Friday, September 27, 2013

Got a Call! Leaving in the Morning for England!

So yeah. Got a call just a little while ago from the "clothing company" (sorry for the secrecy, rules, rules, rules...) and they want me there tomorrow and wanted to know if that was possible. I was just a little freaked because we're doing the tweaking of the last two songs tomorrow but I told them that I could make it. I fully believe that Josh and Andy can handle it and they can even send me the songs to check out if needed.

WOO HOO!!! I'm going across the pond tomorrow!!! Can't wait! Bree is Essex bound! They have me a flat reserved for 5 nights so I guess they are really counting on me being who they want and are going to do some shoots soon after the interview and preliminary shoot.

Album is sounding amazing! Sonically so much better than our EP... Everybody really knocked it out of the park on this one! And I will have to say that I love my parts as well and it's cool to hear my singing on a lot of the songs too!

Josh or one of the guys took this outside of the studio one day this week. Cool pic on a cool fall morning! Gonna be a lot cooler in England. Gonna have to dig out some winter weather stuff for my trip! Can't wait!!!

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