Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bummer of a Show...

Well, the show Tuesday night was kind of a bust. There was a terrible storm and power was knocked out during our sound check and didn't come back on for like 2 1/2 hours. The show got pushed back for 3 hours and the people that actually came out and braved the storm left because they thought the power wasn't coming back on and that the show would be cancelled. They were about to cancel it just when the power flickered back on. So, needless to say, there weren't many people in the crowd. The only upside to it being like this was that it was more intimate of a performance and we really got to hang out with almost everyone there. That was kinda cool.

I saw a guy taking some pics and after the show, Russel, he was easy to find, and I asked him to send some pics.
He sent one... this one and that was all. Funny. Other people took some and I hopefully will get them and put them up.

Yesterday I went in to the office and worked because I'm getting really behind and I'm having to push certain people's stuff back that I know well so I can do projects for newer clients. That's not a good way to do business and I'm really trying to get caught up. It's a challenge fo shizzle.

After work, I went to the beach and walked around in the sand then went up to the pier and listened to the band play. They were pretty good.

Well, we've gotta show Saturday and I'm pumped. It's in Atlanta, GA and we're staying the night and taking in some of the sights on Sunday, like the Georgia Aquarium. Gonna be cool!

About to get some lunch with Tonya, somewhere... Laters!

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