Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun Times in England with Melody!

So, as it turns out, me and this other model, Melody, are gonna be the featured female models for the Autumn 2013 line and featured on the website predominantly!!! How cool is that! She's been a model here in England for a while and been with SINSTAR for a year now. We totally hit it off immediately and have been hanging out between shoots! And... she's pretty hot as well with some awesome tats, too! We did a really cool outdoor shoot last night! There is this really amazing pic of me! I can't wait to post it.

They said that these pics will go up almost immediately. They are eager to get this new line up and how cool is that. I'll be a featured model on a clothing companies website like by the end of the week! And, the coolest part, I get to keep all the clothes and they're giving me tons more to take back home with me! Rad!!!

Here are some pics from the week so far!

First meeting Melody!!!
I think the first shoot...

Hanging out at Melody's place about to go clubbing after a long day.
I was probably texting (sexting) with Tonya here! Hee hee!

Josh sent me one of the songs they finished and it sounds so freaking good! DAMN!!! I just want to post it right now but I better not! Soon though, I'll put some up.

Well, we're gonna go get a cool black taxi and head to the club again! Hopefully I won't consume too much "liquid-courage" and make a fool out of myself tonight!

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