Friday, May 17, 2013

F'n Overslept... Big Time!

The title says it all... NO time for cute little write up or sleepy pic this morning. Supposed to be at work at 8:15, didn't wake up until 8:38. Had to get ready and a 15 or so minute drive (with no traffic) so got there around 9:27-ish.

Felt like the walk of shame making my way through the building... Just wanted to get up to my office and sit down. Had a few things to get finished today, so I got right to work. Client A needed some business cards for their business, kinda grundge/cool looking,  and Client B needed photos edited for posters to hang up in their "hipster" coffee bar. They also wanted us/me to print them, 24x36.

Right before lunch, Tiffany came up to my office and asked if I wanted to go to lunch with her and Stephanie. They both work down in copy/editing. I said sure, kinda nonchalantly but on the inside was screaming, "Hell Yes!!!" I was so happy! It was around 11:15 and I had just gotten the cards finished and then went down to the copy room to see if she was ready. She was just proofing the final pages of a workbook of some kind and said she was ready to go and that Steph had to go get her kid from school because he was sick. So... looks like just me and Tiffany going to eat! Totally cool with me!

We went to a little cafe called Cafe Bastille. We ate on the patio and just "girl talked" a bit. I got the Smoked Salmon Benedict on a croissant and then got the Mini Chocolate Souffle for desert. It was so good... I'm gonna get so fat! Too bad we didn't have more time to hang out. I had a really great time. She asked me if I was ok... kinda caught me off guard. She said that I seemed to be off the last two days, like I wasn't myself or something... Boy, she didn't know how right she was. I just told her I was going through something right now and that things were getting better. I had been fidgeting with my hair a bit and some had started falling out of my pony tail. She asked me if I wanted her to fix it, that she loves to do hair. I said yes and it was heavenly having her play with my hair. Quite sensual actually! She was the first person to touch me since the change... I was putty in her hands, and she was only touching my hair and head. She put it into an up-do/bun/ponytail thing. It looked cute!!! We headed back to work and said our goodbyes at my stairs and agreed to do it again, soon! She also said if I ever needed anything to just let her know.

So... I just went down to the stock/store room and took a little pic of myself... Yep, minimal make-up and black shirt again... Kinda becoming my new normal. Gotta go shopping today... Hopefully after work, I can find some time...

Looks cute, doesn't it... Well, i better get back to work... More to come hopefully tonight!


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