Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Olivia's Email and An Explanation

I'm guessing you might see this, Olivia, but I'm gonna post it anyway... Just so people can see it. I hope you don't mind. Here's her email... All cool with it, too. Gonna write her back in just a bit. She says something similar happened to her as well!

I've put a Formspring box on the below post for more questions if anyone has any out there... Feel free to ask me anything.

Still a little shocked that someone like my parents could see this. This, like I think I've said in a previous post, is being written as much for me as anyone else. I could in no way remember everything that's happened to me in the last week if I hadn't been writing it down here. And with Olivia, I have to believe that something similar happened to her like it did to me. I have first hand knowledge of it. I know what I was and I know what I am now. It's truly amazing and bizarre, but it happened and that's why I'm sharing it with everyone. I'm taking it like a gift. And what an amazing gift, for me, this has been...

So, sorry, been under the radar for the last little bit and the posts aren't what I'm sure you're used to... So, here's a pic showcasing how I feel right now that I took earlier this morning. I stayed home this morning and I'm gonna go in after lunch and then work late. Just ducking and covering for a bit. I also blurred out my license info as well on that previous post... Don't want any creepy people to be able to just come to my door... eeeekkkk! I mean, I do keep my glock handy and I usually have my Taurus 380 in my purse most of the time, or somewhere on me. Just sayin...

My cute little strawberry beanie!
This all has really turned my stomach inside out. It feels like it's in knots... Not feeling so good right now. Bllaaahhhhhhh...


  1. I am so sorry if I did this to you Bree. I was kind of skeptical and... well... the information was there. I really wish I could make this up to you! I've emailed you again, please read it... once again, I'm sorry :-(

  2. this is not your fault at all! i love the fact that this possibly happened to you as well. like i said in the email, it'll be so amazing to get to actually talk to someone about this, face to face and not just hear the keyboard clicking. and speaking of that, i hope you are keep a record of your new life in some form... i know that if i wasn't doing this, there'd be no way i'd ever be abe to possibly remember 1/4 of everything that's happened in just this first week! i think we need to meet up again.. say mcdonalds?

    much love,