Friday, October 4, 2013

Last Day in Essex...

Well, it's my last day here and me and Melody and some of her friends are going shopping in London! I can't wait. I've always wanted to go to London.

On the train sitting across from Melody. I'm so ready to get off and spend some pounds!
I bought a ton of stuff. Not so sure how to get it all back! Ha! I'll probably have to ship it to myself in a big box or something. Lots of cool Beatles stuff and Star Wars stuff! I'd stumbled upon this Star Wars shop in London online one time and had to find it while I was here. We headed to the address and turned a corner and BAM!!! There it was! I was in heaven. It's called and it is amazing. Spent about £1000! Paid the taxi driver to just stay with us so that was cool! Here are some pics...

I was in heaven. I bought that Leia costume pictured and a Jedi costume. Gonna have to probably alter both of them, but my mom can do that when I get back. Also bought a cool trooper helmet and lots of other cool stuff.

I also bought some clothes, not that I need any but, ya know, I was in London and the stores were so cool and the stuff was amazing.

Heading back to the SINSTAR office now with all my stuff and then they are taking me back to the airport to head back across the pond. So, I guess I'll write again when I'm back in the USA! And ugg... Monthly Visitor arrived this morning. Perfect timing for being trapped in a plane for like 6 hours. Yea! :(



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