Thursday, May 23, 2013

Off Work Early!!!

Woo Hoo! Off work early. Someone ran into a power line outside the building and all the power is out for like they said 3 hours... So happy!!! Crazy face!

Heading to the fam's house to see if I have a bathing suit still there somewhere. It's weird. This whole new magical identity. It seems so screwed up. It seems like everything at my parents house that was mine when I lived there and everything involving me changed over - while at my house, some/lots of stuff didn't - just mainly wish specific stuff. I'm just waiting to walk up into something and not be prepared for it. My girl backstory can't match up exactly to my guy one. Plus, I'm like 8 years younger now than I was as Brendan. I really need to check this stuff out more. Weekend homework I guess!!!
Also, emailed Olivia. Meeting tomorrow. Can't wait!!!


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