Friday, August 23, 2013

Poolside Relaxation!

I took some time off from recording today to hang out with Tonya. We decided to go down to the pool at her apartment and relax a bit. Heather and Jess went out of town, I think they went to some skate shop in Orlando or somewhere like that. Then they were maybe going to Disney World to celebrate Heather's big win! Fun, fun, fun!!! (Borrowing money from Tonya!!!)

So... the deal about today! And what a doozy!

Tonya hasn't been going out much lately, last time was the competition, and she wanted to go down to the complex pool and swim and hang out. I thought that was a great idea so we got our bikinis on and, well, first Ozzy stole my top and ran around the place with it before Tonya got it back, and then we headed down to the pool. I swear that dog likes to see my tits!!! I mean, I guess they are kinda nice!!!

I took this pic for reference, to back up what I just wrote! Hee hee!
As soon as we got there, Ozzy jumped in the water and man, he can really swim! It was great to see Tonya just relax and float around the pool! She's getting better by the day! Woo hoo! Can't wait to have some other types of fun with her soon!!! Anyway, then we hear it... clicking sounds from the bushes. I know those sounds quite well. Someone's taking pics of us. Now, while it's quite flattering to have paparazzi following us around, I still don't want my pic taken while swimming around in this private pool.

I still wasn't in the pool yet, sitting on the edge, so I dried off my feet and put my All Stars back on and walked rather quickly over to the bushes and I saw some movement. A guy popped up and looked really guilty.

"What in the hell!!!" I jump over the fence and he has to reach down and get his other camera and I kick the camera that he's holding out of his hand.

Tonya got out of the pool. "I might look like shit but we'll kick your ass for doing this. This is a private pool!"

"You bitch!!! That's $8000 you kicked to the ground!!!"

"I know." *I then spun around and windmill kicked him in the face and he stumbled over and fell into the building, crashing the camera he just picked up into the wall.* "Tonya, please stay back!!! I got this!"

"I should get a couple hits if he is going to publish pictures of us but ok."

I picked up one of the cameras and got the memory cards out and slipped them into my bikini bottom. I walked up to him and held my hand out* "Give me the damn camera!"

"Hell no, crazy woman! Get away from me!"

*He tries to get up but I grabbed his hair and jerked him back down and kicked him in the kidney. I wrestle with him trying to get the camera and he hit me in the face with the camera. Luckily, I still had the sunglasses on so it wasn't bad but that pissed me off really badly. I punched him in the face twice and the third time he actually dodged it and I fell forward because of my momentum and tripped over him and landed on the ground next to him. I tried to quickly get up but he got on top of my and I'm was then fighting him while he's punching at my face and neck and chest... He raises up to punch my in the face and when he does, I'm able to lift my knee up and rammed it into his balls really hard. His punch does connect, hitting me really good in the left cheek but he's in more pain than me. I rolled him off me, grab the other camera, take the card out and slip it into my bottom. I then throw the camera at his face and he turns his head just in time and it hits his ear and the back of his head.* "Asshole!!! God damned asshole!!! You're gonna wish you never came here!!!" 

"Who are you and why are you here?"

"He's just probably a free lance paparazzi hired to take pics of maybe you because of what happened at your fight... He's probably been steaked out here for a few days..."

'Is this true?"

He rolls around a bit more then grunts out. "The other bitch was right! I was hired to take pics of you after you got your ass kicked. People wanna see pics of hot girls and models who got the shit beat out of them. It sells magazines!!! And you a model and boxer, double the money for me!!!"

"Be grateful she is not letting me kick your ass. I might be in pain but I know I can still do it."

"Give him a little kick..." Tonya went over and kicked him the stomach. "Fell better, Tonya?"

"Yes but if I ever seem him again I will shove his camera up his ass."

"Ouch! But it's all good, I have the cards in my bikini bottom here. Those pics won't be published anywhere."

With that, he got up and limped to the gate and left the complex... We swam for a little bit more and then went inside... Crazy, crazy, crazy!!!

We just got our dinner and sat down to watch Jeopardy!!! I always beat her at Jeopardy. She get's lucky sometimes though... Maybe she'll also get 'lucky' tonight!!! hee hee!

*I pick up one of the cameras and get the memory cards out and slip them into my bikini bottom. I walk up to him and hold my hand out* "Give me the damn camera!

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