Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Think I'll Take a Little Dip...

Got to my parent's house and no one was home. No prob, I still have a key! Stepped in the house and called Mom. She said that they had gone to the store for a bit and to make myself at home. Well, duh, that's what I plan to do. She said they'd be home in like 15 minutes so I headed up the stairs to my old room and sat down on the bed and just looked around. I really have no memory of this room. 

I know what kinda stuff went on in here when I was Brendan but not a single memory as Bree. This is so bizarre... I checked in some of the drawers and most of the stuff had been cleaned out. They are used as mainly storage now and this room is used as a guest room. I opened the huge closet and did see a few pairs of shoes in there. Mostly dressy shoes and a pair of black high heels... I was tempted. I'll have to admit, I've done a little cross dressing in the past, but not in high heels. This should be interesting... I slipped off my Cons and my socks and put them on my feet. They weren't too terribly high, maybe 2.5" and I stood up and braced myself against the wall, just in case. I took a step and then two.. three.. four.. then I was walking around the room, with no problem at all. Wow!!! Muscle memory or something had to have taken over. I did a little jog and did fine. Unbelievable!!! I ran back over to the closet and remembered something. As Brendan, I had stashed something in here. I hit the closet light and crawled to the back corner and the carpet was still loose. I pulled it up and saw the the floorboards were still movable and pulled the two short boards up. There it was - my lockbox. I had a few things in there that I wanted to keep hidden... like some dirty magazines and stuff... I remembered the code 3*48*7. I flipped the top open and there they were. My 4 favorite playboys ever from when I was like in Jr. High... WOW!!! I grabbed all four of them and as soon as I got them out of the box, they transformed into what looked like a girls diary... I dropped it immediately - I was totally freaked out. There was a little lock on it and I didn't see the key. Bummer. Right about then, I heard mom opening the door and yell, "Bree, where are ya?" It startled me a little and I threw the diary back in the box and it turned back into the playboys right before my eyes... What tha!!! I placed the boards back down and pulled the carpet back and got up and went back to the room as Mom was coming in.

"Hey," I said. "I'm loooking for a swimsuit. I was thinking about going to the beach for a bit. You haven't seen one of mine around here anywhere ha ya?"
"No. The last time Jenny was here she left a black one. It's here somewhere. Want me to find it?"
"Sure. That'd be great. Hey, I was wondering, is all my stuff still in the pool house?"
"Yeah, your dad and Luke were just talking about loading it up and getting it to you soon."
"Cool! I really need some of that stuff right about now."

She came over and gave me a hug.

"All my babies have grown up. You're a very beautiful woman now. I just want you to know that I'm proud of you!"
"Thanks, Mom," I said trying not to tear up. "I have a question for you... What's your best memory of me?"
"Well, that'd have to be when you got that job of yours. You were the youngest person to get hired on. It's really the memory of how excited you were. They had given you this huge project. You totally blew everyones mind with your design. They gave you the job very soon after that, like first semester in your senior year. I can tell you my worst memory..."
"Please do tell..."
"When you came home with that first tattoo!"
"Sorry... You should have just said I could get one... Then I probably wouldn't have... not right then anyway..." 

(Wow... I wonder which one it was. As Brendan, the first one I got was on the back of my right arm. I don't have one there now.) We laughed and hugged again.

"I see you found a pair of your old heels?'
"Yep, forgot about these (literally, sorta). I'm gonna take them with me..."
"And you should... Ok, I'm gonna go try to find the swimsuit... Be right back!"

I headed down the stairs, heels still on!?!?!? Wow forgot I was wearing them. Freaky!!! Headed back upstairs and threw them in my old room. Mom found the  the swim suit and suggested that I just stay here and go lay out by the pool. Well, I agreed. I could swim if I wanted here too and it was an awesome pool! She said that she knows how I like to "tan" and that dad wouldn't be home for maybe an hour.

I gave her a puzzled look and she said, "Umm... topless..."
"Oh, yeah. Ha. Of course..." 

I went out to the pool house with the swimsuit and saw all of my old stuff piled a mile high in boxes. There'll be time for that later, I wanna get in that pool I thought to myself... I went into the poolhouse bathroom and took off my clothes... There I was in the poolhouse, naked and a girl. I looked at myself in the mirror for a few minutes, just in awe of my new self, mt new "shell." I started to cry right there.I needed a good cry. So much going on right now. I sat on the closed toilet and ctied for maybe 10 minutes strait, just thinking about everything. Sometimes the crying was out of joy, sometimes out of fear or scared of the unknown. For whatever the reasons, it felt good to do it - just letting all my bottled up emotions from my recent girl past and my distant guy past go freely. I'm sure i was a mess and looked in the mirror and my make-up was everywhere. I washed my face with some hand soap and slipped on the swimsuit. It felt like bar and panties but as slicker and cooler on my skin. I posed a little bit and rubbed/ran my hands over my body. I grabbed some lotion out of the closet and did another take of my body oin the mirror - sexy, I though as I made my way to the pool. I knew the water might be a little chilly but I dove in anyway. Nipples were at full attention when I surfaced! I went under again and played with them for as long as I could hold my breath... a few times. So fun!!!

I swam for a little while then pulled out a chair and sat down to work on my tan for a bit. I got the suntan lotion and rubbed it on my body. I removed my top, hey, it's what mom said I did and it's just her here, and put some on my front side. That felt good too! I laid down on my belly and gave myself a wedge, put some lotion down there too, and got settled in just to remember something. I got my phone and set it for 30 minutes and took this pic. Thirty minutes is how long Jenny used to stay out here and our coloring is about the same... hopefully I won't get toasted.

Wow! Dat ass!!! I'm quite lucky!

30 minutes on the back and thirty on the front. I will admit though, I did put my top back on for the front. Not ready to do that just yet. Dad could be home at any moment... Timer went off as I had just fallen asleep... I got up and jumped back in the pool to cool off! I thought it would be a good idea to get out of the sun. I used 50 sunblock, but this Miami sun can scorch you in a hurry!!! 

I went to the pool house and got my clothes and a towel and dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist and headed back in the house. Dad was home and he and mom were eating a sandwich and watching TV. She asked if I wanted one and I said I did and went back upstairs to change back into my clothes. I came back down and mom had made me a turkey sandwich, come chips and a glass of tea. What an awesome mom! I ate and then chatted for a while. Dad asked about my week and although it's been crazy, I told him it had been pretty good. We all hugged, said goodbyes then I left. I so wanted to take that journal home but was freaked out by the magic still at work there. Maybe I'd come back again tomorrow after work and go through some of my old stuff and then take it home with some other stuff I find. If that metal box had limited the magical powers, I wondered if my safe at home had done the same... one reason to get on home. 

I got home and just chilled out. Watched some tv and snacked a bit. I guess I should start being careful about what I eat, really... Has my belly gotten bigger in a week? lol! Maybe one more post to come tonight. 

About to go crack the safe!


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