Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rocked it Last Night!!!

We totally rocked it out last night. Monitors were fine like they usually are. (Except for that last show!!!) Anywhoo, here's just one pic from the show...

We played probably the best we've played in a while. We were all just so locked in musically.

Got some bad news though... CD release date has been pushed back another month. All the way to like early to  mid March. Totally sucks! So, we're not playing any shows until like March 11th or something, hoping the CDs will be in by then... Josh is out for a while then Aaron is out after that so we're just taking a break. Maybe some acoustic stuff, but not full band. Lots of practice, but just no shows. Which is kinda good because Carolyn mentioned doing some shoots next month, maybe like 2 or 3 and then SINSTAR or Drop Dead might call up. Ya just never know.

Well, it's sunny and kinda warm so I'm gonna go lay out a but and do some yardwork!

Later peeps!!!

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