hair to look somewhat presentable. Wow! If I'm gonna look like this everyday, I'm gonna have to get up like 30 minutes earlier than I used to... Wow, the price girls pay to look good I guess! lol! And, I don't know why I spend like 30 minutes looking at myself in mirrors when i see my reflection... Wow, am I turning vain or what!?!?!?

Well, I better take a shower and wash this face paint off... Shower time is so fun!!! And tomorrow, I plan on going clothes shopping!!! Woo hoo! I need some better bras, too. I'm so glad I wore a black shirt today to work. Nips were poking through that little thin cotton bra I wore today like crazy... Maybe I'll go to a department store and get fitted by someone... ;) well, if the bra fitter is hot anyway! I'm so bad!!! lol!

Nighty Night!!! 


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