Saturday, May 18, 2013

Internet Down or Loving Me Some Weekends!

(sorry... internet down most of the day...)

Oh Yeah. This is the life. Guess what??? Woke up with a hot girl in my bed this morning... she was ME!!! lol!

Still sort of a shock waking up to so many new tactile sensations flooding my brain. This body is so much more sensitive than my old guy one. And, I love that about it. It was nice this morning to have some time to just wake up and take some time to just really get to know this body. My legs are so amazing. So soft and smooth, especially after I shaved them last night. I took a long, hot bath right before bed... I just get under the covers and roll around and kick and flip around feeling them rubbing against the sheets! It is just absolutely amazing. My butt is super nice as well! God I love turning around and looking back at it. Or turning around and looking at my backside in my full length mirror. It's just perfect. The perfect upside-down heart shape that I've always loved! It's so soft and squeezable! I love just rubbing it and kneading my fingers into it. Oh oh... getting a bit turned on... I also love the little dimples in the small of my back, right above my butt when I turn a certain way.! So sexy!!! Enough of this... dang! Here's a pic! Enjoy!!!

God, look at my butt. I love my ass!!!
After I finally dragged my "amazing" butt out of the bed, I decided to try my hand at some make-up and hair doing and get out of the house for a little while today. I didn't go to the youtube videos this time either. Just need to do this myself. Figuring things out myself in the past have always helped me learn faster so why would this be any different? So... after a few tries and many make-up remover wipes in the trash, I got the minimal/clean look down. I did use a little more eyeliner and mascara than the video suggested but I really like how my eyes look when they are really defined. I think I did a pretty good job anyway... Curley hair looks pretty good again as well. You be the judge. Let me know!

Anyway, I made a PB&J with milk, threw on a shirt and jeans and then headed out to a new thrift store that I saw opened up down the road. It seemed like it would be cool. Kinda graffiti lettering on the logo with cool, old-school designs on the building. It consisted of about 4 portable buildings all combined together into one store... It sure looked interesting to say the least. I went in and right there when you walk in, on a manakin, was this amazing dress... OMG! I had to try it on... It was from a very popular TV show back in the 60s. Just take a look! I think it is really vintage!
Pretty sweet, huh? Oh, and by the way, I take my little camera with me everywhere now!
Also got a little, cute hair thingy clip thing. Might look good with a swim-suit when/if I ever get to the beach this year...

I bought one more dress but I'm gonna save those pics. It is absolutely gorgeous and damn sexy. I mean super, big time, damn sexy. I think it was from the same person as the Batman one. Vintage again I think! And, I definitely paid for them. $225 for the Batman one and $175 for the other one. But, hey, I can splurge for the new me, right? I'm telling you, the other one made me look unbelievable!!! I can't wait to wear it out sometime. Maybe me and Tiffany can go out one night, with some work people or something. I really want her to see me in it real bad!!!

Anyway, the rest of the day, I just shopped. Went to the mall and mainly browsed. I kept the hairbow in. I really like it! I had heads turning almost all day. Guys and girls. What an amazing feeling. I wore my skinny jeans today - my dark blue ones. They make my butt look amazing. When I saw someone looking, I put an extra little sway in my walk. lol! So fun to do. Teasing the boys with something they'll never get. There were a couple girls that I checked me out that I would love to have them put their hands on my ass as I wiggle it around. But, again, not to good at telling if the girls were checking me out because of how I look sexually or how I look and judging me. It just felt good to get out and around society again. I felt like me and it was great. I talked to people, random people. Like in line at the food court. I would have never done that before. It was nice... I'm think I'm tearing up a bit...

However this happened, thank you, magical force. 
I'm so happy now. 
When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true - finally!!!

Well, big day tomorrow. Band practice was moved from friday to tomorrow at 7 and before that, I'm going over to my parents house for lunch and dinner. First time rehearsing and I haven't seen my parents since the change either, or the band guys. Should be interesting, especially with what my mom told me today on the phone... Get this. This is what my dad said to me on the phone when he answered!  

"Bree!!! Hey! How's my baby-girl doing?" i was so happy!!! i'm his baby girl now!!!

My dad is really cool. We used to always do stuff together - baseball games, football games, camping, went to concerts! I hope he still thinks that even now that I'm a girl, I still like those things... Not that anything has changed according to him... Gender wise that is... 

My mom said that David, a guy that lived down the street from us asked her about me a few days ago. I was like, "Umm, David, he's like 24 and... oh my." She said he wanted to hang out and stuff... She told him that she thinks I'm gonna come over there for a little while on Sunday. He's gonna come over at some point she said. Wonder what he wants to do? I hope he doesn't start hitting on me. I mean, he's a super nice guy, but... ya know - I swing the other way. I don't want to have to shoot him down. We used to hang out and throw football or play basketball some when I still lived there. He was 5 or 6 years younger than me then I think... Now I guess we are about the same age. I don't even know if I can still throw a football... Oh GOD, what if I throw like a "girl"???? EEKKK!!! Well, sitting here in the chair, my motion still feels pretty good. Boobs kinda make it feel different. Sitting here topless with only panties and socks on, pretending to throw a football!!! Boobs going everywhere - sure do wiggle and move when was pretending to throw... What a great feeling!!!  I bet I'm a sight! Should be able to throw though, I guess... I hope!

Well, This went on for a long time... Sorry, kinda. This blog is just as much for me as it is for the people who are hopefully reading it. Writing this is a pleasure! Tearing up again! Damn/wonderful hormones!!! Well, I'm sure I forgot something but, I'll catch it up tomorrow if I remember anything! Off to bed I go. Might just sleep in the buff tonight!!! Oh man... Tiffany. Her face just popped into my mind. Hope I get to sleep soon...


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