Wednesday, December 18, 2013


So, I didn't sleep really at all the last night in England and then there was the flight and then I couldn't sleep last night here so today, I feel like shit!!!

There's band rehearsal tonight and and then Josh just informed me there's a show on Thursday! OMG!!! TOO MUCH TO HANDLE! Nah, not really but damn, so much going on right when I get back and I still have some shopping to do too! Oh well, no rest for the weary!

I'm supposed to get back some of the DROPDEAD pics like tomorrow and I can't wait! And then the SINSTAR ones are also gonna be emailed to me soon as well and as soon as I get them, I'll put them up on here. I really want you guys to see them. Also, Carolyn just sent me more of the ones from her place that I did a while back and I'll put a few of those on here soon, too!


I also have to change the strings on at least one of my guitars and all sorts of other stuff... Ugg again! I better have some Lucky Charms!!!


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