Sunday, May 19, 2013

Today was a Full Day, to Say the Least!

Went to the office before I went to my parents to check on some stuff I had in the works for Monday around 10:45am. And good grief, Bob was in the office two doors down, the intern/extra office, and walked over to mine and asked if I was sick or something this week... I thought that was his car in the parking lot. I guess, from looking at pics of me that I have at my house, I usually wear make-up and have my hair done somewhat nicely. I was like, "No, I'm fine. Just, umm, trying something different..." He was like, "Oh.. ok... interesting. Well, you look nice today."  

I look pretty good today, right? 
"Thanks,' I said, giving him a thumbs up which somehow turned to a middle-finger sticking up when he left!!! He's always been a self proclaimed "ladies man" even thought most of the girls can't really stand him. Add one more to the pot! I guess he's not that bad looking for a guy, that's the only thing going for him. It was a little icky talking to him, with him kinda looking me up and down, very non-chalantly though. I wasn't even wearing anything revealing. Just what I normally wear... You guessed it. Jeans and t-shirt and a thin, leather jacket!!! Lol! I mean, come on dude, not that he knows this, but I can see right through that, I used to be a guy like a few days ago. I tried really hard to just be normal and talk to him like the guy me would have. That's my new goal. Just act normal. I know I look totally different but for the most part, I'm still me. Just be me, Bree! I was a pretty crazy person. No need to change all that just because I'm a girl now!!!

Mom's House...
Got there around 12:05 and they were in the yard playing Bocce. My parents are still so active and competitive. Got some big hugs from both of them. Dad squeezed me so tight I thought my right boob was gonna pop! He was a middle linebacker for the Hurricanes in college. He wrapped me up and picked me up like I was a rag doll. 

"Dad, put me down," in a really playful way. 
He responded with, "So good to see ya, Cindy B, how's my baby girl" as he set me down, ever so slightly.
"Don't call me that! You know I don't like that," I said while giving him a much smaller right hand punch to the gut. They used to call me Charlie B all the time. My first name was Charles. "I'm fine.. and hungry. What are we having?"
"I grilled some burgers. Should be finished right about now!"
"Cool! You know how I love your burgers!"

We went to the backyard and I could smell the burgers cooking.

Heck Yes!!! So good!
Brought back old memories. Now I get to make some new ones as Bree sitting right there in that backyard, enjoying my new life. Tearing up again... So happy! Mom was pouring tea in glasses, I just heard my brother pulling up! Wow! It's like the perfect family now. How I've wanted my life to be for so many years. All we were missing were Thomas and Jenny, my other bro and sis... We ate and chatted. I mostly just listened to everyone talking about their life and would respond when asked. Mom and Dad also updated us on T and J. There both planning on coming home for Memorial Day. I'm so excited to see sis!!! We're sisters. I'm a sister to someone!!! I just wanted to sit back and enjoy this. My brother, Luke, kept looking my way and smiling. 

When we finished eating he said, "Let's go swing, like we used to when we were little." 
"Ok," I said. "Let's go. But, you do know I can still go higher than you, right?"
"Not in your dreams, little girl," he said as we both sprinted over there to start swinging.

My butt in the swing alerted me to how much bigger it is now. Wow, bubble butt alert or so it felt... 

"Sis, you seem different, more alive or somethng. I don't know. You seem much happier or something."
"Well, I am happy. I feel like, for maybe some "magical"reason, my life has aligned with the "stars" and everything is how it should be. Ya ever feel that way?"
"Yeah, I guess sometimes. Well, I'm happy for ya. Good for you."

Just then, David from down the street came around the house and I could hear mom offering him a burger, which he accepted. Not many people have turned one of dad's grilled burgers. He fixed his plate and walked toward us.

"Hey Luke! Hey... Bree...," he said, much more shy-like to me than to Luke.
"What's up David. I see you got some lunch," Luke replied.
"Yeah, I saw the smoke and figured your dad was grilling out. You know I never pass up a Mr. McAdams burger."
"Oh yeah. They're the best. So, whatcha up to? Wanna throw some football or something?"
"Sure, sounds like fun... Umm, Bree, you wanna come throw some, too?"
"Oh, sure. Back here or in the front yard."
"Let's just go to the park. We can walk there. That cool with you guys?"

We headed for the park and just talked a little while. Kinda like the old times. The park is like 7 lots down from the McAdams household and when we got there, we set up in a triangle, about 10 yards apart or so and started to throw. Luke threw to David, David to me and then I threw back to Luke. I could tell David wasn't throwing nearly as hard as he used to throw to me when I was a guy. I really hated that! I can catch.. I hope!!!

The next time he threw to me, I threw it back to him pretty hard and said, "That's how ya throw Davey-Boy. Quit throwing like a girl!," and kinda laughed. 
"Sorry, sorry. I forget sometimes who you are. You're a McAdams girl. You know, not all girls can throw a football like you! You're quite a standout in that area, in my book anyway!" 

I think he was kinda shocked, but he recovered well! Good, I thought. I like shocking people! Lol! We threw for like 30 minutes and then we headed back to the "Old Folks Home" and just sat on the deck and talked. About nothing really. Just about work and stuff. Luke went in to watch some show and then it was just me and David. 

"So Bree... are you seeing anyone at the moment?"
"Are you asking me out, David?"
"Umm.. no.. umm... well... I... umm... I... It just seems like we used to talk about stuff like that or something in the past..."
"Well, I'm not at the moment. I'm not dating anyone right now out of choice. Figuring out some things, I guess. What about you? You seeing anyone?"
"Nope. Not right now..."
"Well then, you wanna go inside and watch some TV with Luke and dad?"
"Nah... I think I'll head on home. Dad mentioned something about working on the old Mustang this afternoon. Think I'll go see how that's coming. Good to se ya though. You, umm... look great... as always... see ya next time."
"Thanks David. You're too sweet. Bye."

Not a bad kid, super nice. For a guy, not bad in the looks department either. I can't believe he was that up front. Was he really asking me out? I mean, I guess he has to have some messed up memories of us in the past. We did talk about stuff like that. We'd talk about girls we were dating and the likes. I should have just answered his question I guess. Oh well, shock value at full force today!

I went in and saw all the family pics with me as Bree in them with my famliy. Made my heart flutter a bit. Almost teared up and cried... I kept it in though, somehow. I watched some Sportscenter with Luke and Dad and fell asleep on the couch, just like always. We woke up around 5:15 and mom was wondering if we wanted to go out for dinner. I said it'd have to be fast because I had band practice at 7. She said ok and we got ready to head out for dinner. We went to The Chili's on Biscayne Blvd and had a great time. I even drank a beer for the first time as a girl. I'm not a big drinker at all, so I was hoping that it wouldn't affect me too much. I really hated the taste. God, so disgusting now. I also ordered my usual, Dr. Pepper with cherry juice and no ice! 

I had to head out early and said my goodbyes. Dad demanded that he pay for mine which had my brother whining. He was really kidding but it was funny! He's so funny! I left and headed for practice. 

Band Practice...

As soon as I got there, I was introduced as "our chick guitar player" by John, out drummer, to one of his friends he brought. He didn't even mention my name. Had he at least mentioned my name, I wouldn't be so upset. But with both of them just standing there checking me out, that's a no-no! I didn't say anything then, but I knew later that I'd be setting a few things strait. I had to! Not gonna let that crap get started. 

Practice went really well! We rehearsed our set a couple times and then kinda really got in a groove and almost wrote a whole new song there on the spot. I ended up doing a lot of the vocals for the new song. Mostly just humming melody... We recorded a rough, live demo so we wouldn't forget it. And, that's another thing. Now that I'm a girl, I don't have trouble hitting the high harmony parts!!! And no one else in the band has a "girl" voice so I have something special!!! And I plan on using it!!! Too bad I still can't play guitar and sing that well at the same time. It has to be strait rhythm and not syncopated stuff or I can't sing and play at the same time. Another thing, and I know this is kinda calling the kettle black, but I still can't believe I'm a "chick lead guitarist" in a band. What I am now, I used to and still do think are so hot! Girl guitar players are just so freakin' hot!!!  

After practice, I followed John to the patio to talk to him. It was weird and uncomfortable, but I stood my ground. I felt really good after I did it... empowered. I just told him that I didn't appreciate that comment. Im not some "trophy" to be flaunted or shown around to his friends. I could tell that he might be a little drunk... That's ok with me, as long as he keeps the rhythm going and steady. He said that he didn't have to take this and started to walk away. I then said, "What if I introduced you as 'our dick-head guy drummer,' would you like that." He said, "Whatever." "Just don't let it happen again or you can, first of all, leave the drum sticks you're playing with here cause I bought them, and then you can head on out the door and just not come back!" I mean, I'm a co-founder of the band with Josh, our singer and rhythm player. John has always had an attitude problem and he thinks a lot with his dick and not his other head. Dumb Ass!

Anyway... I think Josh overheard some of that. He came up and said, "Wow. You really told him. Good job. He needs to be put in his place every ones in a while. Sorry it had to happen though..." I said I wasn't gonna let it slide. I then asked it he could take a pic of me with my phone. Mom wanted a pic of me with my guitar to show someone. Looks like I am "trophy" after all. Damn. 

Here's the pic from practice, taken by Josh. We practice in his basement sometimes. Had to go to the bathroom and touch up my make-up before he took it though! He didn't know that's why I went. That's such a girly thing to do!!! Lol! My hair looks so much longer in this pic... Used the straightener on it this morning... Wore my old, faded jean jacket that was at my parent's house just because it's cool! It is cool, right!?!?!?

I then packed up my guitar and told the guys bye and headed home. It was about 10:15 when I pulled in and I was so tired. What a long day! Sooo sleeeeepy... Decided to blog a little cause I knew this day was full of stuff to tell about. Wrote most of it and then just flopped down on the couch, kicked my shoes off and laid there for a while. My bra was really cutting into me for some reason under my right boob so I took off my shirt, then bra and then started back watching TV. It wasn't long 'till I realized that I was laying there topless with jeans and socks on. Looking down at myself, the perspective I was seeing, was so amazingly hot!!! And yes, of course I took pic after I got my jeans off!

One of the best views I've ever seen!
It didn't take long for my hands to find their way to my boobs and then the rest of my clothes started to come off... I'll leave it at that... but it was good! I fell asleep on the couch. Woke up at around 4:35am and finished this post... Sorry it's so long... Oh myyy, stilll so tired... Nighty night!

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