Sunday, December 22, 2013

What an End to Last Week!!!

I think I'm finally getting caught up on sleep and it's taken me forever!!! so Here's the rundown on the craziness!

Wednesday Night - Long Ass Rehearsal!

Thursday Afternoon - Tripped and fell and 'sprained my right wrist really badly. Thank god it wasn't my left one, then I couldn't play guitar. Well, I would have tried and I probably would have done it, but it would have hurt like hell!

Friday - Slept in till like 1pm and then was lazy until around 4:00pm. Had to be at the venue for the show at 5pm for sound check and I was late... Got there around 5:31 and everyone was waiting on me. Yikes!!! Show went well, really well although my wrist was hurting like hell. Made holding my pick feel really awkward! Anyway, Tonya couldn't go for some reason so no pics really... Just two I downloaded from the venue's website today. If I'm not careful, I'm gonna have to start paying Tonya for being my personal photographer!

Me and Allen rocking out. Hmm, interesting...

In a trance or something it looks like! Oh yeah, wrist probably hurting here...
Should have kept my brace in it during the show.

Well, me and Luke are about to go do some shopping!

Wrist is throbbing so I guess it's time for more tylenol! I might end up getting some x-rays tomorrow, I just don't know yet.

Also, no real cramping this last week and my monthly visitor showed up this morning. Yea!?!?! I was wondering where it was... Like 2 days late and kinda light... Weird...

Almost Merry Christmas!!!

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